Account Tracker lands in the Windows Phone Store

Account Tracker for Windows Phone

Account Tracker from Graham Haley and Response Ltd. is now live in the Windows Phone Store.  Account Tracker is a personal finance app that has had a bit of success over on the iPhone and based on our first impressions it should do well on the Windows Phone platform.

Account Tracker is laid out nicely taking advantage of the panorama and tile design of the Windows Phone's Modern UI. The main pages of Account Tracker will display an account summary of all your financial accounts, a transaction entry screen with tiles to add spending, income, refund and transfer activities, a budgets page and pages that will chart cash flow and spending.

Account Tracker

Additional key features of Account Tracker include:

  • Group accounts into one or more account groups, for example to separate personal accounts from your business ones
  • Set up alerts, if an account is likely to go overdrawn, or hit its overdraft limit
  • Set up bill reminders for non-automatic transactions
  • Add payee/payer details and categories to each transaction to track where you are spending your money and on what
  • Split a transaction across multiple categories
  • Reconcile your account data with your statements, either manually or automatically (based on transaction date)
  • Set spending and income budgets to track your cash flow over time
  • View detailed and powerful reports showing account balances, and cash flow, as well as a breakdown of spending, income and transfers by category
  • Account data can be secured using a PIN code

Account Tracker will also allow for your data to be backed up on your Skydrive account and Live Tile support is available to make it easier to monitor individual accounts or add transactions.  

There is a trial version of Account Tracker that is limited to 25 transactions.  The full version of Account Tracker is slated to run $2.49 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Sergio0694 says:

Really nice app.
The live tile doesn't match the phone accent color, though.

Jay Bennett says:

Some people prefer that, it seems the only way to please everyone is customisation!

Tahiti Bob says:

I prefer live tiles that don't match accent but indeed customisation is the way to go. Best recent example is the Wikipedia app.

bjax says:

Wow, thanks for that! Never knew that about the wiki app. Just downloaded it. WHY ISN'T THIS LEVEL OF CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE FOR ALL TILES?!?THIS IS AWESOME!!!

czhoume says:

How is that one compared with Mint?

Tahiti Bob says:

I think it's safe to say Account Tracker is the best finance app on Windows Phone right now. Just download the trial, at least there is that option on this OS.

mdscj4 says:

Have you tried toshl?

prowade says:

I wonder how this compares to moBudget?

mab664 says:

Better than pageonce?

scdkad says:

Is there any financial app that lets you import a file that represents many transactions instead of having to manually enter each transaction? My bank does this and then I import onto MS Money and then assign categories for each transaction.

Sathanous says:

My Budget doesn't, just their proprietary backup/restore... Wish Quicken had an app

Sathanous says:

Seems very similar to My Budget which I've used since its launch... I'll take a look but even if it's better migrating is a hassle... But any new app is exciting

trmnrs says:

I'm just waiting for Mint to come to Windows Phone then I'll be set. I'm using Pageonce right now but it's a bit too complicated and awkward to use at times for me.

Shobiz says:

Mo Budget is all I think I will ever need

Jazmac says:

I'll say this much for it, its really smooth.  I have mobudget but I really have not used it yet but now that I have this, I'll put them both through its paces. Nicely done though.

prowade says:

I also have moBudget and it has been great. I may try using them side by side for a bit.

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DiAbLoxx83 says:

It's similar to myMoneyBook