500px picks up more languages and performance boosts in latest update for Windows Phone


of our favorite sites for photography is 500px. It’s a great online photography with a beautiful web layout, apps on all major platforms, and re-launched market for buying fine art. It’s awesome. In the Microsoft world they have apps on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Today the Windows Phone version picked up a nice little update. Let’s check it out.

The app first launched in mid-December into the Windows Phone Store. That initial release saw a very strong app for an initial version. Today we’re looking at version 1.1 of 500px for Windows Phone. Here’s what is new:

  • More supported languages
  • Performance Improvements
  • Ability to zoom in photographs
  • Lock screen attribution
  • Remember location

Holy language support, Batman! 500px has added support Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, Brazillian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese. The app also picks up a variety of improvements and fixes. For example, this release has a higher photo quality, while reducing the time it takes to load images. You can also zoom into photographs. Images added on the Lock screen will show attribution to give the photographer his or her due credit. And finally, switch between grid and photo views and your position will stay the same.

Solid update 500px team!

Want to get 500px for Windows Phone? Of course you do, so go to the Windows Phone Store or use the QR code below.

Source: 500px

QR: 500px



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Jas00555 says:

If only Tinder was as nice as 500px

sri_tech says:

Update will remove the "nude" category :P

Z3MN says:

Seriously? I will postpone this update then... lol

Milk21 says:

What? Really?

Alex Flint says:

You just need to enable it in the settings :-)

rath79 says:

Am i just dense or is there no way to upload from the app?

rath79 says:

Yay im not dense, well not on this occasion

dalydose says:

I'm kind of waiting for upload.

psamf24 says:

I'm wondering if you guys are receiving my tips? I sent an email about this update early this morning and many times before but anyway I'm still using 480 px instead cause it gives me da choice to select any of da categories on my lock screen like if I just want pics from editor's choice etc. And da nude ones are gone same in da Webb browser.

Alex Flint says:

You just need to enable Adult Content in the app settings :-)

msdugn says:

Or use "My500px",  Tons more features than the offical app, respects your account setting for nude/not nude photos, has upload, view pictures by category and/or theme (usually only available on the 500px web site) and lots of other great features.

Ratman826 says:

Include image saving?

moc426 says:

Yes can save images

lkwah says:

Molome is available in store

mrappbrain says:

Sam, you're missing the word 'One' at the beginning of the article.

Aashish13 says:

Off topic, i want to know that r all apps made on mac OS i.e do developers use mac os for making apps?? Which the main reason apps t easily ported on ios?? Can anyone explain me please!!!!!

CobraJ82 says:

Rumor says normady is actually WP 8.1.

Ratman826 says:

Hell no, Normandy was confirmed as WP like Android

Ratman826 says:

Why can't we save image:(

hotraia says:

There is an update for app folder!!!

Chandan Hati says:

Update is good, but category list does no longer have the nude pix listed. I mean now you guys find it offensive or what. Why to remove something which was put up in the first place?

Alex Flint says:

You can enable Adult Content in the app settings.