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4th & Mayor: one year later

WP Central

Jeff Wilcox, senior developer at Microsoft and developer of the 4th & Mayor Windows Phone app, has published some statistical data on his blog covering the app's usage in the past year. Wilcox publicly released 4th & Mayor one year ago today, and the app quickly become an extremely popular choice with consumers.

The Foursquare client, which currently sits at version 3.2 / 3.3, boasts some bold statistics:

  • Used by over 60,000 people, most every single day.
  • Over 35,000 people have push notifications enabled.
  • Of users who’ve opted into sharing usage information, the app has been used to check-in over 7,650,000 times.
  • The app's been run over 8,000,000 times.

It's interesting to note that 4th & Mayor has been run over 8 million times in 365 days. That's almost 22,000 times a day. While one would expect a high level of use due to the nature and functionality of the app, it's still a positive sign for Windows Phone itself.

As for 4th & Mayor, Wilcox is set to release version 3.4 soon which will "add a lot more features for international users, including more map choices such as OpenStreetMap and Google Maps, plus business hours support".

Should you not have 4th & Mayor installed on your Windows Phone, you can download it from the Marketplace for free.

Source: Jeff Wilcox

WP Central



There are 26 comments. Sign in to comment

Coolaaron88 says:

I love 4th & Mayor. Perfect example of metro. That being said, feel free to add me on foursquare. :-P

albertleao says:

I use it everyday. I'm curious as to how he makes his money though

He works for Microsoft, this is a pet project for the community.

jeffwilcox says:

That said, I'd love it to be able to generate income. At this time I don't show any advertisements, that's a popular path for most apps. In the meantime it's my gift really to the Windows Phone Foursquare community, and I've learned plenty by offering the app to some many people for free.
I just hope they enjoy the hard work I put in.

blshvk says:

Current version is 3.3

ejlee072006 says:

Loved this app from day 1

btbam91 says:

Use this app everyday! I love it!

zacman says:

So even absolute top apps only get about 60k users regulary. Of course it is not always the same 60k users each day but even if you double that number it shows why most developers don't have a high priority to port their app to WP.

I'm sure 4th and Mayor is pretty popular but it's nit an "absolute top", it's not even in the top 100, last time I checked.

jeffwilcox says:

Thousands of high-star ratings for sure, but it is a niche product - if you're not interested in Foursquare (probably a lot of people), then the app has zero meaning.

PapiChulo74 says:

I love this app however for the past two weeks, anytime I check in, nothing post to my Facebook account despite having all the settings for both Foursquare and Facebook set to allow it. Is anyone else having these problems?

OwlPower says:

You have to reset your connection between Foursquare and Facebook. Go to Foursquare and delete the Facebook connection from your account, then re-add the connection. The posts to Facebook should start working again.

Billious says:

Yes, I'm experiencing the same thing. Will try OwlPower's suggestion though!

PapiChulo74 says:

I tried the suggestion he made and still no such luck! :( It is also happening on my friends Titan as well still. Just can't figure out what happened. This really sucks. Grrrr!

One thing I asked Jeff to put the line "Using 4th and Mayor for Windows Phone", like other apps pimp their os'es saying the same for Android and iPhone... but unfortunately it didn't happen. Sad face.

jeffwilcox says:

Unfortunately I don't control how the check-ins happen with Facebook and Twitter - in order to offer the "with 4th and Mayor on Windows Phone" text, I would have to add a whole new set of authentication for *you* to authenticate to FB, Twitter, etc.
Foursquare, as it works today, posts to Facebook and Twitter - so I have zero control on this :-/

adriel623 says:

Jeff did an awesome job with 4th and Mayor! At that time Foursquare didn't have an app on the market for WP7 as yet and even when they released it it wasn't half as good as 4th and Mayor. Even to this day Jeff's version is better in quite a number of aspects.

ejlee072006 says:

What about the WP central app... Can we get info please??

blackprince says:

This is one of my favorites, daily use. Way better than the official version

wetworker says:

It's a great app. I haven't touched the official 4 square app since this came out. I wish they would fix the check in now. So that when you check in it bring you back to the nearby places screen. It's a pain having to reload the app each time to checkin.

chucky78 says:

It's my go to for check ins

ahuczek says:

Its a really nice app but I only uses it for a few months before I got bored w it. It really wasn't helping me and in the end felt more like a responsibility than a treat.

rpm5101 says:

Love, love, love this app. However, I've been having serious GPS issues with it, even after the most recent update. It will tell me I'm miles from the venue I'm at, and I have to search for it rather than have it show in the nearby places list. Then when I check in, it gives me 0 points because it thinks I'm too far away. Frustrating.

That has started happening to me too since updating to 3.3. Perhaps it's the carrier as I was not in Austria in roaming.
I will check if this keeps happening back home.

jeffwilcox says:

So the story here is that 3.2 added GPS "fixes" for international areas where carriers' and the logic for their cell towers is not very good. The bad effect was that over 90% of the users of the app got *very bad* results with this "fix".
So 3.3 rolled this change back, and so the 10% (probably you in Austria, sorry!) now are back to not having a great experience.
I'm hoping in 3.4 or 3.5 to roll out an advanced setting for GPS, where people can pick the best experience for their carrier, etc. Wish this just worked for everyone.

DougB541#CB says:

Just stopping in to say great app.  I downloaded both this and the official FourSquare app when I first got my phone and just used the official out of habit I guess.   Started using 4th and Square and easily find it more impressive.
The check in Now live tile is my favorite part.