Accent Changer app now supports HTC and LG Windows Phones too [Homebrew]

We already demonstrated that you can change the accent color or theme on HTC (but complicated) and Samsung phones, but now Dave Amenta has also added LG and HTC support to his simple app Accent Changer..

It's the same deal as before, you need to have a developer unlocked phone to sideload the XAP file, but once you do so you  can simply drag your finger to manipulate the color gradient. Heck, you can even restore the original value with a touch of a button.

And now that LG and HTC devices can join in, the circle is complete (Oh right, no Dell, sorry). Read more and grab the XAP here.



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mojomarc says:

Without the Dell Venue Pro being supported, the circle isn't quite complete.

Ahhh! Forgot about Dell, ti's correct


This is a great addition... The reset button makes me a lot more comfortable with it.Would be nice to see an option to enter the color code you're after...it's fairly hard to hit a particular value with the touch-screen.Works great!

cannon#WP says:

I've finally been able to make a black on black theme on my LG. I love it.

swake457 says:

This works awesome!I'd like to see an app extension that also lets us change not only the colors, but the edges of the tiles. E.g select from a library of options such as feather the edges, raised edges (pop-up like a bubble), rounded corners, or some other edge detail, maybe user created as an option. That would be really nice!

nashtheflash says:

Changing the accent will change the display of the home screen, but will not change it in apps that use your current them. A good example is Wordament. I edited the pink theme (since I never use it), and when I opened Wordament.. instead of black.. the them was pink. Not acceptable!