4000 MS points WP7 offer at BestBuy

If you're a heavy Xbox user this offer is for you. BestBuy is adding a 4,000 Microsoft Points card in your shopping cart for free when you purchase a Windows Phone 7 handset. This deal is only avaiulable in-store so you'll need to swing on by to your local BestBuy to earn this mammoth amount of points. 

Unfortunately -- as of yet -- Microsoft points can't be used in the WP7 Marketplace, which would make this offer all the more worth while, but getting those must-have addons for your Xbox 360 games, renting/downloading movies, completing your music collection and suiting up your avatar to show off on your WP7 device can't be all bad, right?

Currently BestBuy are selling six handsets; Samsung Focus, HTC Surround, HTC HD7, LG Quantum, HTC Trophy and the HTC Arrive. Going for this deal certainly wont leave you feeling "cheaped" into getting a below-par device since there's a great selection available.

Source: BestBuy, via: WMPU



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jimski says:

Maybe no apps, but $50 worth of music is nothing to sneeze at. Good deal.

someoneinwa says:

I certainly hope they've done some training of BB employees and upgrading of WP in store displays as part of this effort. You'd be hard pressed to know there was such a thing as a Windows Phone from my recent visit to a Best Buy.

Ratz370 says:

I found this deal on bestbuys web site about a week ago and I went down and got a phone. There was no signage for it anywhere in the phone department and the staff was unaware of the promotion and had to look at there own website to know what I was talking about. On the plus side they do have new displays for windows phone that actually have a phone turned on so you can play with it.

tdavi82 says:

@someoneinwa No they have not trained their employees. I work at a Best Buy and I asked the mobile employees if they knew about the 4000 point with a new phone. None of them knew about it. Our new WP touch screen display doesnt even work b/c they havent got or ordered the cpu. I recommend any other OS phone depending on the customer but its sad when the veteran employees dont even know whats going on within the company's promotion. When I told the employeees, they sounded like they didnt even care. MS needs to set up a WP training for sure! (free Samsung focus + $50 XBL points)