Foursquare app 4th & Mayor gets a new update and Windows Phone 8 compatibility

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Now ready for Windows Phone 8

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen an update for 4th & Mayor, the fantastic third-party Foursquare app made by one of Microsoft’s own. The app last had an update back in March to version 3.3 but today you can go and nab version 3.9.

Version 3.9 brings a few new additions to the table to round off what is already one of the top apps for Windows Phone:

  • "Like" check-ins
  • New category icons
  • Compatibility fixes for Windows Phone 8

Since the developer (Jeff Wilcox) works for Microsoft it should be of no surprise that he gets access to the coveted Windows Phone 8 SDK. Because of that, he’s gone ahead and made sure the app is in tiptop shape for the new OS when new devices hit store shelves in a few weeks. In addition, you can now “like” check-ins, much like the feature on Facebook and there are some new category icons.

Of course with 4th & Mayor on version 3.9 that can only mean a 4.0 revision is on the horizon, which we assume will take advantage of all the new Windows Phone 8 goodness. But for now, you can grab version 3.9 of 4th & Mayor here in the Windows Phone Store.

And as always, if you feel like buying Jeff a beer for his hard work for this app (it’s free and ad-free), you can always send him a Paypal donation.

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chadwick611 says:

Jeff does some great work. Very glad to see a update. Likes are a added welcome!

barry.weston says:

Hands down, this app blows the official one out of the water and the support of the app itself is amazing.

hoonigandad says:

This app is Awesome!!! All the important parts of Foursquare without all the fluff! I love pinning check ins too,! =)

nongrata says:

First...i looove 4th & Mayor..smooth and fast. And for the first time I have a serious problem with the application. I see in several nearby places sometimes more than a ten people reported as check in,  but when I visit that same location I get a message "Nobody here now!"..IN EVERY SINGLE  PLACE SAME THING! I reinstall the application several times but no result. Even after this last update-same thing "Nobody here now!". I even hard reset the phone, and nothing new! If anyone has or had a similar problem, PLEASSSSSE give a little help.
BY THE WAY...apologies for my English


winmopro says:

I have the same issue...for some reason it will only show you who is there once you checked in.  The same thing happens in the official 4SQ app as well.  I suspect its a privacy issue with 4SQ itself.

ejlee072006 says:

Damn its snappy...

CheekyTaurus says:

Unfortunately, after this update it crashes every time I try to read my notifications. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling.

caxa says:

The same happens here..
Samsung Focus v1.3

WikingRock says:

Same here. Sent error log to Jeff.

Netro1 says:

same here (Lumia 800)

inteller says:

damn shame official Foursquare app doesn't reflect parity with its other platform counterparts.  NVentive did a great job for them, all they have to frickin do is maintain the app!

Love the update, other than not seeing points when you check in anymore.

xpxp2002 says:

This app is amazing. It's much faster after this update and as far as I can tell supports "liking" check-ins, which the official app doesn't even do yet.

Netro1 says:

great to see update :) like the new icons

chadwick611 says:

The app is broken on my Samsung focus but I expect for a fix to come soon

ericr42 says:

I wonder what "Windows Phone 8 compatibility" means.  Last I heard, all 7.5 apps were just supposed to work on WP8.  Maybe handling the higher resolution screens?

StefEBear says:

looking damn good.. also get the notification error.. 
I hope he's working on a sweet Windows 8 app to go along with the phone version :)

MadSci2 says:

Well all I can see is v3.3 :-/

Moaske says:

Real shame that you can't see the points anymore when you've checked in.
Otherwise a nice update. Hope Jeff brings this one thing back, it's wat FSQ is all about, no? ;)

Murgatroyd7 says:

I never saw any reason to use this instead of the official app, but I may give it another shot.

nlm says:

Am I the only one that this app is really slow for? It was very snappy bit has really bogged down with the last couple of updates on my quantum. Most of the time the 5 blue dots scroll across the top. And half of the time when I click the venue list, after a minute of blue dot scrolling the app crashes, even with v.3.9!

The app used to blow foursquare app away in check-in speed, now its the opposite.