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Accent Builder for Windows Phone 8.1 will help you make beautiful Start backgrounds

Accent Builder Hero

Ever since Windows Phone 8.1 came we’ve been busy making our Start backgrounds look perfect. We’ve looked at various apps and given you some tips on how to pick the killer image for a Start background. However, sometimes simplicity wins out. Which is why we’re sure many of you would be fans of a new app called Accent Builder.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find Accent Builder. The app allows you to create images that will make your Live tiles pop. Instead of creating a solid background, Accent Builder allows you to control the individual colors of the columns. You’re given the ability to control the colors on up to 6 columns when you pay for the app. The free version lets you choose up to two colors.

It’s a really nice app and we love the color picker. You can go around the color wheel and get the color you want. Or you can dial in the RGB values and get the specific color you’re after. 

Accent Builder

Accent Builder comes to us from Windows Phone Central community member Nik Rolls. You might be quite familiar with him in both the comments on the front page and the forums. Show some support and give the app a download. Have any feedback? Sound off below or reach out to him on Twitter (@NikRolls).

Accent Builder is free, but an in-app purchase of $0.99 gives you the ability to select colors for up to 6 columns.

Download Accent Builder from the Windows Phone Store.

Via: Windows Phone Central Forums

QR: Accent Builder



There are 92 comments. Sign in to comment

Pulak Vatsya says:

Ahhh.something demanded ever since WP came into picture.lets try this :D

dhruv07 says:

Hahaha yeah lets try this ..:)

Nice one.. Going to try it.. :D

QilleRz says:

Yeah yeah :D

Oh NikRolls. Have seen this guy before. Teehee

12Danny123 says:

He's a Kiwi like me!!!! :-)

Sam Sabri says:

Then you better download this app! It's real nice.

12Danny123 says:

lol. I've downloaded it. it's VERY good :-)

Nik Rolls says:

Thanks to you both, and thanks Sam for featuring the app, I really appreciate it :)

Great App NIK  Like it a lot but rather prefer having a start background

Black Lumia says:

Great idea! Ask that i need is for it to be fully featured for cheap guys like me! ;)

Robert Grant says:

This is awesome Nik Rolls, thanks! And cool way of charging for it - I guess you're never gonna give your app?

SamiHanna says:

Costing money, Nice concept. Wint pay for it.

Nik Rolls says:

You can use two colours for free.

Me neither. Five minutes max in MSPaint would have the same result.

kimlo91 says:

Who cares man? Offer something constructive. It's a great app which has a market for people like myself.

Slater_GS says:

Cool concept and I probably won't use it a lot, but worth the .99 cents to support another WP developer. Let's not become Android users :)

mayconvert says:

And then we wonder why no one wants to develope for WP. lol. 

People are ok spending $7 on a cup of starbucks and give them a $2 tip, but ask them to pay .99 for an app and they think that is ridiculous.

People ... we waste money on jewelry and all kinds of other completely useless stuff, but try to get somone to spend a dollar or two on an app and people intstantly turn into a tight wad. 

Bet those same people that won't spend a dollar on an app would hand the bell ringing santa at walmart a 5 spot during the Christmas season. 

smh.... I will never understand people and their logic. NOT upsizing your fries and diet coke on that Triple cheese combo would pay for an app like this. 

paulomalley says:

Why can't I choose more than one color? I have paid for the app... (^^)/~~~

Nik Rolls says:

Hi Paul, sorry to hear that. Can you please contact me via the app (or @NikRolls on Twitter) and I will see if I can resolve this for you.

paulomalley says:

All good. I figured it out... All is working fine now... Just uninstalled and reinstalled the app... :)

Nik Rolls says:

Ok that's good to hear. It should sync your purchase licenses dry time you open it, but something must have gone wrong -- I'll see if I can reproduce it. Thanks for the heads up!

Will6371 says:

You can, just save them to different folders.

Wael Hasno says:

Let's try this.

How about a rainbow like image?

Nik Rolls says:

That was the first thing my wife did when I got her to try it. It looks pretty good even with two/four columns.

jerome snail says:

Seriously you could just use paint.

Nik Rolls says:

You could. However this gives you a nicer colour picker, an instant preview, and saves you the hassle transferring it to your phone.

jerome snail says:

"the hassle"? Come on!

Jf.Vigor says:

I consider It a hassle so yes. Why not have something native on your phone? Using paint would be a hassle that not everybody can do anyway

ericr42 says:

Its less than the price of a soda at McDonalds. If it saves 5 minutes and is useful to you support the dev.

xxxneoxxx says:

Why not buy a canvas, paint it on there, and take a picture? Than, you could print that picture, and scan it using a scanner. Upload in onh Onedrive and you're good to go! <3

nickros182 says:

hahaha that would save so much time!! not downloading the app because that is so much better lol thank you!

kimlo91 says:

Thanks for a great app mate. From Australia :) Purchased, I think my time saved doing this in paint is well worth a dollar!

Nik Rolls says:

Thanks for the support, much appreciated! If you have any suggestions please fire them through :)

Fndlumia says:

Onya nikrolls

Ajay Tawrani says:

Hi ... Can someone plz lemme know of the 8.1 OS release date for NL920

yaro da yaar says:

Abey sabke saath mein hi aayenge, july ka end maan ke chal, tab tak sabke liye aajayega 620 ko chodkar. ROTFL

You can download the Dev version now (search the web to show how), or wait 2-3 months for your carrier to provide it. I went the Dev way and don't regret it :)

iAbhi says:

my mobile  just  got freezed while i was selecting color and even buttons stopped responding would suggest not to download it

Nik Rolls says:

Hi, I'm keen to understand what may have gone wrong so I can fix it. Can you please contact me via the app or @NikRolls on Twitter and I will do my best to resolve it for you.

iAbhi says:

Nothing much. While I was choosing the color the screen freezed and I had to remove the battery . happened first time for me

Nik Rolls says:

Thanks for letting me know. I'll take a look into it and see if I can reproduce it.

Black Lumia says:

Exact same happened to me. I'll email you soon.

jailman says:

I want an app that can change accent color for the whole UI Hopefully that is possible

shreyas15 says:

You're in wonderland.

Arda Ozkal says:

Get up Sam! I did this last week! Its called Custom Accent!

MrKlgs says:

amk gavurları görmezler ki bizim yaptıklarımızı

TheOzgun says:

Sabri reyiz üzdü bizi...

Sam Sabri says:

Just downloaded, it won't even launch.

MR Aziz says:

I think if you can control just the text colors on apps icon to fit with my screen pictures background would be awesome.. Thanks anyway

nez99 says:

New Zealand!

rockstarzzz says:

New start background apps are new weather apps for Windows phone!

yaro da yaar says:

Why would i pay for these childish backgrounds, i can also make these in ms-paint.

Mayur says:

Nobody forcing you...

PainAkatsuki says:

How to change the theme colour....i just completed all the steps and even saved it on memory card.... Buy how can I apply the colour

Nik Rolls says:

You will need to go to the start+theme section in Settings. In there is an option called 'Start background'. Tap 'choose photo' and then select the image you just created.

zalokram says:

How can i save this article, so i can read it later in wpcentral app?


girishN says:

It can also provide preset of default colors and some other beautiful colors.
But it just wont work for me as it can't do anything about different sized tiles in a column and I have cortana pinned up wide.

Nik Rolls says:

Yes, unfortunately that's an issue because the Start screen scrolls the tiles over an almost stationary image, so there only option is to provide columns rather than rows.

twomill69 says:

Well, this would've been great on W7 and W8 but I'm guessing the majority will be using some form of transparency tiles with their own backgrounds now and more importantly when W8.1 goes live globally. I was suggesting this type of app and the ability to colour each tile when I had my Lumia 800 running W7, this type of app shows how important it is to be the leading OS on the market and not playing catch up all the time against Android and Apple.

KotsarikosG says:

I tried ...
For more color wants payment ...
immediately UNINSTALL

Rami Olyyan says:

It's not work on my phone Lumia 625 amber

U need 8.1 its for 8.1 only not amber. Amber is too outdated

Oxymoron428 says:

When I saw this app, I downloaded it bought it, and THEN tried it. I love ❤ it! It's a marvelous idea.

Five star this app, people.

Nik Rolls says:

Thanks, great to hear that you enjoy it :)

TonyDedrick says:

If I was so vehemently for doing this in Paint, I'd be on Paint actually doing this instead of wasting my time bitching on an article for an app I supposedly have no interest in.

moc426 says:

Smart idea app. Nice work. Suggest it doesn't pop up how to apply image every time you save. Also remember last saved location. Thanks

Nik Rolls says:

Good suggestion, I will look at a way of indicating a successful save without the popup after you've seen it once. I'll also check out the functionality available on the Save dialog, it may be possible to achieve what you mentioned also. Thanks!

Guys it can be made even in Fantasia painter as an image its fooling around

I like the fact that this app addresses/previews the WP background darkening problem. If custom backgrounds are to really take off then I think there will have to be a future system option to turn this tinting on and off.

Nik Rolls says:

Thanks, this was quite frustrating for me. I'm considering a 'tint preview' option so you can see exactly what the colours will look like, but it requires a lot of figuring out the exact tint and I didn't want to delay the app launch. Look for that on the way soon.

lamplghter13 says:

Wow, not available in my country. I can't believe this kind of thing still happens. 

Nik Rolls says:

That's odd, I chose the option to publish in all countries. Which country are you in? I can take a look and see why it's not showing for you.

lamplghter13 says:

Hi Nik- Wow thanks for replying to my comment.  I am in New Zealand. I have tried several times searching all the keywords and a thorough page by page search and nothing.  It's now the next morning from my last post and will try again anyway.  Thanks again for helping !!!

lamplghter13 says:

Hi Nik- Any luck ??  Still not showing up here.

Thank You !!

Nik Rolls says:

Unfortunately not yet, however I've been able to verify it. The reason myself and the others could get it in NZ is because we had switched to the US region to get Cortana. The Store is listing it as published in NZ but no matter what I do it doesn't show up. So I've raised a support ticket to get them to fix it. I'll let you know when it's available.

Nik Rolls says:

Looks like it's fixed now! Let me know if it's still not showing on your end.

bmetelsky says:

Will this color tiles that normally won't color, i.e. One Note, Office Lens?

Nik Rolls says:

Unfortunately not, you will need to use an app like Transparency Tiles to create transparent tiles for those apps.

Ray Adams says:

You should check this one
You can do the same but with gradient :)

nlm says:

Hmmm, the ability to change the color on individual tiles to better see logical groupings on the start screen would be awesome!

Very good. Five stars!!! ;)