Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8 Pro tablet available at Microsoft's online store for $399

Acer W510

To celebrate Cyber Monday, Microsoft has the Acer Iconia W500 Windows 8 tablet listed online for just $399 - that's $100 off the regular price. What's different about this Windows tablet compared to the Surface RT? It's slightly cheaper and sports a full version of Windows 8 with its x86 processor. This means one can install legacy applications in the desktop app.

The tablet packs a punch with a 10.1" Acer CrystalBrite LED-backlit TFT LCD (1366 x 768), Intel Atom (dual-core) 1.50 GHz, 2GB DDR2, 32GB SSD, MicroSD, ~ 9 hours battery life, 8MP rear camera (with 2MP FFC), WiFi + BlueTooth, and weighs in at just under 1kg. While not the most powerful kid on the block, the Iconia W510 looks smart and is encased in a sweet looking silver shell. Plus there's an optional keyboard / dock accessory (not included / sold by Microsoft).

The Acer Iconia W700 will be available with an Intel i3 chip and a full HD display, so it might be worth waiting should you require something slightly more advanced (the Surface Pro is still on its way too). Our own Daniel Rubino has snatched his own Acer W510 so we should have a short comparison of the tablet against the Surface RT shortly.

Check out the quick video preview of the tablet by The Verge:

Will you be picking one up? Do note that the Microsoft Store will not honour the Cyber Monday pricing that's displayed online. Be sure to join in the discussion over on our community forum.

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It's made by Acer. That's reason enough for me to never touch it.

Buying from MS means it's Signature, so no Acer bloatware...just straight up OS and their hardware. I dunno, Acer seems alright...

Either way, I bought one so I'll let you guys know in a few days :)

ColeHarris says:

Yeah keep us updated, I'm curious to see what the performance is like on the new Atoms. If you could run some tests with more intensive applications like photoshop that'd be great. Thanks!

WhippedKream says:

Hey Daniel, that would be great! But as someone suggested, could you please download some more intense programs? Like, if possible, and any basic engineering software would be ideal for me because im thinking of getting one to work for simple programming purposes. Thanks!

wpguy says:

I've got an Acer netbook with an AMD C60 processor. Not the speediest kid on the block, but it runs Visual Studio OK. Bumping the memory up to 4 GB helped add a little zip, as did the Windows 8 upgrade. I have debated replacing the hard drive with a SSD, but I think I'll use that money for a Windows 8 Pro tablet. I am going to hold out for a higher resolution model. I find 1366x768 to be a little too cramped a little too often.

TonyDedrick says:

I have an Acer laptop that's been going strong after 4 years with no issue and I might get even more life out of it with Win8 installed on it

jaimeastin says:

Though I believe all vendors can create gems as well as turds, I personally hate HP computers and will not buy or recommend them.

Acer is actually pretty dog-gone good. I think this tablet is a looker. If I did not have an ultrabook and surface, I would get this. You can't beat the price for what you get.

willied says:

Acer is starting to get serious so we'll see how it pans out.

JD Miles says:

I just have to reply with my stellar experience with 3 different Acer products over the last 18 or so years, the price to features has always been great, but mostly their reliability has been 100%.

Vaas says:

Looking forward to a review, Daniel :)

VDubb22 says:

Not a bad deal. Hope this helps gets Windows tablets in more hands.

Guitarman450 says:

I thought the Intel based ones weren't supposed to come out until next year?

nizzon says:

Thats only Surface.

gibbyhome says:

thats for the i5 or i7 not the adam

sanien says:

Wrong, its just the surface, I3 and I5 at least is already released where I am. Im trying to get rid of my Zenbook to get a Acer W700 I3 for 800$

TK2011 says:

I have the old W500 with W8 installed. It runs great as a tablet and as an occasional laptop. Terrific display as well. Seems like W510 should be even better. I'm going to read up on reviews. I'm really tempted by this deal.

MarkAllett says:

The W510 will be better than the W500 (which I have), since the increased screen resolution allows for the snapping of apps.

inteller says:

complete rubbish.  On the upside it doesn't have Office installed so the whiners and complainers about no ful 32Gb storage will have more (or is it less?) to complain about.

jessecabrera says:

I never understood why the higher megapixel camera is on the back. I always use the front facing camera way more than the back on my tablet

Viipottaja says:

Not all of us are as good looking as you are, you see.. :P ;)

Kram Devil says:

Ordered one!  It's $399 + $34 sales tax.   The acer iconia w510 youtube advert hooked me in!  I just couldn't resist a full windows 8 tablet for that price.

ejlee072006 says:

Damnnmnnn Im still waiting for 299... Why can't they make all this hybrids 299 with keyboard...

TheHannibal says:

As a rule, except on phones, I refuse to purchase anything with a screen that isn't 1080p resolution. 

gzlesk says:

Ive heard that the acer hardware for windows 8 is really nice. Has anyone seen the Aspire S7 its probably the best looking laptop Ive ever seen and I would of got it but it has terrible battery life.

Kram Devil says:

Megan Fox recommends Acer aspire when talking with dolphins - http://youtu.be/4IzO_DzGpH0
I would have loved to see her in a bikini with unicorns and zebras ..... in space.

NIST says:


gsquared says:

I'm typing this message on an original W500. As TK states, It runs Win 8 very good. It's likely a little slower than the W510 but you can pick a used one pretty cheap.

invisik says:

The keyboard on the Surface is what makes it. Not sure about dragging a thicker dock around. Is it the new gen Atom? I think the i3 or Surface Pro is what to look at.

exyaster says:

Surface Pro runs 3rd Gen i5.

nizzon says:

I was looking at a w510 last week, build quality felt really good.

nizzon says:

Its available in Telia stores here in Sweden.

I ordered mine earlier today.  I had the W500 with Windows 8 previews loaded on it all last year.  I could use it as a tablet or I could hook up full size monitor (using HDMI port) and keyboard and use it as my desktop, which I did.  I sold it used on amazon a few weeks ago for a little less than I paid today for the faster, thinner, higher quality W510.  I'm psyched to get it.  I'm curious how much disk space will be free - I've heard horror stories about how some vendors are configuring the disks for Windows 8.  I'm also curious what of the Acer software will be left on it, e.g. Acer Ring.  I will have to now buy a microSD card and a microHDMI cable as the W500 used full size but I still think I'm going to have a much cooler and newer technology tablet.

There shouldn't be any Acer software...just W8. MS Stores don't put any OEM bloatware on it.

I still waiting for the surface pro 128 gig

cashcar1979 says:

Acer quality is piss poor...get a Surface or a Dell. My Dell XPS 12 is outstanding. Granted I am comparing apples to oranges as the XPS is quite a bit more than $399. However, I am really impressed with Dells quality lately.

Windows 8 or Windows 8 PRO?   anyone know?     The title suggests PRO but specs do not

hyperova says:

Full version of Win8 not that you'd be able to run anything with these specs lol

I am aware that it is full win 8 just wondering if it is win 8 pro for use on a domain

hyperova says:

DDR2????? O_o they still make that kind of RAM?? FTW

Man i am really tempted to pick one of these up. Cant wait for Daniel's review. i have heard pretty good things anout the new Atom running Windows 8.

Is this for only cyber Monday cuz I would love to buy this Friday.

Jazmac says:

This may be a good deal pricewise but I still have questions about full on desktop apps running on a tablet. Existing apps are generally NOT touch friendly and the fact there is a tablet that can run a desktop app isn't a complelling reason to buy one...especially if much of what you will need to do on a desktop app, demand the attention of a mouse. I need to see reviews before accepting this option.

NIST says:

I don't think they're bringing back XP anytime soon. Time to move forward.

teoami says:

They have this new technology called USB, you should probably look it up.
As a side note, any application that is as mouse heavy as you are describing are usually hard to use on a full laptop with a trackpad anyway, that is why people use external mice, usually the of the wireless variety.
Your other option is to look for a tablet that has a digitizer such as the Dell models (optional digitizer). Even Photoshop is pretty easy to use without a mouse if you have a stylus. Some will even argue that the stylus is easier than the mouse.

Buren06 says:

Does anyone know if the Microsoft Store always has the 32 gb version in stock, or is that a part of Cyber Monday as well? I have been looking everywhere for the 500 dollar 32 gb version - somehow never thought to look in the actual Microsoft store. I plan on getting the W510 at some point, just not at the moment. Will the 32 gb version still be there after the sale is over?

snakechia says:

I already have W700, it is heavy, but overall built is good. But the W700 stand is abit difficult to use.

gibbyhome says:

ordered, I hope they fixed the cpu to run better than the older adam cpu's
Whooo Hoool.

R0bR says:

After all the whining Acer did about MS making their own tablets throughout this year I lost interest in their products. I'd rather pay more and get a better product, which is what I did buying the Surface.

NH3MAN says:

I have been using the W500 with W8 for quite a while and it has done me well, with Office 2013 and Skydrive I can now not do without my tablet. My only complaint is battery life so I'm interested to see how exaggerated the 9 hour battery life is. Acer is fine for the cost. IMHO. For $399, you will definitely get what you pay for and more. I still have a windows 95 Acer that will still boot up if I went digging for it.

tboggs13 says:

I bought the W500 for testing Windows 8, now my son uses it for school. It runs great for most things, but struggles with some video formats - mostly Silverlight apps, Netflix and Zune. I think if the drivers were optimized for Win8 it could be even better. The keyboard for it is very nice.

Since it has AMD cpu/gpu, I will be very interested to see how it compares to the W510 and it's atom processor.

it changed to 499 !!!

tallgeese says:

Why would you need to run PhotoShop on a small form factor tablet with limited processing ability - curiosity or cluelessness?

wpguy says:

Sometimes you need to work on the go, but a 17" laptop is just not worth the weight and size. I actually tend to favor my Acer netbook because of that. It runs Visual Studio acceptably and Paint.NET quite well, even if 1366x768 is a bit cramped for either. (Now if only the PDN site would allow download of the thing without tricking you into installing crapware.)

justapps says:

9 hours?  That's pretty darn good.  If you can get 9 hours out of Intel, I'm not sure why Microsoft ever developed Windows RT for ARM.  They should have just stuck with regular Windows and Intel.

sdreamer says:

Nooooo... They should have made that 399$ a holiday season price not a black Friday price, lol. Back to $499

11B1P says:

Wish these comments were posted in the forums yesterday when I asked about this computer. Probably would have convinced me to pull the trigger on it. Now we get to wait and see if MS offers this deal again closer to Christmas.