4castr updated, improves animations and more


Earlier this month we had a little contest to help rename Weather+ to OneWeather. Unfortunately, the developer was unable to use that name due to another weather app named 1Weather. The app will instead be called 4castr. It’s now available in the Windows Phone Store and brings new features to the table.

4castr is now at version 1.4. The updated weather app brings the following changes in the most recent version:

  • Weather data is now cached to reduce loading time, voice command response time, and improve navigation
  • 72 Hour Pro trial for free users wishing to try Pro features
  • Option to share the current weather conditions on Facebook and Twitter
  • Option to only send a toast notification for certain alerts (U.S. only)
  • Better app bar organization
  • Improved animation smoothness
  • Improved tutorial
  • Smarter use of API
  • General bug fixes and improvements


We’ve been fans of the app since it first launched on the Windows Phone Store and we’re still digging all the gestures in the app. The new ability to trial the Pro features is a great move and should help a few of you figure out if you want to shell out cash for this weather app.

Interested? You can grab 4castr in the Windows Phone Store. The app is free, but by going Pro ($1.99) you get Live tile support, customizable weather icons, alert Toast notifications and 16 app themes. 

QR: 4castr



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Dis weatha app be gansta! Makes me wanna shank a ho.

8bitlady says:

White person sighted!

8bitlady says:

Pretty good with the witty comebacks, aren't you?

TheSnapDude says:

Best come back he had was after sucking off Eminem

Whodaboss says:

Great that's the name I voted for anyway!

k0de says:

Cool! Now give the top prize to the person who came up with this name.

Devmer11 says:

Still has that can't retrieve or contact developer bug smh.. I want an amazing weather replacement and this shows promise

wildbohr says:

WHOOT! That was the name i suggested in the contest!

k0de says:

Nice, congrats!

ThePKReddy says:

Windows Phone should be renamed to Weather Phone

wpcautobot says:

Wonder if WeatherOne would have worked. Just currious, not that it was a voter choice.

apocacrux says:

I'm glad they didn't check the names before picking one.

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1MiNo2 says:

did the Author of OneWeather have to return the prize ? 

Dean McCrae says:

Wow this app gets a lot of air time. Look forward to tomorrow's article.

Pretty sure when other weather apps - or any app for that matter - have an interesting update, we cover it.

Dean McCrae says:

Hmm, not my impression at all Daniel, but perhaps I am missing the sarcasm betwixt the lines...

cyborg4 says:

YAY! 4castr is an awesome name.

grunge100 says:

Very nice app... Thanks Dev.

anyone else having a issue with it now saving your changes? I emailed them

AlwaysHedged says:

Easy to fix.  It appears the data struct the dev uses to save the settings has changed a bit.  Simply uninstall and re-install the app.  Problem gone.

already paid for the app will that make a difference in re-installing it?

AlwaysHedged says:

Once you paid for the app, you will not need to pay again.  Just uninstall it, go back to the store and get it again.  Not to worry, you'll be fine.  I did the exact same thing...