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6tag picks up Instagram Direct in version 3.0

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see an official Instagram app for Windows Phone. However, you’re going to want to grab 6tag if you want some features found on the official Android and iOS apps. 6tag 3.0 is in the Store and brings an improved design in addition to supporting Instagram Direct. Details below.

The last update for 6tag brought bug fixes and improved security for the app. That was version 2.2.4 of the app, but now we’ve got 3.0 in the Windows Phone Store. What’s in it?

  • Instagram Direct
  • Improve design

Instagram Direct is the newest feature in the official version of Instagram on both Android and iOS. The blog post from Instagram announcing the new feature says that the Windows Phone version is in beta and to stay tuned for updates. Or you could just download the latest version of 6tag to try out Instagram Direct.

6tag Instagram Direct

What is it? Think Snapchat. Instagram Direct allows you to send “private” messages to your friends. The difference is that images don’t disappear after an allotted time limit and everyone can view who else received the picture. That doesn’t make Instagram Direct a competitor or threat to Snapchat yet, but the functionality looks to be there. Everyone who receives an image via Instagram Direct can post a comment and view comments left by other recipients.

The feature itself might have limited use to most people, but it’s impressive to see it supported in 6tag already. It only came out eleven days ago for other platforms.

Version 3.0 of 6tag also includes improved design throughout. Notice any changes? Sound off below. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of the new feature.

Want 6tag for Windows Phone? Grab it in the Windows Phone Store for free (includes in-app purchases). Or you can use the QR code below.

Thanks for the tip Kjell-Einar W!

QR: 6tag



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DreadVenom says:

Rudy does it again. As long as he makes 6tag, ill never need the official Instagram app. Nice its here but Rudy is doing a smashing job. Keep it up.

Tags don't work for me in 6tag so I'm forced to use instagram

kb4000 says:

Do you mean the hash tags or tagging photos with people?

Hash tags don't show up for other mobile devices

taymur says:


Not only you, anyone who uses a third party client, because instagram flags these people, posting something with 6tag always gets me less likes that instagram, because instagram assures more exposure. but yet, I'm not 100% sure of this, its just a general noticeable trend.

Tafsern says:

I don't have that problem with 6tag :)

Kristijan87 says:

That's odd. My bf is using 6tag and all the hashtags appear normally elsewhere. :S At least I can see them in the official app and browser.

luiislp says:

Rudy you had gain our hearts !!! Thanks for developing for windows phone. :)

And this is why the official IG was downloaded only to show demand. 6Tag FTW!

andreirlopes says:

Quote of the year! \o/

TJWINS says:

Kris did you leave BlackBerry for Windows Phone?

Rudy Is god! Now only if he can make a google+ (yeah I know what your thinking but I like it.)

Kenjoe says:

Well all google services on WP can be a good thing for those who need those service without the need to use android phones

Sure put it on the list. Way down in the list.

No fb app is required 1st

slyjr2 says:

Get the balls off your chin yo

purevibz says:

Rudy should get developer of the year for WP8..

Marco Enxuto says:

Ok, i stay on 100th position :)

CPnextdoor says:

Awesome and sad on instagrams part.

playergoodi says:

6tag > instagram beta

So a whole company can't make nearly as good as an app as one made by, ONE PERSON?

Tafsern says:

How big is this Instagram company? 100 people? 1000? Please, enlighten me :)

lovebill says:

When facebook purchased instagram it only had 13 employees. Now they still have less than 100 employees. 

And that's how the world works...

booyasaka says:

Oh Rudy Rudy, you are the man!

deadwrong03 says:

Nice to have ig direct on 6tag the official app needs to pick up the pace 6tag blows it out the water

This guy is so awesome!! Shame on you official instagram!

Marco Gomes1 says:

Way to go!! Still my prefered instagram app, by far.
Thanks a lot for your work, @rudy

btgusto says:

Why is it that ONE RUDY can update and out program 3 TEAMS for snapchat, instagram, and vine? Instagram being in BETA is straight L.A.Z.Y

DennisvdG says:

Damn I didn't even think about it like that O_O

To be honest Vine is actually ahead of 6sec right now.

kjordan_29 says:

And he's working on 6snap 1.5, which means tinder is getting closer!! So exciting.

luimende says:

What is tinder? And why is it closer?

luimende says:

He said he submitted 6snap 2.0

rudyhuyn says:

yes, since I included a lot of changes (internal + visual), major version number change

aeonstar says:

Rudy its time to create 6Tube. Take the one Microsoft had created and make it better.

willied says:

Well, we already have excellent YouTube apps like Metrotube and myTube, so I feel like Rudy doesn't need to put time into making another.

kjordan_29 says:

I was referring to this tweet.  Didn't know he had changed the version number


smartboyamo says:

Rudy, God bless you!
Merry Christmas to you! (and the WP family)!

Does Rudy ever sleep? Does he code while he is sleeping? I swear the man is a machine that never stops.

WP8dot89 says:

Elf never sleep i guess

sahib lopez says:

this guy is on a leauge of his own  :D rudy for person of the year !

Pratim Ghosh says:

Microsoft/Nokia should outsource their app to him

donbreathe says:

MS should just allow this guy to get on their official Facebook development team instead of giving us crap updates everytime. The only thing MS does well is live tile...lol!

irsyadhhs says:

Official Instagram needs 2years to come to wp and needs 5years to go out from beta. Lulz.

pattayo_ib says:

I feel you. Beta owh beta...

richddr says:

Rudy is a beast at coding, RESPECT bro!

donbreathe says:

Yea yea, much respect!

Lipe13 says:

Wow, this update is awesome! One question though: are Direct pictures meant to be very low res? I've sent one to test the feature and could barely make anything of it, looks like 100x100 pixels stretched to fit my 920's screen. I hope it's either une hiccup of the app or that it is fixable through update. Anyways, incredible work, Rudy!

edjr07 says:

How much more can I support Rudy? Honest question.

theboas1234 says:

Buy all his apps

Planblover08 says:

Man this guy is on point with these updates.

montel22 says:

Big dog Rudy does it again.

36dbldz says:

Can you upload videos?

genuinefrand says:

Video is supported in 6tag but you can't upload pre-recorded video. This is an OS limitation from Microsoft, not developers.

It's up to Microsoft to fix this. Once they'll release the public api so dev can access this feature, i'm sure dev will update their apps

WpCentral, y'all should name him person of the year! Sponsor the guy, send em a ham, do something! Dude is awesome!

korg250 says:

"send em a ham"

What if he's vegetarian?

Chef316 says:

Great job Rudy!!! Merry Christmas!!!
Only one question....Anyway to turn the circle profile pics off?

antmortmitch says:

Rudy... Can you plz tackle the pinterest app now plz!

theboas1234 says:

That would be awesome

ladydias says:

Oh yes, please if you have the time. I'd even pay for a decent Pinterest app.

dalydose says:

I hope all the people who scream "Official...Official" don't come crawling back now. Haha

solonecro says:

He already submitted thev3.0.1...

A machine you said?


louisoneal says:

I'm so confused how Mr. Rudy is able to update such critical apps so quickly and with sometimes new and exclusive features. Mind blown!

hrsyyln says:

Keep in mind that it takes up to 7 days for the updated app to show off in the store. Rudy is a beast.

korg250 says:

He's not human.

VinchRiel says:

Rudy twitted: version 3.1 submitted for fixing some bugs, inc. Direct message.. But still version 3.0 in the store??? Where can i get it?

sqlchicken says:

Takes a few days to get app certified from MS after submission.

inseyven says:

I think he programmed a Super-AI and it makes all his job day and night .-.

drozdpatrick says:

So now I can deleat snapdragon? ER, I mean 6 snap as I don't think ALL these photo apps are good for my sanity!

Off topic, where's official Path? Seem to be on the store but cannot download

sqlchicken says:

Its in private beta right now. After some testing\fixes it'll go live for everyone

Armin Mhd says:

No notifications in the news about the people who put comments or like the photos in direct and some other bugs like when u want to select the people u wanna share the pic with the keyboard goes up nd down and it gets annoying cuz its hard to type but all-together thanks rudy oh and the pic quality is really bad after u post it in direct idk why but it changes!

QilleRz says:

Rudy, you deserve a Christmas present. A big thanks to you dude.

islandertron says:

I have to tell you that I love this app a lot and almost feel we don't need offical app. lol 

kovisxd says:

Is it possible to get this for wp7.8?

Nah I just upgraded you should try it:)

Did anyone notice or have some of the pictures in any feed not loading at all. I can old see half the pictures... Tries reinstalling and resetting my Lumia 1020 but nothin fixes it. Hopefully its a bug that's gonna be fixed in 3.0.1 thanks,Rudy

reda igbaria says:

The new design is: profile picture is displayed in a circle now , not in a square,like before

Chef316 says:

Which, if you have a "me tile" as your profile pic, makes your profile pic look weird.

reda igbaria says:

You are right about that. :)

romors666 says:

Question did anyone get the pop up about video upload limitation? I uploaded one vid now I get a pop up asking me to pay. I don't mind supporting Rudy just want to make sure it's legit.

NinjaX says:

It's legit, unpaid version can upload only one video whilst the paid it's unlimited

Voxophone says:

It's legit. Isn't that also the in-app purchase that removes ads? Basically like 6tag Pro?

Tech Hunter says:

Big Thanx to Rudy Hyun, he made it possible.. +1020

aakyel says:

this man developer of the year!

I'd pay to see Rudy code.

RaRa85 says:

The freakin best!

sumton says:

One dev made an entire company look like a complete joke

thank you rudy

Voxophone says:

If there's a throne somewhere with 'King of Windows Phone' written on it, Rudy more than deserves it!

Pictastic also brings Instagram direct in its new update

lovebill says:

Rudy you should make a hangouts, google talk, g+ app. 

btgusto says:

google would order an immediate cease and desist order or change their API or something to break the app.

jperez1594 says:

Rudy should think   about  the  instagram  chat   or   6tag chat  

rfrapp says:

Why can't I update 6tag and 6snap? It gives me an error when downloading the updates