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'627 AM' wakes you up to a beautiful Metro day on Windows Phone

Although we don’t use our phone-as-an-alarm all to often, clearly many of you do, so it’s always nice to have options out there to entertain. Especially free options. Such is the case with ‘627 AM’ which is available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The app is simple, clever but most importantly…simply gorgeous. It features the current temperature, weekly forecast, independent daily alarms and a to-do list all on a single, well designed screen.

627 AM loves Metro

627 AM's elegant design

Of course being free means the app is ad-supported which we understand. Having said that we would gladly throw down some dollars for this app as those ads distract from what is otherwise one of the most beautiful apps we’ve seen.

The feature list of ‘627 AM’ is short but sweet:

“627.AM is an attractive and intuitive daily assistant. It includes a wake-up alarm, as well as the daily temperature forecast, and the ability to create notes for the morning’s chores.

Please note that the alarm works in the same way as the windows phone's built-in alarm, which has a non-configurable snooze interval of 9 minutes.”

The app has a great little walk-through when you first launch it and it is dead simple to navigate. For all of those reasons, we give it high praise and suggest you give it a go. Pick up ‘627 AM’ here in the Windows Phone Marketplace for free. Thanks, Blake C., for the heads up!

QR: 627 AM


Reader comments

'627 AM' wakes you up to a beautiful Metro day on Windows Phone


where is this app metro anyways? There is no sidescrolling with big headlines... the app has a total different UI than any other METRO-App. In conculsion: it's not.
Also: the ToDo in the Alarm-Clock-App is awesome BUT it sould be syncable with a OneNote-Sheet - my current ToDo-List-Manager

Do you know if Microsoft will stop publishing apps with the word Metro in the title or description?

to add to that, I really hope not. that's going a bit too far, what about all the metro (subway/underground) apps..?

Looks great but the ads kill it for me. I suggest everyone rates it with a request for a paid version, that way the dev might offer one.

Agreed!! The minute I got my WP, I haven't used my old alarm clock since!! Love waking up to "city"...., I just love the WP ringtones!!

Idk if im just not seeing it, but can you only set one alarm per day? I can only use this if I can set multiple alarms. It takes me a while to get up and a 9 minute snooze isn't long enough. I set 5 different alarms 20 minutes apart.

Does it have a 24h mode? So skipping the am/pm option as most Europeans don't use it? And does it integrate with the lock screen (saying you have an alarm set)?
Looks like a great app though, hope they make more like these!

Downloaded it to give it a try
- Yes, runs in background
- One alarm per day only
- Mine used 24h clock, but could not see option to change so assume it gets this from phone settings
- Ads spoil the look which is the main thing it has above the default alarm.

Really nice looking, but adds kill it. Paid version would be great. 
Also I want more alrms per day. Having only one is no good.

The moment I saw the ad I immediately uninstalled it. I'm willing to pay but nonsense ads are no no for me. Developers release a paid version please.

The best part of waking up would be a WinPhone DD app; which was recenlty released for Fanboi and robot phones.