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4K display touting Toshiba Satellite P55t gets priced, launching later this month

Toshiba Satellite P55t

Toshiba announced a new Windows laptop with a 4K display back at CES 2014 – the P55t – but today we've now got confirmation that the product will be launching later this month. The cost? $1,499. If you're wanting a device that matches the likes of 4K televisions (3340 x 2160), this new 15-inch laptop is certainly worth looking at.

To quickly remind you as to what's included, the P55t sports an Intel Core i7 chip as well as on-board Nvidia graphics, perfect for rocking out with 4K media. We're interested to see how consumers react to 4K products, notably laptops. The 4K resolution will surely make you squint in desktop mode, but Windows 8 and its native app experience is when this becomes nothing short of awesome.

Question is: will you be picking one up?

Source: CNET



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Sin Ogaris says:

Kinda useless on a 15 inch screen, I'll happily grab a 1920x1200 and save a thousand bucks, thank you.

SwimSwim says:

Agreed. And the legacy desktop handles high resolutions horrendously. 4k with traditional desktop applications? The horror....

Novron says:

It's on the developer not the OS in legacy.

SwimSwim says:

True. But I've encountered very, very few programs that use it properly.

I have to current P55t with 1080P and Microsoft on Office 365 Web apps doesn't show in 1080P, but movies and compatible apps looks great.

SwimSwim says:

Indeed. Programs that make proper use of it look amazing, and look great on my SP2. The problem is simply not many programs take advantage of the high density display options, and they end up being way too small to be legible, or look very distorted and ugly. :/

wpgeek820 says:

1499 for a laptop? You mad Toshiba?

No thanks. 1080p suits me fine.

Even 720p is fine as far as I'm concerned. Never felt the need for more.

I would buy it. I can easily see pixels in 1080p after watching a 4K rez. :D I also like all the things to be extremely small. On my 1080p laptop I have everything set to small, even changed the toolbars size, fonts, text.

paulheu says:

"I would buy it. I can easily see pixels in 1080p after watching a 4K"


I call BS

Robborboy says:

Maybe you need to learn the resolution, size, distance curve.

reloaded17 says:

Right. Your face must be planted right up on that 15 inch screen to see any pixels at 1080p. Wow.

I wish this 4K madness dies out like 3D displays did and OEMs get back to their senses..

Robborboy says:

4k will die out just like 1080p did.

henocksandy says:

Really wanna see a movie in this laptop

spaulagain says:

Why? Most movies max out at 1080p right now. So in this case, movies won't look that good because they'll have to be up converted.

inseyven says:

Now can somebody tell me why this laptop only costs 1.5k and a fucking TV 5k?

Aashish13 says:

For work I find DELL as the best pc with windows 7 or 8.1

Aashish13 says:

I got a big bug today searching for places or restaurants on cortana. It takes a pause and opens search engine results. Im from India. Hope they get to know all such bugs from us so that they can be informed quickly for development of cortana further

percistratus says:

This is all overkill. And we are already talking of ultra-HD smartphones. This is all madness. My 15" HP touchsmart laptop is only 1366*768 and I do just fine. And we don't have that much 4K media out there for consumers

Lot of TV stations are just now starting to broadcast in 1080p, I say let them come. This way, the huge 1080p TV's take a price hit.

WebColin70 says:

4k seems beyond what we can see on a 15" screen, but it amazes me that anyone can be happy on a screen that's only 768 pixels tall. You can't fit anything on the screen. Even The ribbon bar in Office fills too much of the screen to be usable at that low of a resolution. For me, 1920x1080 is the minimum resolution I find functional on a computer, and I find it noticeably too low on any size above about 10-11". If I can't fit at least a full page of text in Word on the screen vertically, I feel like I can't work efficiently.

check the web site - the built in display is 1080.  Only the external display output supports 4k.