6snap for Windows Phone gets updated with improvements and bug fixes


The popular unofficial Snapchat client for Windows Phone, 6snap has been updated once again. Version 1.3.1 is a rather small update, but addresses some rather important bugs that have prevented some consumers from using the app. Pass on past the break to see what's new.

6snap version 1.3.1:

  • Improved photo image quality
  • Usability of homescreen during a phone call improved
  • 2 new languages (traditional Chinese & Swedish)
  • Fixes for Norway and Brazil
  • All translations are now dynamic and can be updated without the app

The improved photo image quality is a nice addition, but we're sure those affected by the language bug will be pleased to know they'll be able to use the unofficial Snapchat client on their Windows Phones once again.

You can grab 6snap 1.3.1 from the Windows Phone Store for free. Thanks, Thomas, for the tip!

QR: 6snap



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Tafsern says:

Works like a charm again here in Norway!

Conhavi says:

Finally usable in Norway :)

Risvall says:

Wohho swedish

Raesu says:

It won't open for me after opening. Maybe bc my language is set to traditional Chinese and its bugged...

rudyhuyn says:

I'm on it, I check that

Raesu says:

you da man!

CalumSK says:

Front camera not working on the 820 again, I suspect its the same issue as last time

rudyhuyn says:

no, this time is the imaging sdk problem, an update has been submitted

89caps says:

Great job keeping this app updated regularly! Wish I had people to share snaps with...

DamianSL says:

Hey Rudy, no chance of the being able to re open glitch/feature coming back?

freshfelicio says:

No man then the app would get banned by Snapchat. We can be happy that that didnt happen so far.

Mediademics says:

Love the updates! Thank you!

andreirlopes says:

Brazilian here... The app doesn't even open anymore. What happened? :S

rudyhuyn says:

some news for brazilians and chinese


6snap translation are made by users. It's very cool but for the first time, I met a problem, a 'not funny' guy has added some forbidden characters in chinese and brazilian translations, this is why the app can't be launched on these countries. BUT ! The good news is that I work with Microsoft to provide the 1.4 very quickly, so all will be ok in some hours, thanks guys for the alert


enzom09 says:

rudy i've checked the reviews to make sure i'm not the only person experiencing this issue, but i get black screens when i attempt to load my video. is that a known bug that is going to be fixed or is there something i can do on my end? uninstall, reinstall, etc...

Jan O says:

Thank you Rudy. :)