Acer exec confirms continued commitment to Windows Phone

Augusto Zumbo confirms Acer's continued commitment to Windows Phone

Since the Acer Allegro showed itself to be a pretty solid phone for emerging markets and low-price point users at CES 2012, many have been wondering if Acer will continue manufacturing Windows Phone devices.  In an exclusive interview with Windows Phone Italy, Acer Italy's Business Manager, Augusto Zumbo, revealed that their relationship with Windows Phone is neither a full-blown romance, nor a cheap fling.  He confirmed that Acer will remain committed to both Windows Phone and Android, offering options to consumers with different needs.

Zumbo did not elaborate on the level of commitment and stopped short of giving details about future devices.  Windows Phone Italy got the impression that the Mango-powered Allegro would remain Acer's only Windows Phone handset through 2012, but that 2013 would see more Acer offerings using both mobile platforms.  While there may not be any ground-breaking news here, the fact that another manufacturer plans to continue producing Windows Phone devices is a positive sign for Microsoft.  We can only hope to see such commitments from carriers (Ahem...Sprint and Verizon).

Source: Window Phone Italy



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Acer is a good company now we need dell to stay on and an Asus phone a Toshiba and HP then wer set lol

Oh and Sony :P lol

WinFan1 says:

Sony sucks and so do their phones...

Sony don't suck they just gotta get it right in the smartphone market

jfa1 says:

Good news that they are still.in

lippidp says:

Great! This increases the likelihood of someone releasing a new phone with a keyboard. Please!!! Anyone???