4th & Mayor gets updated with support for HD displays and more

4th & Mayor

The super popular 4th & Mayor app for Windows Phone is one of the better (albeit unofficial) Foursquare apps out there. The app was released back on Windows Phone 7 and still the developer is releasing updates with more support and functionality implemented. Today's release adds yet more Windows Phone 8 support, as well as some other bits and pieces.

Here's what is new in version 3.14:

  • Save contact feature added to friend profiles on the social page
  • Official Windows Phone 8 support with high resolution app icons
  • Support for 16:9 phones (including the Lumia 1520, etc.)
  • Bug fixes in explore and badge experiences

Haven't yet tried the app? You can download 4th & Mayor from the Windows Phone Store for free. Thanks, Leoberto, for the heads up!

QR: 4th & Mayor



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Jrexxx says:

Sing hallelujah! I thought the developer had left the app behind!

Duduosf says:

I really felt abandoned. Was actually thinking about the update yesterday. Keep it up!!

jeffwilcox says:

The long-term new features and investments will be much easier to do with the release of Windows Phone 8.1. I think I finally realized I needed to keep the older 8.0 version up-to-date and appologize for the long time between updates! Thanks for your support.

tbonenga says:

If try to look at your recent Check-ins it's BLANK NOW.

jeffwilcox says:

This actually regressed in version 3.13. Good news: it is fixed in 3.15.

tbonenga says:

Hmm I've got version 3.14. I think you just said there's a 3.15 version coming to fix this. Again if you go under your profile and click check-ins your last 20 check-ins show up (well use to). I check-in about 28 times a day so I use this feature alot. Since today's update killed it I'm having to use the horrible official app to view my recent check-ins. Regardless you have a awesome app. I hope it gets fixed soon.

akks says:

app update articles are quite rampant here these days... we are badly waiting for the article, " WP8.1 Dev preview is finally out!" article from dan...

lubbalots says:

Dammit I'm so antsy right now! Keep checking my update knowing "it" won't be here till next week!

jeffwilcox says:

This trick works well for some people to get the updates early:

  • Go to the Windows Phone Store
  • Search for the app ("mayor")
  • Touch the app and bring up its page. It typically does not have the Update button shown yet.
  • Hit the back button to go back to the search results.
  • Tap the app name again. Sometimes it will refresh and then show an Update button here.

Diego Angeli says:

I'm actualy waiting for headlines like "WhatsApp/Foursquare/Facebook finaly equalizing their apps with other platforms and promise to update at the same time from now on" or even "Snapchat/CandyCrush/Cash of Clans/Tinder makes its way to windows phone". But i've been waiting that for too long now.

blackjackrm7 says:

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blackjackrm7 says:

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twentythreee says:

wohooo, porn party :O

Nice to see it updated shame you still can't tag friends in your checkins in this and the official 4S app

gamato says:

Yeah, this is badly needed, please add it soon.

paavoris says:

Sweet! <3

The official client stopped working at some point and recent updates didn't fix it. 

tbonenga says:

Been working great for me. I use it daily.

paavoris says:

It might be region/locale spesific error. See ratings and comments from Finnish WP Store. :D


MikeSo says:

Movie and event check-ins, tag friends. Please!

ruddevil says:

After all this time, I thought the next update would be version 4. Well, let's see if the new business addition works.

jeffwilcox says:

No issues have been fixed there recently, sorry. Could you send e-mail to the support/feedback alias with information on the issue so I can help try and fix in a future update? Thanks!

Loving Shubh says:

Why no update for WhatsApp is coming why ????

PureView says:

Who uses this app when Foursquare is available, and why?

MikeSo says:

It's faster and displays information in a better way.

dalydose says:

I do. Who uses "official" when it is inferior just because it's "official"?

nlm says:

4th & Mayor is a better app.

DiegoMoBa says:

I Just want event check in in any foursquare app

cybermoose89 says:

Link to the said app doesn't work

Madhu T C says:

Can anybody send WhatsApp beta link? I lost the link to download it

"The super popular 4th & Mayor app for Windows Phone is one of the better (albeit unofficial) Foursquare apps out there"

what others are there?

ocelopan says:

I love this app. It's faster and better than any of the official versions. I would love to have the events feature and the ability to tag friends. Hopefully in a future update?

minimejer05 says:

Is there not a light theme? Thought I saw screen shots of this app with a light theme