AdDuplex planning to give away Lumia 1520 or Microsoft Surface 2 to a lucky developer

AdDuplex Surface 2

How would you like to win a Lumia 1520 from Nokia, or possibly the new Surface 2 Windows tablet that's to be released by Microsoft? If you're a developer, you'll be eligible to be entered into the sweepstakes after you launch an app and implement AdDuplex advertisement controls. We understand the hardware hasn't been released yet, but that hasn't stopped AdDuplex from building some hype. So how does one go about entering?

As noted above, you'll need to launch a Windows Phone or Windows app on the AdDuplex network from today (September 12th) until the end of October. The winner will be randomly selected and announced in early November, 2013. Open to developers worldwide, all that's required is to implement the advertisement controls into the new app and you're good to go. What if the hardware is not available yet?

"In such case that none of the prizes are released by the end of the sweepstakes or they can't be shipped or used in the winner's country of residence, the winner will be presented with a choice of getting a different model or a $1000 (one thousand US dollars) advertising credit to advertise on AdDuplex."

Sound good? Get coding, developers.

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LastBattle says:

~15 apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8 :)
Cool.. I've about 15/5000 chance :D

EJP86 says:

@LastBattle - What are your apps? 
Always wanting to support Windows Devs!

Jack Larson1 says:

You have some famous apps/ mentioned by wpc I think. Congratulations!

ruslancha says:

Hi LastBattle,
Great apps.
I'm looking for freelancer to develop music app for me, are you interesting?
Ruslan (skype: ruslancha)

Jack Larson1 says:

Oh, and another thing that has made a difference in user experience. If you do have aduplex on some of your free/paid apps, if you put a on/off button for ads, it REALLY makes a difference. Doodle jump did that on my OLD iPod, and I still remember it!
edit: the on/off button for ads was free

montel22 says:

Yes please give us a list of your apps, we can check them out. WP community is very supportive.

EJP86 says:

@iyae - Just DL'ed Slated & gave you a rating. Excellent app!

iyae says:

Thanks! I worked real hard on that one; was so tired of not getting to read slate on WP :P ha

Jack Larson1 says:

Lastbattle, please ask to port 'Doom' if you can! I love that game.

Marco Enxuto says:

I have an app. Can you support it? :)

Eirenarch says:

But they don't count unless you release in the specified timeframe?

BTBrianT says:

Has to start serving AdDuplex ads for the first time before the end date.
So if you have an existing app in the store which doesn't use AdDuplex then you can add AdDuplex and automatically be entered in the competition.

As noted above, you'll need to launch a Windows Phone or Windows app on the AdDuplex network from today (September 12th) until the end of October. 

I read this as "you need to publish new app"

Peter West says:

I haven't added AdDuplex to my Apps yet. But I plan to soon.

· Sequential Bible Reading (http://goo.gl/LPfL5)

· Lectura bíblica secuencial (http://goo.gl/pKK70)

· Lettura Biblica Sequenziale (http://goo.gl/qNXIO)

Take a look.

lippidp says:

Announcement fail. Lumia 1520 hasn't yet been formally announced by Nokia!

Yea, it's idiotic when casemakers and others start announcing things that then turn out to be based on false rumours.

montel22 says:

It might as well be lol, all the leaks and such plus this.

Sweet... I'll try my best

Dreyer Smit says:

I have one app in the Windows 8 store. But no adDuplex thingamagic.

Jack Larson1 says:

Lol, just make a Banners app; an app that is just a bunch of banners. Utilize that 4.5 in screen!

MilkyTee says:

I hope Rudy Huyn wins (or huyns, hurr hurr ).

LastBattle says:

knew it! haha :D
This is the word to link up to ballmer -> 'developer'

KasakDesign says:

I want a Lumia 2020