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Act quick to get $5 in your Microsoft account for free (It's over!)

Windows Phone

Want an extra five bucks to spend on some new Windows Phone apps or games? Today's your lucky day if you're a resident of the United States. Video game retailer GameStop has a little promo on their website that will net you $5 towards your Microsoft account.


How do you grab it? Easy, be keep in mind you'll need your Facebook account handy and you'll need to be a resident of the U.S. according to the GameStop website.

Head to the Xbox One section on GameStop's website and scroll all the way down. You'll find a little box where you can enter in your email to claim those $5 on your Microsoft account. The cash is coming to your account from the #XBLGoldMineATGS Treausure Hunt Thursday promotion. All you need to do is drop your email and like some page on Facebook to get that cash applied to your Microsoft account. You'll then get a code that you can redeem for $5 in your Microsoft account.

Once the $5 is in your Microsoft account, you can use it in the Windows Phone Store, Windows Store or to buy some Xbox games. Not a bad thing to do for 30 seconds of work.

Nab the promo and let us know what app or game you're going to buy. Feeling left out that it's U.S. only? Don't forget to check out Hidden Gems page for your chance to win a prize every day!

P.S. A lot of you outside the U.S. are apparently able to get the $5. Does this work for you outside the U.S.? Let us know your region below in the comments. Enjoy!

P.P.S. And just like... it's apparently over. Hope you were able to snag a few dollars for apps and games.

Source: GameStop Via: @WPScoops


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Act quick to get $5 in your Microsoft account for free (It's over!)

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Open "Wallet" on your windows phone, hit the plus sign (+), scroll down and then select "add Microsoft gift card. Sign in with your Microsoft Accound and enter your $5 code. You will then see the balance of your Microsoft Account upgrade instantly.


Sam,this might sound really strange but I don't live in USA and I'm not 18 years of age but still I got a gift code!Even my fb's profile is set to Pakistan.Is this a glitch?Ah,who cares?Got $5 in my account,better buy some games :D Thanks a lot for the tip WPC and Sam,and thanks a lot for the glitch,Gamestop! :D So happy. :D

Now my next target is a 1320 from Hidden Gems,I hope I win one.You guys rock (y) :D

Baller:a successful person. Typically used to refer to men, and often implies an abundance of money, women, nice clothes, expensive cars, etc. 
He's a baller. 


Then yes,I guess I am :D :p

Strange but it worked for me as well (India). I tried after i saw your comment, Thanks!
@Sam you should remove the "U.S. only" from the title, it keeps people away from the article :P

Got money on my mind, I can never get enough...  Everytime I step up in the building everbody's hands go up!  And they stay therrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!

Oh man I missed this :( I just woke up this morning and saw the article. Can't they do such promos in the day time lol

That happens all the time... Happened to me like 4-5 times now... And that reply to the next post has also happened once or twice...

I feel pity for England... As soon as they see and international game they lose it... I dunno why it happens to them always... And I am an Italia supporter but feel bad for them... Henderson, welbeck, jagielka, glen Johnson of all the ppl... Seriously? I think Gerrard brings all the bad luck...

got $10 with my fbook and my wifes fbook :D


Over the course of the last 2 years ive gotten at least $200 free from things like this :D

Every time I click a link in a wpcentral post and get redirected NOT to what it says but the posts-tagged-list ... I kill a kitten.

I have killed many kittens because of your misleading links.

Please, think of the kittens.

Go to wallet in your app list and tap on + and then tap on add Microsoft gift card. Login, enter the promo code and you're done.

YES  +5$ , You guys at WPCentral really need to do more of this kind of posts ;)  , and yes I know you have the hidden gems series , but I really think you need to review more stream line apps , e.g. booking hotels isn't really strem line compared to a note taking / gaming app for example . A music app would be great considering how catastrophic  Xbox music is on all platforms , I'm really starting to doubt some idiot deleted all the Zune source code or some other idiot kicked all of the zune team instead of the dumb marketing team .

Haha... Exactly. I don't live in the US, but I have my region already set to US to get Cortana. All went well for me. :)

Get it, Got it, Good. Thanks Sam.

$5 richer. I plan am going to buy the $3.99 IAP in GT Racing 2 to support the Devs. Not because I have to but because I want to. Coding a game, especially one with such graphical fidelity isn't free or easy. $3.99 plus tax coming their way.

It's actually quite funny, I was going to buy the IAP during my lunch break but I decided to wait until after work, now I didn't have to spend any of my own money and the developer still gets money for their hard work.

A win-win in my book.

Thanks goes to Sam for posting, GameStop for giving and Gameloft for making.

So, I scannedthat thingy where I confirmed my voucher.


But how do I use the code? Where is the 5 dollars exactly saved? I currently don't have a credit card linked to my account because Microsoft blocked my card for whatever reason, so how can I use the 5$?

  1. Log into your microsoft account (ex. hotmail/outlook)
  2. Click on your picture at the top right
  3. Click on the account settings option
  4. Click on 'Overview' under the billing section in the left side bar
  5. Click on 'redeem code' under 'Payment options'

Hope that helps :)

Got it!  Thanks for the tip!

Looks like it ended now though.  I referred it to my friend and it was gone before he got there...

Got the code, but used phone to get that QR code, then closed my browser tab. Sooo actually didin't get the money, damn!...

i'm pretty sure if you go there (to the same page) you will see the same code
but if you cleared your browser's cookies, it won't work..

How? I've got it but when I tried to redeem voucher/code on my 925 or PC it says 'the gift card code does not match the contry or region of your Microsoft account'

I didn't know how to redeem it so I used Bing Vision to scan the barcode. It said my code was successfully redeemed and the code disappeared. However I got nothing. How can it be redeemed when it didn't ask for my account. This was disgusting.

im going to need my wpc notifications to be a little faster - i was scrambing to get it - and it was posted 47 mins ago.

AWESOME I got enough people to help me. And now I am going to enjoy a free Xbox one game($60) XD. It said act quick...

Well, it did work outside the US. I've got nothing to do with the US, (I'm in the Middle East, I only have my phone region and language set to English US to have Cortana) yet I was able to get that money without any proxy or VPN, etc. Just did exactly what's said here.

Lol missed it..the one time i didn't check wpcentral.. Oh well..well done to all that have. Cant complain as i was lucky enough to get the free £20 gift app and 9 free xbox downloads for my new lumia 1520. By the way guys that free £20 ($25) gift app is still in the app store. Give that a shot as its still available. Just type gift app in the app store. Good luck guys and hope some of you get to claim that too on top