6tindr receives extraordinary update before being pulled by Tinder

6tinder was an impressive app that just launched a little over a week ago in the Windows Phone Store. It was Rudy Huyn’s Tinder client for Windows Phone. It just went to version 1.2 in the Windows Phone Store earlier today, but has since been pulled by Microsoft at the request of Tinder. Details below.

First off, let’s go over what you’re going to be missing out on. Besides missing out on Tinder on Windows Phone, version 1.2 of 6tindr brought an impressive set of new features to the mix. Here’s what you would have enjoyed:

  • Review last passed persons to like them if you made a mistake or changed your mind
  • Select manually your geo-location on a map without GPS
  • Send message using voice recognition
  • Be able to save photos of your contacts on your phone
  • Open directly your friend profile from a picture saved on your phone (rich media extensibility)
  • Sort automatically and dynamically all conversations by date of the last message
  • Open directly the chat page when you tap the notification toast
  • Optimization for 512Mb devices: smoother animations, less network and CPU usages
  • Access to Facebook tagged photo

That’s pretty incredible. 6tindr, an unofficial Tinder client for Windows Phone, had features that the official apps lacked on other mobile platforms. Most notable was the ability to change your likes in case you made a mistake or changed your mind. Another cool feature was the ability to manually select your location. Update 1.2 of 6tindr was awesome, but it’s no more.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you won’t find the app. Tinder has asked Microsoft to pull the app. Unfortunate news for users wanting to become new Tinder users or those wishing to continue their experience on Windows Phone. Rudy has sent a letter to Tinder in hopes to appeal their wishes and work together. You can read Rudy’s letter to Tinder on SkyDrive.

We’ll update you all on whether or not Tinder is willing to work with Rudy or if they have their own plans for a future Windows Phone app. 



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explosive0 says:

Boycott Tinder. How stupid can they be?

jubbing says:

Why would tinder care? Their market with android and ios is bigger than WP anytime.

Gatlyn says:

More users are more users, regardless how many.

markdotinc says:

Sure, but to give up the fastest currently growing smartphone market? Whatever. Tinder is a ridiculous concept anyways.

giantveggie says:

Give up the smallest viable smartphone market until you get there on your own and not have an unlicensed 3rd party taking profits while using your companies community, content, services and likeness in the meantime - sounds reasonable. yep.

dalydose says:

Taking profits? What are you talking about? Do you know some secret monetization scheme that no one else has figured out? Their only real asset is their userbase which just grew without any investment on their part. Yeah, it's a dumb move

If he had ads and in app purchases those would be profits.

dalydose says:

They are "stealing" profits from Tinder, though.


ogracia says:

Well tinder uses FACEBOOK so... Isn't Exactly the same

Facebook has an official API that they license to developers. Tinder specifically bans this activity in their terms of use(license).

Marco Gomes1 says:

It's bigger today. Let's see in a couple of years.

coip says:

I recommend calling them out on Twitter: @Tinder. They deserve to be publicly rebuked and that's the best way to do it. I plan to use the hashtag #MobileEquality.

neo158 says:

How's this:

@Tinder How about an official WP app then, seeing as you just had the unofficial one pulled!! #MobileEquality

lolpetewtf says:

You're fucjing stupid

seanles says:

Jesus... What a great way for people to take you seriously. #mobileequality

Jas00555 says:

Thankfully, I got the update before they pulled it

Jordan Mills says:

I'm jealous.  I missed it by minutes.

osoalex says:

Hope Tinder listens and lets Rudy develop the official app.

WNxAshik says:

Exactly! Rudy is a symbol of pride for us wp users, He is one of the few who truly makes the best of the modern UI design language.

Even though his name is Rudy, his letter seems to be polite, respectful, and straight to the point.
If I was running tinder, I'd definitely let him onboard.

Nimdock says:

I understand the need of a company to protect their (whatever they are trying to protect).


But then make a damn app before being a bunch of assholes. I didn't even care about this service (have a girlfriend) but this kind of stuff is ridiculous!

sundawg#WP says:

(hands you a virtual beer)

The man doesn't drink. I'll take it.

Nik Rolls says:

Sorry, but I just have to say it: it's 'hear hear'.

Big Supes says:

My apologies. Its 5am here in the UK and I'm half asleep. I will sleep corrected, thanks. :)

Nik Rolls says:

No worries, I just found it hard to resist :)

densbucs says:

I think it is here, here. This steams from the 1600 and 1700's when people would agree with a point being made in some type of session = here, here... Or I agree.

Nik Rolls says:

It's 'hear hear', as in 'hear what this fellow is saying as it is the truth'. http://grammarist.com/spelling/hear-hear/

spcdog says:

I have zero interest in this service either, but yeah. A solo developer makes an app in a couple months that was as good or better than what their best and brightest team could produce in over a year. Maybe if their devs/management weren't complete tools it would never have been an issue. :P

MadSci2 says:

Sometimes I wonder if this isn't often the issue. The last thing they want is their Roid and Fruit users, not to mention their Investors, finding out they've spent months and millions and built a sub-par App. Nor do they want to have those users finding out life is better on Windows Phone and jumping ship. Think Google or Apple want that getting around. Probably not and I don't imagine they would be shy about punishing a young Company that embarrassed them.

ltjordan24 says:

  What he said. Jealousy rears its ugly head.

HotJava says:

But I do care. I have a wife but I want a girlfriend :)

Man... We should all be very proud to have a developer like Rudy so committed to our platform of choice. All this hard work on a 3rd party app to fill a gap in the marketplace to make Windows Phone all that much better. Even so, knowing that it could all be pulled at any given point and time. Its people like this that help gain market share.

Thank you so much Rudy and keep up the great work.

SAM 77 says:

Agreed !!!

I have his wikipedia app. I dont use it much but I am thankful for his skill and support for the platform.


kwambe5 says:

Even though I haven't used more of the applications he's developed, I MUST agree with this statement! It is because of people like him that we, WP users, have what we have (besides Nokia, of course). :)

navidee says:

6tag and 6sec are far superior to the official apps that its ridiculous. I have much respect for Rudy and im amazed that nobody has snatched him up to develop their apps.

jabtano says:

Spot on I use 6tagover. The official app. It's just hands down better

diod123 says:

I have been thinking the same thing. It seems like it would be very worthwhile for ms to employ Rudy (if he would be willing) and give him a team to work with.

donbreathe says:

Honestly, I agree with you 100%. MS should just employ Rudy and give him a team. They can also hire him to help on the official Facebook app which has significantly improved but still can be better. I'm sure they won't regret it. That guy is a beast....the whole Instagram, Facebook, MS and Nokia Team did that "stuff" called Instagram Beta in over a year and Rudy alone has 6tag running and still updating. Someone should just swallow up his pride and give Rudy some role!

pallentx says:

I suspect he is able to do more as an independent developer rather than officially representing MS - especially when it involves unofficially using 3rd party APIs with out permission. We dont know that he hasnt received any checks in the mail...

raycpl says:

6tag is awesome...+920

WP95 says:

official vine is pretty good IMO.

Agent-P says:

Seconded! Thanks, Rudy! TVShow is my most used app if yours, but I've downloaded and reviewed every app of yours to show my support. Bought a few as well because they are fantastic.

Which is why I'm still using 6tag and 6" instead of the official apps

Danial S says:

I bought the add free 6tinder and don't even care if I can't redownload it because I know Rudy will work on bring some other big name app to WP

kjordan_29 says:

I would recommend everyone goes and sends an email or tweet to Tinder, and let them know what a mistake they're making.  Either make an official app for us, or let Rudy's stay.

cuwe says:

Agree ! It's for the Windows Phone 8 future .

coip says:

I second that: @Tinder is where tweets can be send. Perhaps use the hashtag #MobileEquality to keep track of each other's tweets and retweet them.

shamrock1988 says:

Hopefully they can work together and develop an official app with help from the legend

Now I'll never get a girl.


sundawg#WP says:

Maybe you should try Growlr...

robdaemon says:

It would be great if I didn't have to drag out my old Android phone to use Growlr...

JerqFase says:

I was beginning to think I was a loser. No replies at all. Well this doesn't exactly prove I'm not, lol.

shamrock1988 says:

Yeah cause it still works if you have it lol

twelvetudors says:

Did they say why? Name of the app? Logo? Didn't want anything other than an official app?

rpm5101 says:

The latter. Using their platform and API to make an app that don't officially support. They don't want anyone else using their brand without direct contact.

dalydose says:

Where did you read this?

We've all reach that conclusion based on the article and the lack of support from tinder for windows phone. There's no other real reason unless they are going to release the official app which is unlikely.

dalydose says:

So we actually have no idea why they protested? It could be as simple as the name.

Doubt that but then again...

errole says:

What if you paid?

shamrock1988 says:

Its a few pence ffs lol

rudyhuyn says:

you can write to the support to get a refund, sorry

shamrock1988 says:

Rudy we love you!!! #save6tindr

AhmedAtef says:

nobody would ever want a refund for an app of yours rudy, you're the king!

socialproof says:

Just paid to remove ads...support the cause :)

spinzeroWL says:

I paid...and I definitely won't be requesting a refund! The app was/is great, as is your support for this platform. It's just a real shame that Tinder behaved in such a way towards you.
Hopefully this is just the first step in a successful resolution that sees you building an official app.

KQ17 says:

You cheap ass motherfucker.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Write down your address and I'll send you your irreplaceable dollar.

milkybuet says:

Hopefully the reason was somthing that can be dealt with and they shall.

NykoAlly says:

There's a verb missing in the last sentence of the second to last paragraph.

Sam Sabri says:

oops. fixed and thanks. 

Sam Sabri says:

What's crazy is that this one guy built an app by himself for a new platform that already equaled and surpassed its equivalents on iOS and Android. According to CrunchBase...Tinder has about 35 employees... I'm not good at math or anything..but since when did 1 > 35?

rahulrambhat says:

Whoa that was one unexpected pull,seriously jealous communities these days.may be google bribed them?

I hate to be that guy, but in every similar scenario, somewhere deep inside me believes that the likes of Google and others are the master minds behind it all. There's isn't any question that if WP had every single popular app available on other platforms that WP's market share would experience an exponential growth. This fact must have the competitors shaking in their boots!

Trevor Wolfe says:

Wondered the same thing

Jas00555 says:

Well, Sam, not to get too into quantum physics, but you see.... Rudy has 5 big-time apps (the '6' series and Wikipedia). 35/5 is 7. 7-6tinder = 1tinder. Now that tinder is gone, that just leaves the 1. So it's really 1≥35. Hope I answered your question.

rpm5101 says:

So the developers from the official Tinder also developed instagram, vine, Wikipedia, snapchat, AND 9gag??? Damn they're talented.

Ethere says:

And here I thought we were going to go into a HL3 reference. I was slightly dissapointed that you didn't work that in :)

@Jas00555... You sir have made my day lol.

kjordan_29 says:

What is their source of revenue to have 35 employees??

borasar says:

venture funding

Jack Larson1 says:

Rudy should have updated it, just to beat the competition and salt the wound, then pulled from the store ("like a boss") before tinder could do it, lol.

cuwe says:

We're lucky to have him on Windows Phone 8 !

daveh101 says:

Although rudy didn't have to write all their backend services, all he has done is written a client for the service which in many cases is the smallest part of the work that needs to be done.

I cant moan at the work rudy does, or the quality of his work - but he seriously needs to stop ripping off other apps, i don't think it does the platform any good in the longrun

It helps the platform. When instagram wasn't available on windows phone and people knew that they automatically saw something wrong with windows phone. However when Rudy started making apps for us (6tag, 6sec, 6snap...) I was proud to show it off and people were impressed by the quality of the app. That equals to interest and possibly a potential customer. Obviously it takes more than just an app to buy a phone but at least that's no longer the reason on why not to give it a try.

dave's point is that Rudy should start an original work of his own, his talent is being wasted at creating those clients

dalydose says:

The point is understood, but Rudy is also filling gaps that make it easier for people to come on over. This is his thing and he's good at it.  If I had all the programming skill in the world, it doesn't mean that I'm going to come up with the next big thing.  Besides, the same people that scream "official" all the time don't care about WP only apps.  They have platform envy so if it's not popular with iCrowd, it doesn't matter. Fhotoroom is original and awesome and lots of people don't care, as an example. Foundbite is original and WP exclusive and struggles to get noticed because all anyone seems to care about is whatever iDroid has.

WilsonBlaze says:

I'm sure google is behind this, who wouldn't want their service on a platform and not have to use any company resources to fulfill the need? Unless they are just Microsoft haters, which is still asinine

kinaton says:

I wondered if tinder is part owned by google.

PipoDj says:

i didn't even get the chance to update it. oh well. im not uninstalling what i have haha.

shamrock1988 says:

Tweet them #save6tindr

coip says:

Yep: hit them up @Tinder. I suggest using the hashtag #MobileEquality because we've used it before to cajole other companies (e.g. Grindr, Geico, etc.) to make Windows Phone apps, so it can be a general theme for us and will make it easy to find and retweet each other. Let's not just limit this to Tinder. There are lots of companies still giving Windows Phone the finger.

xconomicron says:

W.T.F. -everyone tweet Tinder of your disappointment!

just hire Rudy already.

HotJava says:

I don't think Rudy needs a job. He is likely doing far much better as a solo developer than if he worked for any of those jokers. Btw, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that Rudy has grown to the point where he has now hired an additional developer as his business has taken off. So it wouldn't be in our best interest to have Rudy join on with an outfit.

Trevor Wolfe says:

I think the guys over there at tinder must be spending a little too much time with google lol

tbonenga says:

This sucks.... I wish there was a way to still get the update.

Hope rudy never get tired to make another app that officially out yet.

giantveggie says:

Does Tinder have an API for developers? Or did Rudy violate the terms of use defined on Tinder by reverse engineering the service into an application of his own and thereby hijack their popularity and intellectual property for profit?

I don't know Tinder or the situation with this app, but if thats the case, it's bad behavior and violates the certification requirements (3.1) of the Windows Phone store.


And I don't think its the first instance out there... right?

Unofficial does not always equal licensed. Companies don't have to be nice and such.

DVELOPinc says:

And there's That Guy

NIST says:

He's a giant veggie.

tbonenga says:

Oh crap!!! Now we got this smuck from the NSA monitoring the WPCentral forums.

deloa84 says:

As much as I hate to say it you could be possibly right... I sure hope Tinder gives Rudy a chance. I mean, that could help Tinder (get more users, save time since Rudy already has a head start, and so on). Sure hope they can come to an agreement.

giantveggie says:

From my understanding of it, it's a form of piracy. It's weird everyone is coming out and supporting this developer's efforts in piggybacking where he has no license to do so. Tinder was 100% in the right to have the app pulled and would likely win in court if they decided to sue Rudy. Seriously, what is wrong with you people?  


dalydose says:

Because it's an arse move. Just because they have a right, doesn't make it right. They get to expand their user base with no investment. This smells of anti-WP spite.

Sin Ogaris says:

So if Apple were to grab the API for, lets say, Here Maps and didn't pay anything for the use of them that would be perfectly fine I mean it would be more people using the service after all.

I doubt Rudy actually did anything wrong but in Giant Veggies example he is absolutely right in what he says.

dalydose says:

Completely different scenario. Here Maps has a clear monetizing strategy that includes licensing. What revenue is Tinder being robbed of? They likely have an exit strategy of being bought by some bigger fish. If that's the case, then they should embrace the addition to their user base and/or make their own app.

I never denied their right to protest, but that doesn't make it the right thing to do. You can exactly what's in your rights and still be an ass.

giantveggie says:

I amazed at everyones inability to recognize this as piracy. Rudy reverse engineered and was using a companies services without permission. They have to chase after him to protect their property in the Windows Phone Store, perhaps they now have to hire lawyers to recoup the profits that were taken. It's a burden. How hard is that to understand.

Tinder is being robbed of their brand, their intellectual property, the electricity and hardware costs for the services Rudy used without permission, and Rudy was taking money directly from users.

HERE Maps may have a monetizing strategy and licensing available to 3rd party developers. While Tinder specifically bans this in their terms of use. Monetization by the original business owner is irrelevant actually... Monetization by the leech is to me, what crosses the line of any fair use protection, it sounds like piracy and a form of theft no matter how noble it sounds in your WP heart. I don't see how Rudy in the right other than appealing to your WP desires. I can see how this happens, even Bin Laden was a hero to many.

Can I pour half a can of coca cola into a glass, and start selling it as 6Coca~cla? See what I did there? I left off a vowel and added a 6, as an user, you can still recognize it as Tinder (the brand), and when you use the app you get the Tinder product (the girls/guys) just like downing a glass of my new cola brand 6Coca~cla, I mean Coke, that I both repackaged and rebranded (only slightly, because nobody wants VeggieCola). To make the analogy more complete, let's replace the can of Coca-Cola and I'll install a hose into one of the bottling facilities.



Saiyaku says:

hire lawyers? why not better hire goddamn PROGRAMMERS and release an official app before starting crying for "lost" theoretical profits

Cleavitt76 says:

You have some valid points, but I don't think it's fair to call this piracy and I don't see it as unethical.  You can already access Tinder's content via a webpage or by iOS/Android apps for free.  Piracy would be like stealing from a grocery store and then selling the stolen goods to others or giving it away.  That would obviously hurt the gorcery store.  What Rudy is doing is more like providing transportation so that people can get to the grovery store and use the grocery store's services.  Those people can already walk to the grocery store anyway (i.e. use the webpage), Rudy is just providing a more efficient way to get there (an app) and that is the service he is charging for.  It's a win win situation for everyone involved.  I fail to see how having more users is a bad thing for Tinder as long as the user experience is good and there are no security issues.


The only aspect that could be considered potentially bad for Tinder is trademark/brand issues.  However, Rudy's app is clearly third party (he didn't name it "Tinder") and it's not trying to hide the fact that the content/service is from Tinder.  It clearly states that it's a Tinder client.  Your Coke example is apples vs. oranges because in the example you are talking about taking a company's product and claiming it as your own (stealing their brand).  That isn't the case here.  Also, it's a bad example anyway because people resell Coke all the time and as long as they make it clear where the product came from Coca-Cola is more than happy to let them do this.  It's pretty much their business model unless I missed something and consumers are buying their drinks directly from the Coca-Cola warehouse by the pallet these days.


I would agree that it may not be stricly legal, but what Rudy is doing is not unethical and comparing it to piracy or anything more than a violation of Tinder's arbitrary terms and conditions is not an accurate comparison.

daveh101 says:

Completely agree, i think it only ends up giving wp a bad name, and now a bunch of people slating the company, it will give them a bad taste for wp

RaphaelChaia says:

You are right, but the thing is: the fact that you have a right, does not mean you SHOULD reclaim it. Look what Instagram made when Rudy lauched 6tag: they could demand the app to be pulled over, but instead of that, gave him their blessing after analyzing the code and approving it. Its good publicity, and great for the company image. 

SwimSwim says:

Damn it!!! Sounds like an awesome update, and I missed it! Guess I'm stuck on V1.1 for now...

Micah Dawson says:

I think it is sad that they refuse to make an app for windows phone but someone is willing to do the work and they can't seem to worn together to let a third party app come through .

Micah Dawson says:

What happens with that open sourced tinder app that was also announced?

rudyhuyn says:

IMO, it is perhaps the reason of 6tindr compliant... They probably be confused

JoRdaNeK says:

Once they agree to let the app back in store, will you release the update, even for 1 day to let WPcentral tell everyone, then downgrade before tinder pulls it again? :P

KQ17 says:

Boooooo no update for me:(

BeatSync says:

Damn I really needed that update! I don't really understand why Tinder would do this, considering the app is better than the clients for Android and iOS. They are crazy to have this app pulled - they reached the windows phone community and didn't have to pay a dime to do so!


kinaton says:

Yep, but they cant force adverts and make money that way. Shocking behaviour from yet another company.

Kdawg1989 says:

You do realize that companies exist to make money right? That is the entire purpose, companies do not do things as a public service. Why is it wrong for a company to want to make money and why does it surprise you?

Paul May says:

I sent tinder a stern letter. Lets all do the same. Ideas@gotinder.com

chrispyogurt says:

+1020 Sent. Long live WP! Long live Rudy!

coip says:

Post it on SkyDrive or Twitter so we can re-tweet it a bunch of times to @Tinder. #MobileEquality, baby.

socialproof says:

Rudy should develop his own OS. He moves faster MS. :)

Zakriel says:

We love you Rudy! Keep going on man!

volforto says:

I think Tinder probably didn't like 6tindr is ad-supported.  I wonder if the open-source "tinder unauthorized" app still coming.

ddewar10 says:

I dont think I've ever heard of a developer putting out so many quality apps as fast as Rudy. Truly amazing. I hope they're willing to work with him in some way. Work as great as that shouldn't go to waste.

YianniGR says:

I have none of his apps but congrats to that developer and his passion -for his work and the WP community!

DVELOPinc says:

Rudy, You sir are a Rockstar. I say WP community fund Rudy to create his own service bringing the best of all these services people like into one and a WP exclusive.

MrA2Z says:

Rudy give us xap pls

followSol says:

You can download the xap from http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/6tindr/4c82cb8c-0a25-4e57-a094-a075b0e01209/xap?apptype=regular I think. It says you can use that to sideload using an SD card.

No SD on my Lumia 1020; is there any other way to sideload the update?

Jordan Mills says:

It's encrypted.  It won't do you any good unless you have like one rare phone with an sd card slot.  We need him to post the unencrypted XAP.

FlorisRe says:

I have like that one rare phone (Ativ S) but the store gives me a "Store error", "Error code: 80070057" when trying to update from sd.

This error seams to be a server-side problem, any ideas?

probably they managed to block installation of pulled apps via SD?

Jordan Mills says:

It's possible there's some kind of callback.  I know next to nothing about the SD card installation flow.

Put your phone in airplane mode, then try installing it from the SD card again.

John20212 says:

That was a really shitty move by Tinder; just shows they don't care about their users. I guess they were jelous that one guy did a better job on an app overnight then their whole team could in 15 months.


Jack Larson1 says:

They should sell tinder to Rudy, he can do a better job over 35 employees evidently.

Jordan Mills says:

Somebody should notify their funders of that.

Rudy, regardless of this move I can see your building a hell of a resume by producing better quality apps than the official companies. Don't stop! Your superior work ethic and true professionalism will eventually pay off.

kinaton says:

Tinder acting like children, must be owned by google.

kinaton says:

Would love to see a tapped app

Mechuna says:

Will Rudy make a grindr app instead? We need that in the WP community!

WavingReds says:

we have one...it's called meet'em

Mechuna says:

I don't count that one lol. It's terrible. My wish is for a Rudy Huyn app. ;)

tcprodigy says:

Deleted that anyway. Sucks. Don't know why he made that app. Ppl are demanding more important apps Rudy should make. Dropbox should be easy for him. And it wouldn't get pulled. Who cares about tinder

coip says:

We already have a better cloud storage app on Windows Phone called SkyDrive. That void is filled. Rudy should continue to fill gaps in the ecosystem, not waste his time making apps for inferior services. Dropbox sucks.

tcprodigy says:

Oh so that's y so many companies provide the option to save to your dropbox...because it sucks...whereas only Microsoft provides an option to for SkyDrive.idiot. Whenever there's a poll for a missing app ppl ask for BBM and dropbox, didn't even know what tinder was till Rudy made it

dalydose says:

I can use dropbox on WinPhone: BoxFiles and FileBox are two that I know of. Unless you're in the cult if "official", you have options. SkyDrive is still superior. Just because something has a mire famous brand doesn't make it better, but go ahead and keep using insults instead of logic.

coip says:

I've had to use Dropbox for work. I'm very familiar with it; it sucks in comparison to SkyDrive, especially for personal use: 2GB free vs. 7GB free, access across more devices, cheaper to buy more storage, built-in Office Web Apps that enable you to edit Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. files on any device with Internet access, a better UI that makes it easier to manage files, share them, and co-collaborate on them, etc. Dropbox has no business being name dropped alongside SkyDrive.

Cyrax.NET says:

Don't quote me on this but skydrive is 25GB free for WP users. This could be a set limit or UK only but I recently got an email to inform me as such from MS.

Cyrax.NET says:

Edit. It's 27GB.

25gb free in Australia

Jack Larson1 says:

rudy's tinder garnered enough interest evidently. SkyDrive is great, but I'm a bit fatalistic on the arrival of BBM on WP8.

Ticomfreak says:

BlackBerry said Windows Phone isn't popular enough.

Yet, Windows Phone is over 3x as popular as BlackBerry. Lol.

BlackBerry is jealous.

Jordan Mills says:

Dropbox sucks.  Deal with it.

Marco Gomes1 says:

So, you didn't know what tinder was and yet call others idiots?

sueha says:

In other words: You deleted it, because nobody wanted to date you.

tcprodigy says:

Aww man u need an app to get dates or someone to show an interest in you? I'm sorry man. I didn't know. My sympathies

Cleavitt76 says:

...Says the guy that already stated he downloaded the app.  Glass houses...stones...etc.

Cleavitt76 says:

Who are you to decide what an independent developer is doing with his time?  Who are you decide that one app (that already has third party options) is more important than another (which doesn't have a third party option)? 


Maybe you should get up off your ass and write your own Dropbox app.

tcprodigy says:

Wonder how this made you feel today http://www.wpcentral.com/rudy-huyn-releases-new-dropbox-app-windows-phone I wouldnt even bother to gloat!

Cortimi says:

This is why WP is going to fail. Make the fans mad and remove the app, or make the devs mad and keep it. No win scenario for the platform.

Marco Gomes1 says:

WP is NOT going to fail because the vast majority of users are not idiots who make such moronic comments like yours, thankfully.

XSportSeeker says:

This is why we can't have nice things.
Original company/devs don't give a damn about WP8 users, but if someone does and brings awesome functionality to boot with replacement apps, they go all greedy corporation assholes on us users by forcibly removing said apps.
And I highly doubt they'll be bringing an official app anytime soon, and if they ever do they'll make some crap app that's far less functional than Rudy's version, and then proceed to never update it.
Plenty stupid move imho. The service would be getting more users and fans, do you have to be so greedy to not let the dev get a little ad money? I mean, they guy did all the job you weren't able to.
By dev standards that's plenty cheap you know?

Anyways, kudos to Rudy... don't let stuff like that demotivate you, we WP8 users appreciate a lot your work - even those who don't use the apps. You could say that some companies out there are only bringing their stuff to the platform because they realized someone else is doing their job brilliantly.

Tinder is stupid anyway. The Facebook integration is scary.

sueha says:

It can only be as scary as what you are sharing on Facebook anyway

zeronoise says:

just read Rudy's letter and I actually said out lout "this guy is awesome!"

Read Rudy Huyn's letter to Tinder on SkyDrive and one can't help but understand why he is one of the classiest and most adult human beings on this planet....not to mention his pure genius! We in the Windows Phone community are blessed to have a developer like Rudy on our side.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Where can I find the aforementioned letter, please?

giantveggie says:

Here's Tinder's original statement to Rudy.


Specifically #2.

Jordan Mills says:

I'm pretty sure he didn't actually violate any of those.  And even if he did, I doubt he agreed to them.  They make the api available for public use on the internet, so they're going to have to deal with the public accessing it.

QilleRz says:

And I hope Tinder will listen.

TechAbstract says:

I hope they can work together to bring this app to WP8. Got the latest update. I wonder if the app still works.

ClixT says:

To those who have the XAP file with a dev unlocked phone (I think you have it if you have the Preview for Devs), download this and try to update your 6tinder app.

https://wptools.codeplex.com/ (Assuming you have the SDK tools)

It may or may not work.

Jordan Mills says:

Yeah that would work great if we had an unencrypted xap.

erzhik says:

Well..... Rudy got their attention.

Weeeeeak Tinder! Weak.

Jack Larson1 says:

Great letter Rudy!

coip says:

Let's call out Tinder and all other companies that don't make Windows Phone apps. I've started a thread about it here: http://forums.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-8/259358-operation-mobileequality-lets-convince-companies-bring-apps-windows-phone.html#post2305222

Perhaps the app offered features that Tinder didn't want? Or perhaps they tried the app and had errors and decided that it was not an experience they wanted people to relate with Tinder! I personally downloaded 6tindr, and I signed in with a facebook account, entered my phone number, got the SMS code, entered it and all it did was say loading for ages and then "oups, an error has occured". Tinder have an image to protect and its highly understandable that they want to ensure that an app gets proper testing etc before being released to users. It's not such an uncommon thing actually.

spinzeroWL says:

The Android Tinder app is v.buggy. So it is clearly not because of a quality concern

Moaske says:

What platform are you talking about? 6tindr so totally doesn't require you to fill in a phone number, nor get an SMS code to make it run. 6tindr for Windows Phone 8 is very stable on my phone, so what on earth are you talking about?

giantveggie says:

Signing in with a facebook account might trigger the 2 step SMS authentication if you have that enabled on FB.

Quality aside. The bottom line is Rudy did not have a license to use Tinder's services. He reverse engineered it and is essentially stealing their service and brand from them - for profit.

dalydose says:

Putting your message out on repeat doesn't make you right.

Haven't you figured out that no one is arguing whether Tinder has a legal right to do what they're doing? They can still be assholes and morons within their rights.

Yeah they can be assholes.

WP8, it did, it required my phone number and sent me an SMS with a code. I did it twice and I recieved the same code in the SMS both times which I thought was odd? I don't have two factor set up on my facebook.

MikeTheYid says:

You must do because nobody else got that. Only 6snap would require phone number if I remember correctly.

Nope I don't have two-factor auth on facebook honestly, perhaps 6tindr thought I did and thats why it was bugging tho?

DJCBS says:

I'm surprised that such a letter came from Tinder and not from Snapchat.

Rudy really should have asked whether he can make the app before he went on developing it.

Marco Gomes1 says:

And you would still be waiting for an app for snapchat, Wikipedia, etc,etc.

tallgeese says:

Rudy's creations would make a great CNN report. Let's all make that happen via Twitter.
What say you?!

Although 6tindr was never an app I would use, i support Rudy and use his other apps. His letter was respectful and insightful. If they knock him back their service deserves to fail. Anyone stupid enough to restrict their client base in this way deserves to fail as a business. How short sighted and stupid. Just my two pennorth worth.

spinzeroWL says:

Wow, Tinder are a bunch of absolute morons! They have repeatedly said that WP8 is not a priority for them, and that they have no plans to build an app.
Rudy kindly steps in to fill the breach, and this is what they do?!!
They should be paying Rudy to develop their app...that's how good his app was! It was certainly a damn sight better than the half baked Android alternative.
I got the update...hopefully that means I will be able to keep the app for the foreseeable future.

Tinder employees...stop behaving like school kids - either make us an app, or support those that do!

TaxiStilo says:

Rudy Huyn is the best developer for WP8. His apps make first party apps look like shit. It is good from
Rudy to bring up the potential interest of WP8 users for Tinder. Maybe they will wake up and see that WP is viable. To conclude: Rudy, we adore you. Tinder, you are an ass, just accept 6tindr...

Ronnet says:

I got the update but I don't think the app is working properly, unfortunately. Some people I dislike appear in my match list and I assume some people I like are rejected. But at the same time some matches come from people I've liked. So maybe both buttons send a 'like' signal.

The worst part is that the app started out with both male and females. So I disliked a bunch of guys before figuring out I could just only search for girls. But now I'm getting flirts from guys who think we've matched...

MikeTheYid says:

Lol that is very strange because by default if your a guy it selects girls and vice versa

cnbc86 says:

I understand that company's have to make money but as long as they don't have an WP app they can't make money with ads. So why don't leave the app in the store until they have their own app?

Bee Mon says:

Could still be many other reasons. For one they may not want others to earn money from their service. It could also be that they (or some of their users) may not be happy that a 3rd party app is becoming better than their official one.

Bee Mon says:

Everytime an unofficial WP app is announced, I'd believe the regular trolls here will make sure the original site knows about it asap. So Tinder would have probably known about it for a while but why only complaint about it now? Possibly was checking ouy what Rudy can do with it but now not happy seeing that it has surpassed their own official app?  I won't be surprised if the next update of the official Tinder app containing features from 6tindr. ;-)

cnbc86 says:

That's what they are probably going to do. And than they pretend that all the new features where their idea. The first release of the WP app was 10 times better than version 2.2.1 on Android. I have seen the app at least on two different android devices and they both had problems locating the position. Not to mention the horrible GUI. I'm just disappointed. Hope something is happening there at tinder.

paulheu says:

That letter is how you approach these issues. Positive, professional, considerate and inviting.


Now whether the Tinder people respond in kind is another matter and maybe some people here should take some queues from the letter on how to behave in a public forum and not be an actual anti-advocate by making pointless and borderline abusive and harmful remarks. Services like Tinder are maybe not primarily interested in WP (yet) but bombarding them with negative responses and being hostile towards them will certainly not be helping. Also I dare make the claim the biggest voices here likely do not even use Tinder and are just here to stir up the pot. Trust me ppl, you're not helping. Not one bit. 

Parktreeone says:

Rudy, you are a credit to wp. The thing is you are obviously very smart but also have a tallant for style and art, I think it was Alan sugar that said that combination is as rare as rocking horse poo and would snap them up without a seconds thought

captaincomps says:

I uninstalled it because I don't like any app that only allows you to log in using your Facebook account - because it wants access to your contact list and other information. There should always be a register option outside of Facebook.

Jordan Mills says:

Yeah but that's a limitation of tinder, not the app.

trmnrs says:

If they're not going to make an app for Windows Phone then let third party apps fill the gap for them. It's not costing them a penny and if anything, it's growing the Tinder platform. This could even show these companies that there is interest in their app on WP so they can start developing one or work with third party developers to help them make the app.

I'm sorry but that's just BS.

tkadrum says:

If they're not going to make an app for Windows Phone then let third party apps fill the gap for them. It's not costing them a penny and if anything, it's growing the Tinder platform. This could even show these companies that there is interest in their app on WP so they can start developing one or work with third party developers to help them make the app.

That is why i created a bogus FB acct for all my social apps.


Tinder is behaving like a kid. Firstly they don't have their official app in the Windows store and when Rudy filled in the gap, they take down his app. How pathetic can that be. If one looks at it from the other side, he was giving Tinder popularity on the Windows Platform for free. None of the other companies for which he developed apps never took any action and I definitely think they made a wise decision.

I don't use Tinder but yet I feel the treatment Rudy got was really harsh. Lets hope Tinder accepts Rudy's petition and they work along together to bring an official app for the WP community to enjoy.

I didn't know Tinder before this app. Glad I still have it.

elmacho says:

Saw just 25 retweets for Rydy Huyn`s tweet to #Save6tindr.Are there not many WP users who use twitter?

indieimprint says:

argh. I want 1.2. but. at least I do still have 1.1, soooo... eat that, tinder!

If you have a SD Card support, you can download de .xap file and install manualy, still working:




Jordan Mills says:

Yeah if you have one of the two phones that take SD cards :/

JoRdaNeK says:

Did any lucky person get the update in time?

hotraia says:

There's an update for app folder!

MagusShadow says:

This is my letter to Tinder:

To whom it may concern:

It has come to my attention that the application 6tindr, built by the very popular Windows Phone developer Rudy Huynh, was pulled from the Windows Phone app store recently.  I have read Rudy’s letter to you, as a link was posted on the mobilenations sub site, WPCentral  (to be clear, I do not know or have ever communicated with Rudy). It seemed respectful and open to the needs of your company, but I cannot speak to or speculate on the communications and agreements that you two may have had so far or in the future.  I CAN however, communicate to you my experience thus far with both Rudy’s app build and how I felt about your service itself.

So far, the experience has been a grand whirlwind of fun, even a bit of excitement as I am blown away by just how addictive and compelling the idea of Tinder is!  I have already had a good conversation with a like minded person whom I matched with, told my friends about the service so they could check it out on their respective platforms and logged in an embarrassing amount of time in 6tindr despite it's VERY recent release.  I was also impressed that the app had two major updates addressing user feedback, one within hours of its release!


I find that it is not uncommon for companies to hire teams of people to work on apps, which can be a daunting proposition when you are expanding to a new, developing platform.  I can talk all day about how Windows has had a tremendous amount of growth in platform, user base and app store in the past 6 months and how exciting of a time it is to be a customer in this ecosystem, but I know that you are a business and sometimes enthusiasm alone is not enough to make a business decision. So, I'll put it like this: One guy made a really good Tinder app for Windows Phone. Not a team of contracted software engineers taking up payroll, and with no need to keep up on maintaining it as he is obviously working hard to make things as perfect as they can be. It's clearly third party, I don't think people are confused by the branding and I obviously think Rudy would be very flexible in this regard.

I am of course, just a fan. My arguments are based on my short but exciting time using this app, using the services of Tinder, and are biased toward my own wants and needs.  I am however one of many, many who are ready to download and experience what you guys have to offer. With Windows Phone growing, Microsoft ready to make a strong push into Enterprise (more people bringing Windows Phone home means more families exposed to the platform) and inexpensive phones like the Lumia 520 making HUGE waves in the budget phone category (a young target audience, much like your service) I think the inevitable need of an official or unofficial app is obvious.


On this platform, some presence, even an outsourced third party presence is better than NO presence. If that doesn't exist, then Tinder simply doesn't exist. That may seem dramatic, but I do not think there is any argument to be made against it.


Thank you for your time reading this, and I hope it at the very least gives you pause to contemplate the decisions that have been made and what the implications are of future choices on this matter.  Also, thank you again for creating the concept in the first place.. it was a blast for the past couple of days, and hopefully will be for many more!

-David Garcia, Ann Arbor Michigan.


Sent from my Lumia 1020

coip says:

Sent from Lumia 1020! Wow, you're really good at typing on your phone.

Marco Gomes1 says:

There is one reason and one reason alone why these third party apps are pulled and it all comes down to public humiliation and calling the bluff on these services. These companies, a lot of times go online to get financed because supposedly it's so difficult to develop their crap and one guy with very limited resources, in just a few days builds a similar service only way better, of course it's shameful for the official app. Just look at all the fuss to bring instagram to WP! They had to work with Nokia and Microsoft to build that crap they call an official app, which is still a beta version, and one guys does a hell of a better job in just a few days?!?! How many updates did 6tag received comparing to the official instagram? To all those who say "oh but its official", I say it's official crap. ALL OF RUDY'S APPS ARE WAY BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL VERSION, and that's what pisses them off.

TechFreak1 says:

My thoughts exactly, well said Marco.

100% red faced by 3rd party apps.

daveh101 says:

You completely forget about all the backend that the company develops, the client app is very often the smallest part

Marco Gomes1 says:

You know, where I live there's a saying that goes "the worst blind are the ones that don't want to see".

daveh101 says:

I actually have no idea what that saying is supposed to mean

dalydose says:

It's not "forgetting" the backend. The backend is built and they can't build a WP client because the resources aren't justified by the demand? That's proven BS when a individual can do it...quickly and in superior fashion.

daveh101 says:

The backend isn't something that is just built - in many cases (if not all), it is continuing to be developed, constantly changing.  The backend for 'real' apps requires much more work than any front-end app does, and i'm not trying to say that the client app is simple, many times it isn't.


The point is really that Rudy is potentially profiting from the work of another company.  He is giving a user experience to a bunch of users that aren't supported by the company, when they make a change to the backend service it might just ruin everything Rudy has done - which, will not be reflected bad against Rudy, it will be the users of the app moaning to the company who's service has been ripped off.


you may think that work on WP is easy to justify (and my company does, but we have windows at the heart of our company), many start-ups or companies running under investment can't just do it, they have to justify it, which means analysing the impact of doing (or not doing) it.


There are just so many reasons that what Rudy has done is wrong, and at the end of the day, Tinder have every right to do what they have done and pull the app - we can't maon about that decision because it is their right.  We should moan at Rudy for creating an app, doing a really good job (as he always does) that he hasn't had the authority to write - he is the one that has caused the bad experience here for users.

MikeTheYid says:

And you completely forget the point that the backend/apis are already developed. Creating an app on a similar standing for all platforms is easy.

giantveggie says:

FATAL FLAW: Rudy didn't build the service, Rudy was STEALING the service Tinder built.

Rudy can go build his own dating service and app. But he chose to steal from Tinder.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Yes. I do see why you picked that particular screen name.

giantveggie says:

Glad I was able to straighten you out during your loss in this debate. I am sorry that your original argument was so poor and that you had no intelligent response when I poked a fat hole in it. Better luck next time Marco.

coip says:

Commas are important. It's "Better luck next time, Marco." Don't giant veggies go to grammar school?

dalydose says:

You are relentless in your defense of this shortsighted decision. I'm assuming that you're not a Windows Phone user and this dogmatic argumentation is purely fun for you.

MikeTheYid says:

No he didn't build the service he built an app to give the service a bigger user base which would actually help the company.