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Instagram client 6tag gets ability to save videos to SkyDrive in latest update

It seems like it was just yesterday that 6tag, the popular Instagram client for Windows Phone 8, had yet another update from developer Rudy Huyn. Indeed, it was yesterday that version landed. Huyn whimsically promised on Christmas Eve that it was the last update for this week. Luckily for you, he couldn’t keep his word.

In an odd coincidence, soon after we posted a review of the app InstaVideo Downloader, Huyn saw a challenge before him and he feverishly began working on his own solution to allow users to save Instagram videos. Yes, evidently there are some videos that you folks come across that you want to save for later, and instead of having a separate app, you can now do it all in 6tag. Let’s get the details.

6tag 3.1

The latest version is now live in the store, having shown up within the last hour or two.

  • Save Instagram videos to your SkyDrive
  • Bug fixes

We’ll put aside the usual ‘bug fixes’ for such a release and focus instead on the saving of videos.

As it turns out, you can’t save directly to the device due to an OS limitation (remember WhatsApp, anyone?). A solution that Huyn has implemented involves uploading the video to SkyDrive first, where you can then later access it on your Windows Phone, PC, Surface or even share it with others. In some ways, it’s not as awesome as saving directly, but in others, it’s actually a much more useful solution e.g. if you want to watch it on your home computer.

The files get saved to your SkyDrive > Videos > 6tag directory, which will be created automatically. Users simply sign in once to give 6tag access to their SkyDrive account using the documented Microsoft tools, and then users can “save” videos by holding down on the video (pop up menu) or rotating the image around to reveal the tools.

Overall, it’s a great feature to have and once again, shows why 6tag is the best client for Instagram on Windows Phone. What do you folks think? Will you be using this feature a lot?

Pick up 6tag 3.1 here in the Store or scan the QR code below. Windows Phone 8 only. Thanks, Mike M., for the tip!

QR: 6tag



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pkwesi77 says:

Bless you Huyn, good update there!

rodneyej says:

Best app ever❕ Seriously❕❕❕
Speaking of the 1520... I'm sick of this screen brightness bug.. It's killing my experience❕

Are you running latest firmware v.1028.3534.1347.2001?

I don't know wats so big bout tat nice app no doubt but i feel the official app more smooth

Winnabe says:

6tag is more feature-rich, that's why it is big. It is also big because it is done by just 1 man, while the official app languishes in beta despite the availability of more resources at its behest.

irsyadhhs says:

Nope. Forget it.

Warbler says:

Update to WP8?

rodneyej says:


Piro.Garay says:

I Binged all those letters hoping to find out wtf they all meant but it only gave me two results. They both took me to the WPCentral site.

rodneyej says:

Laughing my fuckin ass off while rolling on the floor crying with tears running down my face.

Clavitox says:

Where did the h come from?

inseyven says:

Awwwww sh********t

kingjah says:


gcdc_lumia says:

forget it. i used to hope for it, but eventually accepted that 7.8 is now obsolete. rudy shouldnt have made a statement that he plans to bring it in to 7.8 in the first place. i'm patiently waiting for my contract to end, and imma switch to wp8 rightaway.

Rishicash says:

Maybe it's time to consider replacing your floppy drive too. :)

irsyadhhs says:

Huyn is just genius.

QilleRz says:

Yeeahh. Need to address this to WhatsApp WP development team so we can save video to SkyDrive too.

Marco Gomes1 says:

I think they went through hell to make it possible for us to save whatsapp stuff on the phone and now you want it to save in SkyDrive also.

pkwesi77 says:

His dedication is just phenomenal!

lebeau32 says:

Huyn needs to use his powers for evil. Oh, and teach a coding class.

WilsonBlaze says:

Then we could all build apps better than the Officials haha

JoRdaNeK says:

I really think he could earn a lot by teaching advanced coding seminars for up and coming programmers or work within Microsoft and design games, utility apps etc

DennisvdG says:

This man has developer superpowers O_O

iggypop120 says:

Need this on windows 8.

sasukeluffy says:

No no no, don't say it!!! Now he won't sleep even on new years eve, cause he has to develop 6tag for W8... Thanks a lot man >_<
Let this guy rest!!!

blackhawk556 says:

When try to view the videos from the skydrive later, do they play right away? Or is it slow to play? My wife's android phone takes for ever to play videos that are stored on her sky drive app, that's why I ask.

It's relative to the size of the file and speed of the connection. My saved Instagram file was just 2 MB and it played fairly quickly.

patrickwee says:

Official instagram is the best !!

In an alternate universe, perhaps.

WilsonBlaze says:

Sure it is........Right (sarcasm)

Forc3 says:

you are traped! Huyn police here! don´t move!

sahib lopez says:

Like beyonce sang " this guy is on FIRE !!!" :p glad we have Rudy as a developer in windows phone :). I think Rudy has become a celeberty in the windows phone 8 world :o 

Is an Alicia Keys song...

sahib lopez says:

ah i think i had to much tri-tip tp eat :P and yes i remembered an hour later that its alica keys but i got lazy to edit it >:D sooooo i will leave it so i can come back to it and laugh at it ;)

tah1973 says:

And....it's "girl"

Micah Dawson says:

It's girl but given that Rudy is a man I am going to guess that's why they said guy.

But yes, this is Alicia Keys not Beyonce lol

sahib lopez says:

i know its a girl but it would strange if i called him a girl o.o

Cecewp8 says:

Great! Please do it for 6sec too

For more that I like Rudy and all their apps, seams like 6sec is the underdog. Is the only 6app that doesn't all the features from the original ones and Vine released this features more than one month ago for others platforms and even the WP already has all these... Sad to say that...

ahmadcrofton says:

Is he going to make a windows 8 app?

MS released a FB login feature to all the developers can use to make things easier but can do the same with MS account. Why???
I hate to have to login with my Microsoft account in every app that uses it!!

dkp23 says:

I didn't pay for the app initially but if there is a developer that deserves. Here u go. Paid.

Milk21 says:

Great feature, works perfectly. Would great if we could upload prerecorded videos ;)

That's an OS limitation. Until Microsoft releases the APIs, there's nothing Rudy or any developer can do I believe. Unless he is given special access. I'm sure MFST would give such access to the Official app before they do it for Rudy..

Milk21 says:

Ahhhh, I didn't know that. Thanks for posting your comment.

Would be nice if this app could implement a way to upload a video captured outside the app. i.e. from the camera roll, be able to "share" to 6tag, or even select the video from inside 6tag like you can with photos.

Ben Hanchett says:

This is great news! What about sharing your saved videos on instagram? Is that an IG or OS limitation?

That's an OS limitation, but whatsapp team got that from Microsoft, if people demand much maybe MSFT will allow more popular apps like viber, instagram, vine etc to have that acces

raycpl says:

Hooray for Huyn....

DaiaX says:

Saving Instagram video to Skydrive should be more data friendly than youtube. I don't think there will be media saving to local API on 8.1 or future updates, i'll be happy though to be proofed wrong.

Udit Guru says:

Rudy is a super human...

louisoneal says:

This is insane! I would hope Nokia or Microsoft or the WP community is throwing money at this man :-)

VI Slick says:

Here here.....

deloa84 says:

I have to give this man props for such an awesome job. Every time I open WP Central there is an article about his apps... Really shows his devotion to develop for the platform.

wetworker says:

This app should have been called InstaHuyn. Dude is going gangbusters on updates.

DonnaxNL says:

Third party apps of Instagram can't have now longer "Insta" or "gram" in the name xP

Kenjoe says:

Rudy is the man

The awesomeness never ends!

iyae says:

That's nice, but what about video filters? Still waiting on that!

kingjah says:

Rudy for CEO...

acermark says:

6tag and Rudy are still king!!!

regi7 says:

I've been having problems with videos pausing every few seconds, no matter where I am or if I'm on WiFi or not.

tag12895 says:

Does the uploading process consume the phones data connection or does it happen through 6tags/skydrives servers?

Doomguy says:

What kind of question is this? Remote servers have nothing to do with your phone's data connection.

tag12895 says:

Sorry. I mean will a 5mb instagram vid be transferred using my data ie, 5mb download to app data then a 5mb upload to SkyDrive or will this be done automatically by the app ie, 6tag sends link to SkyDrive and SkyDrive does the work of adding it to my cloud collection. Need to know this as I have very limited data allowance

iyae says:

6tag send the link to skydrive?? Skydrive do the work?? I dont even......i....but.....you see...that's not.....oh forget it.

SoullessOnyx says:

Instagram should just hire Rudy, hell so should Vine.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Thx again @Rudy. I need this phrase in "speed dial" since I use it almost every other day.
Definitely worth my vote for 6tag in the WPC pole.

Rudy i can't update my 6tag :'( uninstalled it and now I can't download it

raycpl says:

Same problem.. Tried twice... Cant upload..

mpt15 says:

Rudy, can you please make a google hangouts app?

ProFilmLA says:

Amazing as usual Rudy! Would this bypass the restriction and work in reverse? I know we are not able to post vids from library...but what about from Skydrive?

onysi says:

Once again! Good fucking job Rudy!

ltjordan24 says:

  When does Rudy Huyn sleep?

CMartinez_02 says:

If I could upload videos directly from my album I would be so happy

TechniqS says:

Somebody needs to hire this guy, I'm not into most of these social networks but the amount of positive feedback from the WP community is glowingly positive. If not Microsoft, one of these social networks should.

supercat27 says:

I keep getting 

"Can't upload the conent to skydrive"

- Anyone else get that message?


I have more than enough space on skydrive and i have the latest  3.1.2 version of 6tag

fbloise says:

same here. mine does that or simply stuck in the "upload to Skydrive" with the dots loading thing.