6snap gets updated with conversation pruning to keep everything neat and tidy


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6snap 3.0 hits the Store, brings Snapchat messaging functions to Windows Phone


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Filter unread snaps and get faster uploads in latest 6snap update


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6snap for Windows Phone gets updated with improvements and bug fixes


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6snap brings better picture capture quality, new languages, and more in latest update


Rail Rush gets a Christmas theme, 6snap gets fixes and more in latest updates


Snapchat Windows Phone app 6snap gets filters, tilt-effect, landscape and more in latest update

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Download the beta for 6snap to try out the new Snapchat conversations


Last week Snapchat updated their official apps on Android and iOS with the text chat and video calling. We don’t have an official Snapchat app yet for Windows Phone, but we do have 6snap. It’s a stellar third-party Snapchat client for Windows Phone. The developer, Rudy Huyn, has just released a beta version of 6snap that allows Windows Phone users to participate in the new Snapchat features. Download it now!

The sneak peek of version 3.0 of 6snap gives you access to chat conversations. Now you can talk to your Android and iOS friends who have been using the feature over the past week. If you already have 6snap installed you’ll need to sign out. Snapchat doesn’t allow two applications to be connected to their servers at the same time, so you’ll be kicked out of your sessions.

In the 'snaps' view you'll see a chat bubble on the far right. Tap that to start talking to your friends! 

6snap Beta is free to download and use. Grab it from the Windows Phone Store and let us know what you think! Remember this is a beta, so send any bugs you find to Rudy. 

Via: @rudyhuhn



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omer620 says:

seems fatser huh?

x_rus_x says:

I don't know about fatser, but seems fapster to me.

seriously. enough. i want to see the ban hammer start coming down on these comments.

kingjah says:

Smile...and move on. Yes it clutters, but what do you do...?

Or you can simply ignore those comments and stop bitchin about it. Maybe boring to you and other little girls, but for the rest of us the "faster" comments are really funny.

dalydose says:

Who's "us"? It might have been funny the first 1000 times, but now it's just sad to watch.

tribexx says:

I'm confused...


Isn't this from the audio streaming company that makes headphones?



jonnob says:

That made me LOL

Putz!! :D :D :D :D :D

Agora tive que me conter para não atrapalhar a aula hahahahaha

Sorry about the comment in portuguese! ;)

berty6294 says:

all i want to do is throw money at rudy to get rid of the ads again!! i dont care if i pay twice!

rockstarzzz says:

Have you read about how Snapchat lied to customers? Your images are not really being deleted. They are used asking with your contacts for selling off to third party! They admitted it just recently.

sharathu7 says:

I don't use it... But thanks for the great effort Rudy takes for WP... :)

Daneshd1 says:

Chat is buggy .. Even after I read and refresh it comes as unread and notifies me

Sam Sabri says:

Beta is beta :)

Daneshd1 says:

Yes.. Can live with it .. Thankful to the developer for his dedication in bringing these apps

It will get better fast. Rudy is awesome and supports his apps to the fullest :)

Daneshd1 says:

Yes.. I always praise his effort and apps in front of android users .. About how his unofficial apps have more better ui and features :)

Hey I do that too and try to convince people to make the switch

iyae says:

Snaps always did this for me. And THAT wasn't a beta

Okay I know Rudy knows this but then again I cant control myself... Rudy you are awesome. :D

Its beta bugs are expected.
But I guess its missing the video chat feature.

Couldn't see it. Guess we only have chat feature.

Rick Smits says:

I couldn't find it either. He's probably still working on it.

x_rus_x says:

He mentioned himself that adding video capabilities is actually a pretty big project. He is going to focus on getting the chat first, then adding the video.

fiknahs_osei says:

Yeah its missing...hope he brings it soon

kiddj55 says:

No video?

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

x_rus_x says:

Video chat is a huge project to do - the fact that you have to quickly switch between front and back camera is not an easy task. He said so himself. He said that he will focus on the chat first, then add the video chat capabilities.

Raesu says:

Rudy please work on 6tag capability to upload video!! :)

Why not update 6snap, adding the new features.

rudyhuyn says:

cause almost 50% of the backend has changed and can have some bugs, need to fix all of them before merging it with the public version.


Moreover, the chat feature is only available on Snapchat (official app) BETA

Life Artist says:

Video upload to 6tag!

Nimdock says:

I may be alone in this but I don't see the point of the new feature. (I am taking about Snapchat not 6snap).


The whole point of the service was to send self-destruct pictures. Let's say the part of the chat maybe, since sometimes you want to say something about the pic... But if I want to videochat I will certainly be using Skype. If want to just chat I will most likely be using straight SMS or Telegram.


I guess they just want to compete on the same market.

ozahran says:

I was thinking the same thing.

i don't really see the whole point of Snapchat in general ... XD 

That's the point. In this race no company company wants to be left behind. See Facebook. They are so desperate to capture the messaging services and google too with its hangout.

the new feature is useful for me (Snapchat not 6snap), my skype calls usually end up with 40 minutes minimum each conversation but I can use the Snapchat video as a fast reply/giving opinion/fast video chat (2-3 minutes). The chat function is useful because most of my friends are on Snapchat (not on Telegram) so I would like to talk to girls freely without my girlfriend opening my phone and reading every message I sent to a girl on whatsapp and over-analyzing them and boom. idk that is me.

luke_grech1 says:

No video-chat feature tho yet 

The video feature isn't in snapchat own app itself

RvpLui1 says:

Rudy add regram/reposting videos on 6tag! Great work.

Chat is a bit buggy, need some improvement. Anyway it's always good to see Rudy working hard to bring new features quickly to WP. Thanks!

Something Off topic but worth asking.
Is it possible to develop 6app for WhatsApp?
The current version of WhatsApp for windows phone really sucks.

+928. Rudy u definitely should consider that

justin071894 says:

Really? Ads in a beta?

James8561 says:

he gotta counter the cheap crowd who will take advantage of this opportunity to get free access.

justin071894 says:

All you have to do is set an expiration date for the app. When the app launches, check if it's past a certain date and then if it is, close it. Why try to make money off of us who want to help make the app better?

You can't pay to remove the ads in beta. So your NOT PAYING FOR ANYTHING. If you read early Rudy said this beta is to fix the bugs before merging to the real app thus I'm guessing when it does merge if you paid to remove them they will still be gone. These ads in the beta are there and none removable cause this isn't going to be an exploit to get money its a way to get the public app up to date without having bugs when it goes public

justin071894 says:

I'm assuming Rudy is making money off of the ads, therefore he is generating revenue from this beta. However small said revenue may be, he is still getting it. I'm aware they we aren't able to remove the ads in the beta, but if the purpose of the beta is to remove the bugs, why have ads?

iyae says:

This. I was pissed when I loaded that app and got ads. I HATE banner ads. I refuse to use them in my apps too. I wont subject my users to them. I think its REALLY rude and blatant revenue raising/forced upgrading. I don't want to strongarm users into buying. Buy if you support!

iyae says:

That doesn't make any sense.

x_rus_x says:

Because there is no other developer who would dedicate their time to actually make a quality snapchat app. If there was an option, I would buy snapchat two or three times, or donate to him, if that was possible.

justin071894 says:

Just because you dedicate alot of your time to a platform doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Now, I'm not saying that Rudy is doing whatever he wants, but according to your response he should be allowed to do whatever he wants because he does dedicate alot of his time to Windows Phone.

dalydose says:

He IS allowed to do whatever he wants. You are free to, as well. If you don't like that he has ads in a free, beta app, don't use it. Go back to the "stable" version.

Do people really feel that entitled to free stuff?

justin071894 says:

You are COMPLETELY missing the point of my comment. I do not feel entitled to free stuff. But it doens't make any sense to me why someone would put ads in a beta version of an app that is going to be buggy and crash.

I'm completely ok with ads in the stable releases. He would be a fool not too. I've purchased the no ads in-app-purchase. FIrst thing that I did when 6snap was released.

In my opinion, it seems greedy to ask people to test the app and also include ads in the preview release.

Wael Hasno says:

Rudy is worth it.

Yes. He really is

Jay Bennett says:

I know, it's crazy how developers think that generating revenue is somehow a key part of the software creation business... Crazy!

justin071894 says:

I'm aware that generating revenue is part of the software development process, but putting ads in a beta version doesn't seem like a good practice in my opinion. I'm testing the application to try and make it better, why make money off of something that is knowingly not going to work or be buggy?

jawss says:

No one is paying him to do the dev in the first place, certainly not snap chat. He's already established himself as a decent developer, I think he deserves to get some money from his efforts.. Also, this is a separate app from the released one, so those against having ads can always go on with life as if he wasn't building up the app with the latest features.

iyae says:

You completely miss the point of this discussion..completely. *facepalm*

dalydose says:

Is the point that Rudy should do things how do them or at least to your approval? His app...his choice. Period. You're a dev. If you hate it so much, you build one for free with no ads and listen to other people complain about every detail of your work and give it zero value because they all feel entitled.

IamUmpire57 says:

I see the chat bubble on the screen with all my previous conversations but not to initiate a conversation with a new user I have not communicated with before. Am I missing something?

louisoneal says:

Does Rudy ever stop!?

FranBlagru says:

Thanks Rudy. You're amazing!

Rick Smits says:

Clearing the feed is buggy. Crashes the app. *feedback*

luke_grech1 says:

Out of topic question but today, after doing the second update I got to windows phone 8.1. But then another notification update popped up. Thats weird. As far as I know, only two updates were required. How come did I receive the third one? o.o Anyone got a clue what it might be?

I'm tired of waiting already, when will Microsoft release WP8.1. Microsoft really tried in innovating WP OS but there are lots of bugs and some developers like WhatsApp and Viber ain't helping out, their apps are buggy.

Wael Hasno says:

How can I make friends on Snapchat? I don't know anyone who is using it.

Sam Sabri says:

Gotta make those IRL friends first.

hussein43 says:

Awesome we got it before android :D it has some bugs which I've reported to developer but still amazing :D

drelewis says:

no sorry dude android has video as well. Rudy is amazing. Seriously without his efforts the app gap would be a app ocean.

jeanfelipess says:

rudy is the best... i think we ll get an update 'til night to fix the bug

Draganta says:

I'm the biggest noob ever, but how can I download it without turning on the feature to download apps from the Store website to my phone? It has no QR codes on the page, and I can't find it in the store (it's a beta).

Rick Smits says:

Download the wpcentral app and go to this article and there's a tab you can press that says "download app"

Draganta says:

Got it :D Too bad it still has no support for the Action Center, but I think that has something to do with the Snapcat API.

dante501 says:

Hey that's an Samsung Ativ S Neo in the picture. :-)

fiknahs_osei says:

It's a beta y'all... Stop whining about the chat being slow and all... And yeah just cos its beta dnt mean u can't Av Ads in it...

terrokkinit says:

Omgosh!!! I'm sooo excited about this! Yay!!!

terrokkinit says:

Sorry, I went a little too giddy...;)

Renaldo868 says:

Windows Phone 7?

Time to upgrade, bub.

dalydose says:

Seriously, is anyone left on a WP7 contract?

Duduosf says:

You should listen to wolverine, dude. Time to upgrade, indeed.

Rudy can u make an app for whatsapp that would be great!

Duduosf says:

I'd like an app for YouTube better. Still don't get why it isn't in the making, especially after Google released (almost all of) their API for developers to use freely.

Amazing. 2 Problems, Ads, and also the fact that I cant see my own messages for specific people!!!

Duduosf says:

Can't actually use it right. The beta keeps crashing on my 925, not to mention the ads... Oh, the ads.

JoeBrockhaus says:

I applaud Rudy for his dedication and ability to churn out apps with good performance (esp when it requires a hefty backend), but I'm not always impressed with the UX quality. I stopped using 6snap a number of months ago because of bugs, and yet I've tried the non-beta again today and it's still buggy.

Simon Shihab says:

Currently having some troubles with 6snap, always having the "Oups, an error occured, sorry about that" message.

Am I alone?

Same here man. Can't seem to fix it :|

with me the same

I can't use it   :(

what do i do?

MDak280 says:

I wish there were no ads in the beta

My 6snap isn't working properly and wont let me log in because it is saying 'failed to connect' i would like it if you made the OFFICIAL snapchat available for windows phone as i think it is unfair that it is such a good phone but something small isn't available