You’ve killed over 3 billion zombies on the Xbox One (and other stats about the Xbox One)

Xbox One Console

The Xbox One has been out in the hands of consumers for nearly a week and a half. Since then a million plus Xbox Live users have accomplished some fairly impressive feats in all of the launch games. Let’s take a moment and remember those 9 billion zombies killed in Dead Rising 3, in the meantime we’ll check out some other stats from the Xbox Live gaming space.

The Xbox One has seen users spend over 50 million hours playing games and consuming other media like video and music. It’s only been out for 11 days, so those numbers are pretty big. The console itself is also sold out at most retailers around the world, but Microsoft says they’re working hard to replenish stock for the holiday season.

Here’s what the Xbox One community has accomplished in those 11 days:

  • 415 million Gamerscore points achieved
  • Over 150 million combos in Killer Instinct
  • Over 186 million enemies defeated in Ryse: Son of Rome
  • Over 90 million miles driven in Forza Motorsport 5
  • Over 3 billion zombies killed in Dead Rising 3

Xbox One Infographic

Those are some big numbers from the gaming community. Personally we can account for a few of those miles driven in Forza. Microsoft hasn’t shared any hard data on the number of Xbox One consoles sold and being used in homes just yet, but when and if they do we’ll let you folks know.

In the meantime, which of those stats above did you help contribute towards? Don’t forget to join the Windows Phone Central community on Xbox Live!

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I was part of this! :D

Mouthsmasher says:

Yup, same here! 43,000 of those zombies were mine!

I didn't get dead rising, as I'm not sure if I will like it, but from that list, I played Forza, Ryse, and killer instinct.

All I have right now is Battlefield 4 and AC4 Black Flag. Getting NFS Rivals next :D

We are talking about games from that list, but I'm glad you have some sick games!

Jas00555 says:

I'm curious how many c-c-c-c-COMBO BREAKERS there have been. You know, Sam.... It could be 91 million if you ever raced me ;)

areion says:

Some of the Zombies go to my account :-)

HarkAtYou says:

Ive racked up a fair few zombies myself, I think I'm at the end of the game now, Ive only played it a few times, perhaps ill have to do more of the side missions, I do all the psycho ones. I remember the days when games lasted me weeks to complete, tomb raider 2 seemed to have a never ending amount of levels, i couldn't start to remember them all if I tried, but the last tomb raider was complete in 4 evenings of casual gaming... Sigh. I like online gaming with DR3, but it seems to be only for random companions, do you know if there's a way to play with a specific person? Something with the party mode? The party mode help tells you how to invite people to a party and says its so you can play games together, but doesn't actually say how you play games together or which ones you can play, lol

To play with a particular person in DR3 invite them to a party, and then in the DR3 menu, you'll see an option to invite party to game.

HarkAtYou says:

Thanks ill give that a go, do you play the game of the person who sent the invite, or does it ask you to choose who's save to load?

Game of whoever sends the invite

HarkAtYou says:

Cool, well if anyone wants to play add me, BarnesMorgan2

Wonder how much money have been spent in micro-normal trasaction on Xbox live.

Jas00555 says:

Probably a million dollars or so. I see a lot of people playing with buyable characters on Killer Instinct, but at least they're fair prices.

Mystictrust says:

Not necessarily. Those people could have bought the full game which had all characters included from the get-go. Full game was also part of the $199 bundle at my local MS Store during the launch party, as an extra third game.

lolpetewtf says:

How many cows can one trade for this

I never turn the damn thing off. So much better to control TV through the Xbox and Kinect.

James Allatt says:

I agree and now i have got the hang of all the commands for the xbox one I find it works 99% of the time when i say xbox. I know its not selling as well as the PS4 at this moment in time but I do think out of the two consoles the xbox one will be the more evolving console as Kinect has really opened up the consoles.

Cant wait for Titan Fall and Halo 5 next year but loving Forza and KI at the moment to add to the growing list of WiiU games im still trying to get through.

Marco Gomes1 says:

And not a single zombie was killed in Portugal since the Xbox one will only arrive next year. I guess by then we will all be dead, or turned into zombies.

Amigo é dar um saltinho ate franca, da para ir e voltar num dia com uma xbox one novinha ;)

Marco Gomes1 says:

Quando se vive na Madeira é um bocadinho mais complicado. Um saltinho a França são logo uns 300€ no mínimo. Talvez pela net.

MethodGT says:

And then it's a gamble if France even has any in stock.

OscarMaDi says:

E una excursão a España? :)

Cobbakazi says:

Isso isso isso isso :)

RolexDPracer says:

I was a part of all of those numbers besides Dead Rising.

rockstarzzz says:

Wow! Cant wait to see such numbers for WP. Damn that's 5 more years :(

Talbot690 says:

I did like 110million of those combos I Killer Instinct

Generalsham has been my biggest competition in Forza!

MethodGT says:

Yep, one of my rivals as well. His and Marcham's drivatar are always getting knocked aside by me.

Jf.Vigor says:

Wait who is generalsham? I have hkm on my friends list too but have no idea who he is. I'm guessing a wpcentral writer?

Yeah, his drivatar is hard.

Rick Smits says:

All these figures but no figure on the Xbox one sales and this was in response to the ps4 selling 2.1 mil..

azcruz says:

I think you came from The Verge article :) It was not a response, it was tabloid journalism from The Verge.

Rick Smits says:

Ahh I didn't come from the verge. I just read it somewhere on my RSS feed. Thanks for the update.

Chances are the figures were released just because.  Sony is happy to be selling so well out the gate, and MS's annoucement is likely more tongue in cheek.  Prolly pointing out that people ARE using th Xbox One to play games. 


swizzlerz says:

Ps4 is not launching in sonys home country for nearly 6 months. Ps4 = FAIL!! Imaging waiting 6 months for the next new iPhone in USA?? .. Lol... FAIL for SONY!

JoRdaNeK says:

But imagine the numbers when they do, all my friends are trying to mock me in regards to my Xbone selling less than PS4, my response is letting them know that each ps is sold to a dipshit that wants a super powerful ps3 with worse games

WPCrook says:

Please, remove yourself from here. Your immature and borderline childish attitude toward gaming is not welcome at Windows Phone Central.

JoRdaNeK says:

Please stop trying to hard to get Daniel or one of the team to like your attitude, this is a place of debates, however biased, but you should never assume that i know less than you i regards to the mentality of consumers that i have personally encountered, but i can assume you know nothing of my experiences, and I'd be right, keep away from my comments in future

WPCrook says:

I'm not even going to write a proper response to that. Good day sir!

RetroMan71 says:

Lol! Makes me smile when the word FAIL is just banded about for the sake of a stupid comment.

gevabar says:

Yeah, controlling the tv is awesome, expect I do want a key board to use with it, does smart glass do that

marcodci says:

Boas. Eu sou do porto e fui ate Espanha buscar uma bem ainda só ryse son of rome,forza 5 e call of duty ghosts bem com Xbox one e carregador pilhas talvez mais o batrlefield 4 e falta o Live tambem embora ja nao tenha Live ha muito tempo na x360. Agora mais uma semaninha ja ca esta para o natal só. Vai valer apena a espera. Cumps. By L925

swizzlerz says:

Part of me in this too :) add me swizzlerz

NykoAlly says:

9 billion or 3 billion? I got lost. In the first part, it says to take a moment and remember the 9 bil zombies, while the title states 3 bil. Sorry if I got it wrong though!

I've done all but the Ryse ones.

ashram says:

Some of them combos were me..... Also wanna know how many dragons were shot down (crimson dragon) Combo Breakers, and punches to the face across any game that lets you punch in the face....

Edwin Checo says:

Everything except how many units were sold

pwrof3 says:

I wonder if they count demo units in stores and consoles being used internally in these stats?

I was in the ryse!

Stanvx says:

Woo, 0.035% accountable for the 90million zombies!

Kadin Lucas says:

Edit for shit maths on my part.

drozdpatrick says:

Hi there! Why do you keep driving into walls, Carter? Ford Festiva Wins, again!!!

Drehood says:

I'm at about 29,000 zombies killed in DR3 so far. Awesome game, as is Ryse and Forza.

tbonenga says:

I've thrown over 100 Touchdowns in madden. Go BRONCOS!!!!!

drozdpatrick says:

Did songza fun a woman?

ed1444 says:

A couple of those miles were mine and a couple of the combos

Jombib says:

Where's the Fifa 14? Or are they not able to separate the XB1 figures from other consoles?

nimatra says:

Yeah give us the number of passes. Haha

I think the numbers are focused on exclusives.

maghedo says:

Pointless statistics.

bjerry101 says:

I've only been playing Forza 5, I'm on level 14. I love this game... I don't think I'll ever play need for speed again.

drozdpatrick says:

Duke won the game. Watch out for flying spacemen coming soon!

mukulvdhiman says:

You scared me with the title in my notification.

drozdpatrick says:

And crushed 40 billion calories, reducing produced production.

Deaconclgi says:

I'm in the group with the Combos and Gamer points!!!! All we needed was KI Ultra Edition, 2 controllers and Thanksgiving Break = 82 hit ultras and a bunch of Godlike (not my words) combos!

Best Thanksgiving break ever. After my 11 hour drive home, I bought BF4 Premium Edition for my PC....too bad I'm not on vacation anymore....

I contributed to all of that except Killer Instinct. Xbox One rocks!

A little over 300,000 of those zombies are my kills. :)

I'll assume the rest of the Xbox One community hasn't scored an average of 1,100 gamerscore already, like I have, as that would mean there's only ~377k on the market >_>

I only scored 400 in the only game Ive bee playing: NFS: Rivals.

Yeah I think that's the case, for fun I just divided the total gamerscore by what I've gained. I've played Ryse, BF4 and Forza 5.

JoRdaNeK says:

What's the next big games coming? I'm loving forza still, but i need a controllable human/human shaped character soon

I'd check out Ryse, the campaign is considered short but it's quite epic and fun.

Bob101910 says:

About 50,000 zombie kills in Dead Rising 3 after playing 95% only story missions. 3 billion is a massive number.

I have two downloaded games, including: killer instinct and battlefield 4. Earlier today my cable/dvr stopped outputting its signal through the Xbox. I tried to boot up Battlefield 4...it would boot me immediately to the home screen. Last but not least Killer instinct won't load past the checking downloadable content screen when loading up the game. By turning the power off and disconnecting all the cables, the issue with TV and Battlefield 4 resolved itself. I still can't play killer instinct though. Anyone have this problem? Not loading past the dlc check screen?

Jombib says:

If push comes to shove try an uninstall-reinstall. I'm pretty sure all saves are cloud based now so you should be fine.

GameFaqs has/had a number of players reporting the same issue with Killer Instinct and problems with the DLC check screen. Long story short the servers were down. Guess that means we won't be able to play the game if they ever pull the switch on online functionality.

Rug says:

Kinda funny that CoD wasn't called out since that's all that was mentioned at their reveal. It's probably because the number would be 6.

CoD is multiplatform, these are all exclusive stats.

JoeDizzle33 says:

I've racked up about 30,000 of those zombies. Its amazing that more zombies have been killed than the actual number of people on earth.

BryanLM says:

Those stats are pretty cool, but how are they getting them? Is there a way to opt out of sending your data to them? Or maybe its just based off of acheivements? How many XBOX Ones have been sold ever sense the its release? I did end up buying the full version of KI so I could get teh classic version. Game is better than expected, I can't wait for more characters and an offline "story" mode of some sort. I get my butt kicked online lol. They should display stats on hours watched on ESPN, the ESPN app is freak'n awesome!!!! I don't pay for cable so I don't know how the TV passthrough works, but I wish I had that to check it out. Thumbs up to MS for ESPN and NFL app!

Wagan8r says:

Woohoo! I've got a good tally of enemies defeated in Ryse. It's cool to be part of these statistics.

Btw, Sam, you've got a typo on the "9 billion zombies".

Martinio32 says:

Kids who played in zombie's game look like one of this... Next month 50 % of the Xbox overheating :) By the way - if some of organization try to manipulate the people then give for them games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Zombies etc. Brainwashed already. Well done.