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Windows Phone shipments surging, marketshare still lagging


Acer debuts the Aspire Switch 10, a convertible, detachable tablet

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Windows Phone 8.1 Preview reportedly installed on over a million devices in one week

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Report: Windows Phone gains market share in Europe, loses ground in Asia

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One year later, the Nokia Lumia 520 owns the Windows Phone market


The first Windows 8.1 tablets go on sale in India; the Acer Iconia W4 arrives


Acer releases the Aspire Z3-600; a 21.5 inch portable All-in-One PC

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Microsoft gains slight market share with both Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8

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Windows Phone hits 10% sales across Europe, but still struggles in China and the US

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comScore shows Windows Phone still in 4th place in the US, but making small gains


Acer strikes back with the Iconia W4 Windows 8 tablet

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Windows Phone surpasses 9% sales across Europe, experiences decline in Italy and China

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Windows Phone overtakes iPhone in Lithuania; boasts selling three times as many units

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Taking advantage of affordable Lumia Windows Phones, Microsoft surpasses Apple in India

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IDC: Bright future for Windows Phone with 10 percent of the global smartphone market by 2017


Windows Phone Central's Back to School Guide 2013

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Windows Phone hitting 8% sales across Europe and explosive growth in Mexico, but still struggles in the US

Acer's W4 Windows Phone... from 2011

Acer won't commit to a Windows Phone return until marketshare rises more

It's a bit of a catch-22: Acer's not interested in releasing new Windows Phone 8 devices unless the marketshare of Windows Phone rises, but manufacturers like Acer joining in are part of the equation for increasing Windows Phone's marketshare. But, alas, here we are, with Acer saying that they "are having conversations with Microsoft, and if they index Windows Phone to 10 to 15 percent, we are interested."

That could be a long ways off, as optimistic projections for 2014 show Windows Phone reaching 4-5% marketshare. That would be tens of millions of phones sold, but Acer would be going up against Windows Phone titan Nokia (soon to be Microsoft), as well as the likes of Samsung and HTC.

Acer's last Windows Phone device was the Acer W4, way back from 2011. Windows Phone has come a long way since then, but according to Allen Burnes, Acer's VP for smartphones in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, there's still room for improvement, especially on the app front. As he said in an interview with The Inquirer:

"The Windows Phone Store is improving. But if there are 350,000 apps and it doesn't include the top 100, then it's no good for consumers. For example, if you don't have the local banking apps, then it is of naught to certain people. There are a whole bunch of elements around the application space which need fixing, which for us, is a a big deal.

"Consumer call is one of the reasons why we we have no Windows Phone plans at present. While Windows Phone indexes at around seven percent in Europe, that's not enough for us to take the risk. The fact is, until people start talking about the great experience you can have on Windows Phone, we can't go in on it. " There's no denying that not every top-100 app from Android or iOS is in the Windows Phone Store, but at 350,000 apps there's bound to be a comparable replacement available. Acer, for their part, introduced two new highly-affordable smartphones at MWC 2014, both Android powered: the Liquid Z4 and the Liquid E3.

Acer is making some decent, affordable Android hardware. Would you want them to come to Windows Phone, or is there reticence enough to turn you off to the potential of an Acer Windows Phone device? And what do you think of Acer's Windows 8 tablets?

Source: The Inquirer



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Jabid21 says:

Hell, I even forgot Acer made a Windows Phone.

Same. They're pretty much irrelevant unless you're into their laptops and tablets, which they make decent quality ones...

Markp74 says:

I'm sorry are you from opposite world? Their quality has always been notoriously bad.

Novron says:

They really should rename their company to "Ghetto Gear."

mangoose says:

Lol. Perfect name for acer.

RaRa85 says:

We will REALLY miss their

I d tell them to show sales figures in the millions then i ll buy their phone.

Hell, I forgot they ever made a phone.

I prefer to see Sony and LG making Windows phone devices instead of them.
How about Windows phones with Intel inside

Tips_y says:

Yes, I also want to see Sony and LG make WP8.1 devices, preferably Sony. Acer can go jump off a cliff for all I care - even their Android phones are blah.

Hey Acer, if you can sell  and reach 15% of the Android market, then we can talk. Meanwhile just go away and take your blah Android phones with you!

Jack Larson1 says:

If NVIDIA made one, then I've tempted outside of Nokia. Possibly.

I could care less if LG ever makes another WP... But Sony? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!

rianext says:

Hey....did anyone know that WP apps had increased to 350,000?? When did this stat come up....??

spizzlee says:

And I doubt anyone really cares about an Acer phone...

saigon says:

You are right..

rogerhew says:

.....and I agreed 100%

Mayur says:

My dear sir, you are absolutely right. Never been interested in any cheap crappie stuff this company makes.

gonza1520 says:

My thoughts exactly. I want to see Samsung, LG, and Sony release flagship devices for Windows Phone.

jwmenzen says:

My girlfriend has an Acer laptop on Win 8.1 with a touchscreen and it's great, but I don't think I'd ever get an Acer phone, so I too couldn't care less...

Verkunder says:

Make a cheap one, then. Gah.

pickypg says:

Good riddance, because that's all Acer ever does. If I were Microsoft, then I would thank them.

Acer is one of the main OEMs that is making people consider leaving Microsoft's platforms because of extrmely low quality devices.

mms-pc says:

Yes, in Taiwan headquarter Acer even threatened Microsoft not to produce hardware like Surface tablets, and look what happened? Microsoft was forced to delay the sale of Surface tablet for a year in Taiwan!! Screw you, Acer!!

Rug says:

Acer does have a crap attitude. They'll never be a leader without taking some risks. With the new requirements, this seems almost lazy.

KrightonX says:

Who's ACER? They like Walmart or Alienware?

They are among the bigger players in pc market. Behind Lenovo and HP

They sell junk by gluing hardware together carelessly.

Etios says:

Acer means cheap, shitty products, i say good riddance!!

Alienware is pretty good

Vmac71 says:

Alienware is Dell. Unless this has changed. I haven't been keeping up with Acer, not to sound like a troll. But, the last article I read about Dell, they bought Alienware.

Jack Larson1 says:

I have the m14x instead of a desktop. Dell does not have too much influence over alienware. Only some software branding, which is minimal.

Tips_y says:

It's an insult to Walmart and Alienware that you mention Acer in the same sentence with them. LOL!

Artur198 says:

I had an Acer Notebook for three years.. Then its the mainboard got a defect.. Now I am at Apple and never had a single problem on my iMac.

LightningXCE says:

But that's okay. I don't feel like committing to Acer until their quality improves anyways ;)

Mayur says:

lol well played sir :)

The Monarch says:

Ha ha ha awesome

Talbot690 says:

I really hope someone. At Acer is reading these comments!

CobraJ82 says:

I never knew they had a WP. Plus Nokia prices and quality are the top.

Well this website is called wpcentral not nokiacentral

Cleveland2k says:

Majority of WP are Nokia so does it matter...

kc77 says:

I love how when WP8 first started out people complained about them not having the top 50 apps, then when they got all the top 50, people upped it to the top 75, and now it's up to the top 100. Pretty soon they'll be saying "Ohh, Windows Phone sucks because it doesn't have the top 500 apps."

At least India can boast about Windows phone apps

DennisvdG says:

Wp sucks because it doesn't have the top 1 million apps

JotaKa says:

It's called a straw man argument, or Aunt Sally for our WP brothers and sisters in the UK, logical fallacy. There's nothing tangible they can use to prove their point, so they stand up the App count and Top x apps straw man, and knock that down over and over.

Ok here's an idea acer. Why don't you launch new wp devices so that wp has more market share

The Monarch says:

How will releasing a cheap POS that no one wants help WP's share?

cruelvaldez says:

No one cares Acer... You sucked and still do

2tomtom says:

Bothered much lol

neo158 says:

Not really ;D

Jack Larson1 says:

Yeah me too. I like Acer as much as tourettes guy likes rick Moranis.

aitt says:

Can't blame them really. But I don't think people think of Acer when it comes to phones the same with Lenovo. That's why Lenovo needed Motorola to get a better foothold in the mobile phone arena. For a company who's not known for being much of a phone competitor, I wouldn't invest much in a low share OS either. I doubt they having much success on the Android front.

pickypg says:

Interestingly, Lenovo has the most to gain on the WP platform with Motorola's device expertise, ignoring Nokia of course. They now certainly have the best phone manufacturer outside of Nokia that is willing to develop for Windows Phone.

For the record, I do not think that Samsung makes quality phones (particularly not their Windows Phones), and--as a former owner of three HTC Titans and one HTC Titan II--HTC definitely does not make quality phones (potentially changing).

Cleveland2k says:

I dont know anyone with an Acer phone so bleh...and the pc/laptops are so ewe so yeah who cares.

Acer , naa i don't need your phones , you keep on thinking.

mrCh3p3 says:

I would prefer to get a HTC WP8 first,before a crap made by Acer, even on PC hardware I hate them.

andrewb65 says:

Whirlpool also confirm that they have no plans to make a windows phone. /s

Acer, phones? No thanks.

oditius says:

Now I might buy a Whirlpool phone. LOL

ItsMcDiddles says:

It's safe to tumble dry!

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Mayur says:

What? The one with the hole in the middle :/

Jack Larson1 says:

Or a S...GE WP.yeah.

Jas00555 says:

What's the deal with market share? If Windows Phone sells 200 million, but the world sells 2.5 billion, would that user base not be enough?

OMG55 says:

200m is a lot of devices and generated revenue. 200m also would add to the 2.5b even if its and Android (which they don't have). But growth is growth.

1berto says:

Hum... Ok Acer, maybe when WP has 15% you wouldn't be able to catch the train, just like "all of you" run after Samsung.

weedog1889 says:

Acer is shite all round

efektos says:

I really want WP to exceed 15% everywhere, but considering Acer's "ultimatom" - now I kinda don't :D

Lol lol lol., good one!!!

inertiaNokia says:

They make a good point in the article. WP8 needs the top 100 apps to be truly successful. That will force people to stop making excused and at least try to get on board. It is frustrating though, my banking app and my employer's apps are not on Windows Phone yet...

nah, once we hit 100 top apps, everyone will complain that we dont have the top 150 apps

TechFreak1 says:

Indeed, it will just increase heck there have been alot of banking apps coming to wp recently. Do they expect all banks in the world to release apps?? lol.

JotaKa says:

Straw man argument

rogerhew says:

Your bank obviously doesn't care much about it customers, maybe it time to switch bank.

jgservices says:

Typical Acer, waits for someone else to do the work then comes into the market as a "solid contributor". 

News flash - Acer phones were always garbage and their effort is laughable at best. 

They don't deserve to be a OEM for Windows Phone anymore. If you plan to get into the mobile game, plan heavily and work hard, even if results aren't as amazing as you expect. 

Do their android phones even do well?

aitt says:

I doubt it. Considering they had a net loss of almost $450 million in Q3 last year and their CEO retiring from poor sales, its not like they have a lot of room for more loss should nobody care to buy a WP from them. So once again, I don't blame them.

theefman says:

I'd sign a petition to keep Acer off all Windows platforms.

Mayur says:

Consider it is signed by me too...

RyanAMG says:

You sir have come up with a great idea.

mccasive says:

I'm all in with you on that, I'll even volunteer to recruit 100 people to sign that petition.

Jack Larson1 says:

...and have those 100 people be android and apple fanboys.

neo158 says:

Consider it signed by me as well, as much as it would be nice to have another OEM creating Windows Phone devices I really don't want Acer as that OEM.

rogerhew says:

+ me, my girl and my doggie name Smartie

Ordeith says:

Acer:  The company that decided to lose money on Chromebooks instead of putting an effort into goot touchscreen Windows 8 computers.. and then blamed Winodws 8 for their problems.  Yeah, that Acer.

aitt says:

Um they actually had decent chromebook sales and was one of top two best chrome book seller on Amazon...

RyanAMG says:

Does that really mean that much considering Chrome Book market share?

aitt says:

Considering that chromebook covers 21% of the market share? Of course.

Luffy07 says:

Welcome to the parallel universe, were Chromebooks hold  21% of the PC market and pigs fly high in the sky...

OMG55 says:

How could your statement be true when windows controls 90% of the market? That only leaves 10% for Apple, Google, Linux? Check your facts & math

aitt says:

Ah I stand corrected. My numbers are wrong. Disregard any previous debate

Talbot690 says:

You sir are a model citizen. It is not very often a person on an internet comment section can humbly admit they are incorrect. I respect an salute you.

Jack Larson1 says:

Ah I stand corrected. My numbers are wrong. Disregard any previous debate

^thank you ;)

Ordeith says:

ChromeBook's marketshare is only 21% when they narrow the market to things like "Laptops with 11 inch screens under $250" or "Channel sales to education in select markets"

The actual market share is 0.4%, which I guess is a big improvement from the 0.07% it had last year.

Ordeith says:

It doesn't matter how many they sell, there are no margins, no money to make there. The only entity that benefits from a chromebook sale is google.

OMG55 says:

Why is their Android proceeds constantly dropping then?

JMBasquiat says:

Acer being a major player and all...

IzaacJ says:

Does Windows Phone need other OEMs than Nokia? Of course, to lure in fanboys of the other OEMs, but Acer seems pretty useless. Never heard a good word about any of their phones. But I was *pretty* satisfied with my old Acer laptop until I got my Vaio.

Sean D. says:

Yes they do. They need OEM's that are popular in other regions like China. Just like Nokia has made them popular in Europe, they need someone to do the same things in the Asia markets. Hopefully Lenovo, LG, and Huawei can help with that.

Tips_y says:

True. But Acer brings absolutely nothing to the table. Their continued absence will not be missed.

89caps says:

I won't commit to an Acer phone until my opinion of them rises

Mayur says:

I wouldn't commit to Acer until they can prove that their products can last longer than 15m.

kjnoel says:

That Acer phone was kinda ugly though.

eomes says:

Not a fan of Acer at all so couldn't care less. It's even not a bad thing that such brands are not tied with WP.

lippidp says:

Sure, I'd buy an Acer WP if it was better than my 1020. If their intention is to shove out more cheap stuff then who needs them? There are already plenty of cheap mediocre WPs.

ogracia says:

Sorry but i dont care...they only release shit phones

fdruid says:

Acer, you suck. See you when your support isn't needed anymore, bloodsuckers.

mdram says:

I for one will be happy when Acer returns to the Windows Phone handset market.  For too long I have been without a phone that overheats, freezes and falls apart.  My Lumia has become a boring bland piece of hardware.  If my previous Acer products are any indication, then I won't be disappointed...

toph36 says:

Definitely file this one under "Who cares?"!  If Lenovo makes some good WPs and does well, that will be huge for the platform.  If most of the other new WPs OEMs make WPs, it will be too late for Acer to get in the game.

cannon#WP says:

I love my Acer laptop. Got it 2 years ago and it's still a beast and have never had any major problems with it....but this reasoning is just an excuse to not produce WP8 hardware. Instead of giving the tired market share excuse, just say outright that you don't want to do it.

OMG55 says:

What operating system is on their laptops? Funny how they can make a living off of windows but not make a quality windows phone and market it as a companion device

wpguy says:

Phones is a totally different market than desktops, laptops, and tablets. I bet the real reason they aren't building a WP phone is lack of carrier support for WP phones in general, which is more than evident. But, to avoid getting on the carriers' bad side, they give the market share excuse instead.

You are one of those who think the world ends at US border? No, in the rest of the world, carriers don't have control of the phone market. Talk about freedom *smhh*

erzhik says:

They are acting as if they make the best hardware in the world.

bilzkh says:

The next phase for apps is to get local services, e.g. banks, stores, grocers, etc. Will take a while but I'm sure in WP's key markets it'll be done soon.

Ronnet says:

In my County all mayor banks have had a WP app for over a year now. As always Acer is walking behind the true tech companies. Well, its their funeral.

ripthuggery says:

***k Acer! We don't need them.

redtidal says:

So Acer just want to follow as it is doing in every other segment.

Zeroplanetz says:

That Acer phone looks to be a cross between a BB Storm and an LG Quantum lmao

Marco Gomes1 says:

What's Acer?! A chewing gum factory?!

sachinrex says:

No a textile brand actually.. :p

RawrrSavior says:

Minnnnty Freshnesssssss

TheDarKnight says:

Didn't know they made WP phones

AlanTeew says:

Acer is right and until Microsoft and WP advocates start listening...would you rather be "right" or would you like see the platform advance? Do you want to win arguments or market share?

OMG55 says:


What operating system has Acer built there company on and still do today?

Please don't say Android as it doesn't provide a fraction of acers primary income today.

Acers first and only windows phone was garbage design can't compete putting out garbage. Furthermore, I don't want any OEM who isn't committed onboard the windows phone train anyway.



2tomtom says:

Well said. This is true.

DJCBS says:

If this was coming from the likes of Sony or Asus, I would say "that's not good". Coming from Acer all I say is "meh". They're a OEM of cheap bad PCs, I don't see why anyone would want an Acer phone when they have Nokia and HTC Windows Phones available.

rubenbest says:

Lol acer sounds like they are the top oem right now. No one wants your crap

Talbot690 says:

Acer. Building shit devices since whenever we were founded.

ParNeverhood says:

Acer is another one of those companies that expect Microsoft to do all of their Marketing for them.  I haven't bought a device from them since the 90's as it was junk.

OMG55 says:

Testify brother!

Jack Larson1 says:

If Acer joins...then "the terrorists win".

jfa1 says:

And if won't help get it to that goal do you think we'll care about your devices when they're released?

diod123 says:

Exactly - I am thinking the same. The players that help get it to the goal will be the ones I support going forward. Sony better get on board quickly - I am interested in what that would bring to the table, but that might pass with too much time.

Tips_y says:

Add LG to that list. They've also been making interesting Android phones of late.

Vulak'Aerr says:

Maybe I'll just buy phones from companies that make good stuff?

ttarbuck says:

Why is everyone complaining about Acer? I've always used acer computers and always will because they make good, quality products at a reasonable price. What's to complain about them?

Marco Gomes1 says:

Yes, Acer makes the best computers, said no one ever.

mccasive says:

Cool story bro

OMG55 says:

Your standards must be very low. My sister has a 1yr old Acer w8 laptop. The trackpad works sporadically and it over heats

OMG55 says:

I wish MS would restrict or refuse to license the windows operating system to acer. Windows is why acer exists in the past and today. Even though they have an android offerings, it's still not the reason acer is still here, its windows.

Sean D. says:

Dude, Windows is the reason google exists.

OMG55 says:

Okay, you point google isn't refusing to make a WP because they own android. My theory is ms bought Nokia to build clientele who purchase pure windows devices. Once that happens, it could mean a'dios to those who treated them this way.

Sean D. says:

Yeah but with the way that google has refused and/or blocked their services on WP (which is fine by me) you'd think they didn't need MS to exist in the first place.

Sean D. says:

I'll give a damn when Acer gets 15% market share, or customer approval rating. Whichever comes first.

Jack Larson1 says:

The odds:
"so you are saying I have a chance"

steve_w_7 says:

No one's going to lose sleep over this news.

lesd777 says:

You couldn't give me an Acer phone. I'd refuse it.

Maybe this is why Acer is synonymous with cheap crap. Don't they make Gateway and E-Machine computers as well? No one is clamoring for an Acer phone.

jfa1 says:

If they won't help grow WP I won't support them in any other area of tech

Joeul_Ramos says:

I'll buy an Acer phone........ And use it as a paperweight lol :P

apocacrux says:

He makes a good point. The lack of banking apps is quite annoying. There can't really be an alternative to those without fear of your information being stolen.

theefman says:

The banks website?

mspace81 says:

People always use this argument when talking about banking apps. Yes, a person can use the website, but why should they. There are some functions that banking apps have that you just won't get from the website, plus the convenience. Just because something works for one person doesn't mean it will for another. I believe that with the growth Windows phone is experiencing, it won't be long until more banking mobile apps come along. Quite frankly, I'm waiting to see what other OEMs have to offer for Windows Phone. I have a note 3 right now, but depending on what other OEMs offer and Windows 8.1, I may switch to a high end Windows phone. And I actually like the look of samsung devices, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for whatever Windows phone they bring out. I use a Nokia 521 right now.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

2tomtom says:

I do want a missing banking app but recently discovered that the app bas limited vision of account details on Apple and Android apps. Therefore, i would need website access anyway.

Just read on BBC website about banking app problems;

We are currently experiencing record usage of our mobile banking app. Over 5,500 customers are logging on every minute," it explained.

NatWest told customers: "If you're having difficulty with our mobile app, online banking, telephone banking and ATMs are all working normally"

paulheu says:

Take the US and Japan out of the equation and the percentages look a lot better for WP as well as worse for iPhone..

juanitoriv says:

Yes it matters very much. WP is NOT just Nokia. People tend to forget this. HTC, Huawei and Samsung are also WP. Every device adds to the ecosystem that we all love and enjoy. I have an 8X, but would also enjoy an ATIV S, or maybe a L1520. Don't be petty people!!!!

aitt says:

While I do agree with you I also disagree about Acer. They never really had any stronghold in any mobile market and their sales are dropping be it Windows sales or Android. They net loss has been constantly rising and I think they have little resource to create strong WP promotion when they can't even handle their W8 sales. They had to cut executive salary by 30% to find ways to keep moving into 2014. Now they need new direction and they betting it all on Android that leaves little room for a crowded Samsung dominance. They don't have enough sales on their phones to push a decent number for WP. I don't even think they pushed out 200k phones in 2010 even though they claimed the shipped 250k for that year. Its hard to ever find any numbers on their phone sales and their tablets aren't too bright either. They been making a lot of poor decisions that caused the resignation of their current CEO. While I do agree that yes WP could use them, I don't see a major gain for the ecosystem as with the likes of Lenovo and Huawei.

PiebePost says:

Yeah I get the picture. Make others do the dirty job and jumps in once they're done. I don't like that smell. I'll stay with Nokia.

As I said on another site, I wont buy any Acer products until they reach 15% customer satisfaction.

juanitoriv says:

My first ever PC was an Acer. It lasted me a good long time, thus was almost 20 years ago though.

MrSimmix says:

Not a huge loss (in my eyes).

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

tone84 says:

Nobody cares about Acer phones anyways

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

xoxoGeorges says:

Eh- Not missing on much.


My laptop is Acer by the way. Incredible value for the money, it's just that smartphones are so closely priced that I'd just buy a Nokia instead (which I did)

KeegdnaB42 says:

So basically they want to not have to do the work to raise market share. Yeah, that sounds like Acer.

Eddie_Lomax says:

They produce sub par quality phones, so its actually a benefit them not being on the platform, better quality phones for WP users with the manufacturers (or just Nokia!) being able to sell at higher volumes (due to less competition).

We still get the needed competition as WP is competing against Apple and Android.

Sean D. says:

Not everybody can afford "better quality".

Jack Larson1 says:

$59.99 on sale in the US. That's definitely"better quality" for a NEW phone ;)

aeonstar says:

Fuck them! I only buy Nokia phones and I have never bought anything from Acer.

NIST says:

Hey! We have just as many crappy apps as anyone!!!

Acer would be worse than positivo...

elderjlward says:

It would be nice if Acer joined the party. I hear thier concerns but I think they could positively affect the market as the Windows Phone ecosystem gets more visible support. One point is very true however, Windows Phone needs a feature that makes the regular Joe say, "I WANT A WINDOWS PHONE!"Apple has that, Samsung and Android have it. People walk into the stores LOOKING for those devices. A small percent of us do the same for Windows Phone. And the breakout success of the 520/521 has more to do with people looking for a CHEAP phone than a WINDOWS PHONE. Microsoft needs a stand out, revolutionary feature. I think CORTANA can be it.

Sean D. says:

Nope. Cortana will be great... probably better than advertised. But as soon as that is realized the tech writers and blogger will be quick to shit on it and spread as much FUD as possible.

2tomtom says:

For me Windows Phone has a unique selling point, that being "its Windows Phone".

gravage says:

No real loss. Acer can't seem to figure out how to make a good smartphone anyway. Their Android phones are pretty sad and it was like they didn't even try with their first Windows Phone.

Acer is the key to make WP :D

BinaryInk says:

Gave up on acer after I recieved a monitor with the worst light bleed I had ever seen. It's one thing to have issues seeing dark scenes on the screen when sunlight is hitting it, but when it's caused by the monitor's backlight...

I feel like few people [who know better] would buy an acer phone anyways, no matter the OS.

Mark Richey says:

Personally, I could not care less. I am so tired of the app bullshit. Those 100 apps may be completely meaningless and now that the last 100 apps were added, there is still the same whining. Boils down to laziness.
My guess is if you lined 100 people up to create that mythical list, it would take a year to come up with such a list.
By the way. I probably have 200 apps on my Lumia, but only use 5-10 regularly. I bet if you quizzed all of us you couldn't figure out the "top 100."

jmagwp says:

Nothing like waiting for a market to develop before entering. Because it's much easier to convert a client from a competitor on the same platform than it is to win a client from another platform, said no salesperson ever.

lubbalots says:

Funny how they steal the spotlight by announcing BS ideas about WP and windows, despite their irrelevance.

Hahaha, look who's talking... They talk about apps and they don't even have drivers for Windows 8 for my Aspire 5742G. So long Acer...

Zomby Jeezus says:

Acer makes phones people want? Maybe they should do research on top 100 apps in the windows phone store before talking out of their ass in a public forum

mms-pc says:

You see, that's the strategy that cause Acer lose market share on handset device and laptop/desktop pc in recent years, I don't know if Acer is willing to make more profit, or just this small amount of money to make a small living....

JoRdaNeK says:

My mate Jimmy said the he isn't planning on making a Windows Phone until he paints his front room, I'm more sad about this than losing Acer

MrVol84 says:

Doesn't matter.. Acer reminds me of a bandwagon fan. We don't need you Acer! Go home..

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

JoRdaNeK says:

If Sony joins in on the WP party, people will walk into a shop, see a beautiful Sony phone and buy it without a thought for OS, unless of course, the shop assistant is as dumb as most seem to be and say how crap the OS they have never used is, and point them to a Sammy or Ifone

Ah Acer until u stop producing the crap that u call laptops and desktops I couldn't give two fucks what u say. The quality of Acer products is pathetic

ruddevil says:

You want marketshare, Acer? Then DRIVE it! Don't just take a hike.