12 Days of Deals continues at the Microsoft Store featuring Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Today marks day five of Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals promotion and we find a popular Xbox 360 gaming titled featured in the spotlight.

The first twenty customers at each of the participating Microsoft Store locations can pick up a copy of Grand Theft Auto V for $19.99.  The first one hundred online customers can enjoy the same deal as well.

Once the first one hundred and twenty copies are sold, Grand Theft Auto V can be picked up for $39.99 while supplies last.

The deal starts at 7:00am PST/10:00am EST and is only available in the US/Canada.  Online customers can find the Grand Theft Auto V deal here at the Microsoft Store website and to see where the closest Microsoft brick and mortar store is, you can use the Microsoft Store locator.

GTA: San Andreas

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto, remember that next we are expecting the release of GTA: San Andreas over in the Windows Phone Store.  The game will feature over seventy hours of game play designed specifically for mobile gaming.



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paliotti says:

This is actually very smart. This is one way to get the ones who were holding out for a lower price tag to purchase the game. And it's nice and early! Didn't have to wait 2 years

Danial S says:

Because unlike in 2008 when there were maybe 30m next Gen consoles out, this time around they launched at the most latest possible time in the life cycle hence them achieving 26m sales in just 2 months rather than the 5 years it took gta4

Danial S says:

No offense it just seemed like an obvious case where greater install base allows for greater number of sales in the same period. Wasn't trying to come off as a dick hence this little explanation to my original comment

Miistercoool says:

Wish this deal was online too :'(

phstratton says:

"The first one hundred online customers can enjoy the same deal as well"

Miistercoool says:

I guess 100 passed because when I checked before posting my comment nearly 3 and a half hours ago it was at 59.99 :(

Mystictrust says:

It's actually $34.99 all day (aside from the $19.99 for the first 100). I'm kicking myself over this though - I knew it was coming all week, and when I left for work at 7:30 this morning I had it on my mind. Got so engrossed in work that I completely forgot, and missed out on the $19.99 deal :(

Miistercoool says:

No it's not! Where? I went to the Microsoft website and it was 59.99!! I know I'm not crazy >_<

Mystictrust says:

If you're not in the US or Canada, that could be why you're not seeing it (from this article: "The deal starts at 7:00am PST/10:00am EST and is only available in the US/Canada."). When I go to microsoftstore.com, I get redirected to http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/DisplayHomePage and I see the large red "Don't miss our daily deal" banner, which I then click on to see another big red graphic showing GTA V for $34.99. There is also now a red bar across the top of the website with a countdown to the end of the dail deal for GTA V (7 hours 45 mins from now)

It should've been released for next generation consoles as well...

Small install base for next Gen systems ➕ cost of production = You're going to have to wait unfortunately.

Just got it at the 19.99 price. Hope it doesn't back order like my Garmin watch did.

phstratton says:

Just got mine online for 19.99 as well. That's a heck of a deal!

ltjordan24 says:

It is online. I just got it for $21.19 with taxes. My friend was able to get one at that price too.

Got GTA 5 for $20....SWEET!!!

FFugue says:

In canada the deal today isn't GTA, it's a gaming headset... :( (at least online, I don't know about in stores... Not much stores around here.)

qwe123878 says:

Online and stores are the same

NinjaGrinch says:

Got it for $21.09 but had to cancel it since the person I was getting it for bought it for already had it apparently. :o

You can still get it and resell it for 60$

chucky78 says:

Toronto has Turtle Beach gaming headphones

Guakala says:

If only it was for PS3 lol...

ojo otter says:

I wonder when they're gonna build Microsoft Stores in the UK...we have 10% windows phone market share remember ;) Plus, we would love some sweet deals aswell! Pretty please M$!

Jack Neill says:

I grabbed one for 21.64. Great deal, it was live for almost 5-6 min after it went live, I thought it would have gone faster..

Any idea of what the 18th is going to be with the Nokia Lumia 1520???