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Windows Phone 8.1 now on nearly 12 percent of Windows Phones


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Windows Phone 8.1 now on over 5 percent of Windows Phones


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Windows Phone 8.1 Preview reportedly installed on over a million devices in one week


AdDuplex announces new monetization platform for Windows Phone developers

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Lumia 620 supplants Lumia 920 as the second-most popular Windows Phone


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One year later, the Nokia Lumia 520 owns the Windows Phone market

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The Nokia Lumia 520 surges in Europe, Verizon may get a 1080P Samsung Windows Phone and more

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AdDuplex: contrary to previous reports, Windows Phone performed well in Q4 2013

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Windows Phone 7 continues to hold its ground, while aggressive pricing helps Lumia 520 in the US

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Lumia 520 continues to dominate Windows Phone, while Nokia crosses 90% threshold

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Report: Nokia Lumia 520 and low cost devices dominating global Windows Phone adoption

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Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 now on nearly 8 percent of Windows Phones

Every month Alan Mendelevich (@ailon) treats us to Windows Phone data from AdDuplex. As you know, AdDuplex is his cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. The platform is a great way for developers to gain more exposure for their own apps. Today we're getting a look at the Windows Phone ecosystem for the month of June 2014. Did the release of the Lumia 630 slightly bump the Windows Phone 8.1 install base? Which new OEMs made the list? Those are just some of the questions we'll answer. Read on for all the info you could want.

7.7 percent of Windows Phones have Windows Phone 8.1

8.1 Marketshare

Windows Phone 8.1 was launched over two months ago on April 14 through the Preview for Developers program. This allowed developers and enthusiasts to install and upgrade to the newest version of Windows Phone with Cortana, Notification Center and more. Last month 5.2 percent of devices had Windows Phone 8.1 on it, now it's up to 7.7 percent. We expect that number to dramatically jump in the coming weeks as the update will officially begin rolling out to consumers.

Windows Phone 7.x clings to life with 17.0 percent, while Windows Phone 8.0 thrives at 75.3 percent.

Lumia 520 has peaked

Last month the Lumia 520 held 33.7 percent of the global Windows Phone device market, it's now lost share and holds 31.6 percent. The number two and three position haven't changed this month. Both the Lumia 625 (7.3 percent) and the Lumia 920 (6.9 percent) still help to round up the top three. The Lumia 630 is slowly appearing in more marketplaces and has moved up 10 places to now occupy the 20th slot for worldwide devices.

Top Windows Phones around the globe

Here are the top three Windows Phones for a handful of countries around the globe. You'll want to note the dominance of entry-level models for nearly every single country.

United States

  • Lumia 520 – 33.8 percent
  • Lumia 521 – 17.9 percent
  • Lumia 920 – 8.0 percent


  • Lumia 520 – 26.8 percent
  • Lumia 920 – 13.5 percent
  • Lumia 625 – 13.0 percent


  • Lumia 520 – 43.4 percent
  • Lumia 505 – 8.5 percent
  • Lumia 610 – 8.0 percent


  • Lumia 920 – 19.5 percent
  • Lumia 520 – 9.8 percent
  • Lumia 925 – 9.6 percent


  • Lumia 520 – 36.3 percent
  • Lumia 710 – 13.6 percent
  • Lumia 505 – 13.4 percent


  • Lumia 520 – 46.4 percent
  • Lumia 625 – 17.4 percent
  • Lumia 800 – 8.9 percent


  • Lumia 520 – 17.1 percent
  • Lumia 920 – 15.1 percent
  • Lumia 925 – 10.4 percent


  • Lumia 520 – 29.8 percent
  • Lumia 820 – 8.9 percent
  • Lumia 625 – 8.5 percent


  • Lumia 520 – 20.2 percent
  • Lumia 920 – 15.4 percent
  • Lumia 925 – 7.4 percent

United Kingdom

  • Lumia 520 – 37.7 percent
  • Lumia 525 – 11.2 percent
  • Lumia 920 – 7.6 percent

A wild new devices(s) appear

It's been awhile since we've seen some crazy new Windows Phones appear in the logs of AdDuplex data. We've got a handful to look at now, some we even know about from new OEMs joining the Windows Phone family for the first time.

  • Nokia RM-983, 984, 985: A mid-range Lumia running Windows Phone 8.1 with a 5-inch 720p screen.
  • LONGCHEER ALLVIEW-Impera S- 720p
  • JSR 17B_1000
  • ALLview BLUE MTP
  • Micromax BLUE MTP
  • Honeywell BLUE PARIS
  • K-Touch Tianyu5703A3 – WVGA, 3.9-inch
  • K-Touch Tianyu5703A2
  • BLU TBW5705A1 – 720p
  • InFocus
  • Lenovo QRD8x26

Some funs stats for this month.We're excited to see Windows Phone 8.1 adoption continue to take place. What percentage do you think it'll hold next month? Sound off below with your predictions!

Be sure to check the AdDuplex Blog tomorrow for the full report!



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kinaton says:

Still not in uk ;)

omer620 says:


rodneyej says:

Omer620...... You put in Wirk❗

dhruv07 says:

Currently its just dev. Preview nd has taken up quite of share ...!!!

emjey says:

Except in everyones phone 8.1 is in all others phone

rodneyej says:

He's trying to speak abstractly, but is having a hard time...
What he's trying to say is that to everyone who doesn't have WP8.1 WP8.1 is on every other device...
While not too deep, it is slightly abstract, so let's just give him an "E" for effort..

Both of you don't make any sense

rodneyej says:

It's your mind... Just push it further..... Just try, son... If you can't understand something this simple then how will you be able to get by?

Tips_y says:

I think he's saying that WP8 is in the majority of mainstream WP devices, while WP8.1 is in the "Others" category.

No, I think he's trying to say everyone but him has windows phone 8.1.

rodneyej says:

Ohhhhhhhh... Oh, that's what Vincent thinks... Well, ok.. Good luck with that, smart guy....... :-o

WDavis4692 says:

quit being obnoxious, will you?

rodneyej says:

Ok... But, only if you do something for me.. Something nice.

It will reach 35 to 40 percent till next month

erzhik says:

No it won't.

erzhik says:

No. It won't. There is no ETA on the update. And even if they release the update July, it will never reach 40%. Not even 25%

Tips_y says:

It will depend on when Microsoft will release it and in how many markets. I hope it will be released very soon and in all markets at the same time - but I know that's not happening.

nilsderbaer says:

But this is actually Nokia who makes it take so long..

rodneyej says:

Yes, yes it will.. He's right.. Maybe over 50%.

Zulfigar says:

Yeah, due to the over the air updates, it'll probably be about 35-40.

erzhik says:

And who said ota update is coming next month?

lordbebech says:

It won't reach 35-40 because of carriers approval....which hardly delaying process of Update.

Tips_y says:

And now I'm back to earth - yes "carrier approval" is the reality for WP, unfortunately.

nilsderbaer says:

Unfortunately this will not happen i assume.
Nokia wil statt rolling out Lumia Cyan bundled with 8.1 maybe mid of july. And will finish sometime in October.

Wowack says:

I thought the title was "Windows Phone 8.1 is now available":(

Dude it doesn't matter what its called exactly

Me too. I even sat up in bed before I realized it was a false alarm :\

Sam Sabri says:

What's to think? Just read.

Judge_Daniel says:

My live tile said, "Windows Phone 8.1 Now On" which excited me for a second. I'm ready for some firmware updates! :)

WP_ZTE 78 says:

WP means Waiting People . So wait , wait , wait...

ahmu86 says:

Made my day... Waiting People lollololol

I dunno if others agree with me, but people with low end windows phones like the L521 should have got the WP 8.1 before all the high end new Nokias, because all the high end phones are already pretty good even without the update. Us low end phone owners need everything we need to make our phones better

psiu_glen says:

I just rolled my 520 back after 2 months. Didn't like where they are taking the OS, and performance wise, it turned it into a free prepaid Android from 2011. Little Lagfest of Horror.

anon8649069 says:

Wow.. 520 is top WP in every country except China.

lippidp says:

So sad that poverty dominates the world.

eric12341 says:

Just because people have low end phones doesn't mean they're living in poverty.

heickelrrx says:

Lumia 520 isn't poor people phone. 520 are the pocket friendly smartphone with great feature.

SwimSwim says:

Yes... Because being able to afford a non-life-essential cellular device is the very definition of poverty.

roc_ren says:

There is a saying in China, that decades ago the Chinese and dogs are not welcomed in Western stores, but now only the Chinese are welcomed with their dogs. Don't know if that's true...

Tips_y says:

Well, the Chinese with their dogs have at least proxies in all western stores via the Chinese goods, or Chinese-made goods, which dominate the shelves of western stores. So yes, you're right.

dimaix says:

Where is 1020?)

DJCBS says:

The 1020, just like the 1520, are niche phones. Those never sell much because they are aimed at a very specific part of the market.

Would still be interesting to see where they've gotten. You can now pick up a 1020 for $49 on contract, which is an amazing deal for a phone that still reigns supreme in camera quality. I've seen quite a good number around here...

DJCBS says:

Yeah. Though it should be worth to note that buying phones on contracts is a very American thing. We don't do that here in Europe nor do people around the World. People normally buy phones in a payo basis. So the numbers never grow that much for those niche phones.

ULOP3Z says:

Yeah I don't know why people get themselves into contracts and I still can't believe they still do that here, seems pretty ancient to me, along with non-unlimited data plans, and now sharing data? Lol F...That

Schikitar says:

Yeah, contracts are also big in Australia, most people opting for 2yr contracts with either Telstra, Optus or Vodaphone (there are other players as well obviously).

scdkad says:

And the niche phones are way too expensive to pay full price for. Total waste of money for something you'll only use for a couple years. It's you non Americans that don't make sense. Unless you can get a 1520 for $50 and no contract. Remember for the millionth time-we don't get any discounts on our plans for paying full price for a phone.

heickelrrx says:

Well you can say that. Here in indonesia we doesn't get phone by contract. Need abou 580$ for 1020

scdkad says:

$580 is insane. I'd rather spend that on a lens for my DSLR than a phone. I'll use the lens for 10 years.

Same here. Jesus Christ... How hard is it for a launch date to be printed for each country ????

Zulfigar says:

Ungodly hard.

Mrun4Nk says:

"Nokia RM-983,984,985"
M$, bless me with a 730..

PepsimanLeh says:

My friend was waiting for 730 so badly but he's got a Xperia Znow.

Blacklac says:

Didn't realize the 520 was so dominant in the US, like emerging markets.

MediaCastleX says:

It's full of cheapskates! =/

Residing says:

Just because someone purchased a Lumia 520/521 doesn't mean they are cheapskates or financially poor. 


I'd wager that the majority of WP users with 'high end' phones got them free on contract!



Dueydoodah says:

Free on contract? Have you seen the terms of those thing$? :-)

scdkad says:

Got my 1520 for 99¢..

ladydias says:

That's cause we have plenty of broke people here. :-)

Zulfigar says:

And even more kids with phones. Who said its adults with the 520?

MediaCastleX says:

Sad that my phone has only gained in Germany, China and the Netherlands... #Lumia925 =(

Tips_y says:

That's ok. We're first with the official roll-out of WP8.1.

vansiv says:

Im tired of wait for WP8.1. LOVE WP, Microsoft  and Nokia, but release dates are the worst part of this ecosystem.

2tomtom says:

Sounds like you need a good nights sleep :D

vansiv says:

It would be nice if I could sleep but accompanied with my WP 8.1 :D

roc_ren says:

Dont you believe another worst part for WPs sold in China: the devices do not support 4G connection, even if they are carried out of the country.

Guatemala7 says:

I know that it is taking a long time, but just be glad that most of not all wp8 phones will get 8.1, you can't get that with Android

Kleen Jimi says:


sd173 says:

Lawl you win.

Madhav1 says:

Still.. Waitin for it in INDIA

Mee Too...For Lumia 520:)

Madhav1 says:

Really ... Waitin very eagerly -: 925

Zulfigar says:

The Verizon exclusive phone?

920 with a Xenon flash (simplified)

puru1234 says:

& with an extra microphone & a single led flash

mondokjm says:

Lenovo?! Must have missed the news on them creating a WP

gunjaninvit says:

Must be developer versions of the device.

roc_ren says:

I daren't use it, cause it was totally burning up my bettery within half a day when I upgraded to 8.0 GDR3 Preview :(

ailon says:

Lenovo was announced at MWC this year as one of the 9(?) new OEMs. No surprises here.

I'm excited bro! I love my Moto X! That aesthetics with improved hardware (better camera, good cpu+gpu, etc) and windows phone would make it a killer WP!!

Motorola was bought by Lenovo :D

aXross says:

I almost forgot they're going to make WP. Where is it now Lenovo? D:

kellaz says:

Wondering when the official 8.1 rollout will be... It was announced to be around the end of this month, right?

roc_ren says:

Around July, August, and probably even longer for some strange countries...

I'm so used to it, since in China the sort of luxuries are never meant to be enjoyed. We are obligated to thank, not the God, but the Party, for not having blocked every WP service for now.

MadSci2 says:

Looks like all the money is in China and Germany.

Antluv82 says:

Y'all need to stop dragging tha real 8.1..... Y'all said on tha 24th. Where is it today tha 27th

NO ONE said the 24th

l520user says:

There have been a few sites saying that its on 24th and evleaks tweeted a leaked schedule

roc_ren says:

That's a mixed messege.

Sam Sabri says:

We never said the 24th. You guys did :)

lordbebech says:

It's not 24th- day , but 24th week of the year....look closer on leaked graphic -_-

willboyce says:

God just get the update on the way.

ladydias says:

"A wild new devices(s) appear"...hmm, someone's been playing Pokemon. ;-)

LOL that sentiment made me laugh too!

jlynnm350z says:

So that means what? 5 or 6 phones.

Sam Sabri says:

Bro. Are you a comedian? Hilarious.

Yeah! They should sell more than just 5 or 6. ..

ZuneEtunes says:

That's pretty darn good, considering that WP 8.1 is a DP. Imagine if the progress of Xbox music and video been more positive. Just saying!

ttarbuck says:

Odd how Lumia 525 is at 11.2% in the UK considering its not available in the UK. Surely that must be a mistake?

kasitechead says:

Must be the 625, considering how popular that is here.

TechFreak1 says:

It is available, here is the amazon link. Edit: Strike that looks like Amazon don't stock it but its a third party selling via Amazon.

Ankmeyester says:

725/ that you?

NewTincho says:

Whats is the percentage on Argentina? here WP is becoming way popular, and the smartphone that represents the most important city (Buenos Aires) giving by the government, is a yellow L520.

hitchhiker90 says:

I still haven't done the upgrade yet. I don't want to do the developer preview thing so I'm waiting for the official release through Verizon.

lippidp says:

Me, too, except ATT. Even after ATT releases it I will probably wait for awhile. Stability and reliability are more important to me than the new features. Plus, everyone says the music experience is crap.

The music app is ok now, after several updates

roc_ren says:

Good for your patience!

kellaz says:

Me three. Still petting my cat since April... LOL...

thoughtful_1 says:

We have 8.1 on a L620, two L1020s and two L520s.  It's working fine for us.  It has received a few updates already.

sundawg#WP says:

It's on 25% of my Windows Phones.

wpguy says:

Hey, same here! My other 75% are all WP 7.x, so no 8.1 love for them til they pony up a little cash for newer phones.

sundawg#WP says:

:) ya...two 7.x.  Waiting to update the 1520.  The 920 is doing well on 8.1.

fahad kazi says:

And people say 920 is a brick ha I like that brick.

I love that brick too haha

roc_ren says:

Me, too. I like the way it feels exactly like a bright shining brick.

Except no VPN for 8.0,  which basically means not internet connection in China, and no 4G connection, which is due to the odds in China...

lordbebech says:

I love my lumia 920 überbrick with Brando power jacket. With this cover is kind a self defense equipment :P

It will reach 16 percent till next month

astell says:

What % does the Icon have?

I don't think it has much, it's still being released to to more countries

Arpit Mittal says:

Wp8.1 OTA come fast pleazzzz, desperately waiting from past 70 days

Well then think just how I feel when I'm waiting for the Windows Phone 9...

Psyk00 says:

Sam, please, share your wallpaper with us!

ladydias says:

I think he made that using Theme+

StirItUp says:

I don't know. The Amazon Fire Phone launches next month. Ho me, oh my. Lol

lippidp says:

At $200 it's hard to imagine it will take off. If it was free on contract and with Amazon Prime then they might have something.

taymur says:

I think its due to majority of WP owners now are somewhat geeky/early adopters who really follow this closely.

The rest of people are only friends with the early adopters which bang their heads with daily WP news, and most probably helped them get the WP8.1 dp. Lol

Suhasa Su says:

I bought my first smartphone as WP. Not an early adopter or friends of an early adopter. (but yes I'm geeky ;) )

thoughtful_1 says:

That's my observation too.

So 8% definitely care about what they're using. Large percent are just dumb

sdreamer says:

7.x users are those who got stuck in contract and forgotten their contracts are finally up, lol.

terrokkinit says:

I'm part of the 1%. ;) woot woot!

aldrin731 says:

I am waiting and tired when official update strike India.

Wow....the 1520 doesn't appear on a single list.........I don't get it, I've had me 1520 for 6 months now and couldn't imagine a better phone. Its excellent

Jabid21 says:

Come on Sony, make a Windows Phone. It's free now.

aXross says:

I guess its not about Windows Phone is free. Sony and Microsoft have to deal on what to do about Xbox Games or the brand itself, before Sony make a Windows Phone. I think they can just remove or hide the Xbox Games "Hub" and maybe replace it with PSN "Hub". I can deal with that honestly.

umangpop777 says:

Microsoft will definitely seed 8.1 update before 2018 ;)

Taigatrommel says:

I still think it's not good how dominant low-cost devices are for Windows Phone. Don't get me wrong please, I don't want to diss or even play down the importance of lower range devices. However looking at Android for example at least on a subjective view it seems like high-end devices like Samsungs Galaxy S, Note or HTCs One line are much more dominant compared to entry level devices.
It seems most people just got onto Windows Phone due to budget reasons. Yet I have to say especially the 520 is still a very decent overall package for the price.

You mean the cheap kids phone? Naturally it is very popular. ..

upsidedown says:

I am not sure this is great news. Without being officially announced it is on 8% of phones. Given that this was never meant for masses i would expect this percentage to be much lower.

Mavee Shah says:

No effect...just give it a shot

rfa1003 says:

Does anyone know if updatng a phone to windows phone 8.1 developer preview will affect the phone's ability to update to the official windows phone 8.1 consumer version once it rolls out,

Wam1q says:

You'll get the consumer version when it is released. No issue with developer preview.

dorelse says:

except on newly purchased HTC 8XT's...Why? :(

Kitavi Ken says:

I bought a black Lumia 1520 today, am gonna sell my 720 it looks so tiny

Well nothing interesting here. If it ain't news about the release of 8.1, screw it all

lordbebech says:


sd173 says:

-5, to cancel out the 925 completely.

Erfan6676 says:

Hey dudes' here I am using Lumia 625 but Already downloaded 2 updates of preview for developer.. But my Lumia is in black update. Will I get the official 8.1 update... . My mind already became blank.... Plzz tell me plzzz I am from India, Bbsr

Yes you will get it.

Erfan6676 says:

Bro, U mean that those who already downloaded 8.1 preview for developer they will get official update.oh today I can sleep happily.

nelsonecm says:

You have to download like 4 updates to get 8.1, check if you have an update.

Erfan6676 says:

Yes brother, I have an update which require wifi (3rd) update..but If I do that, my warranty will be void... I already downloaded 2 updates....I don't want 8.1 preview.. I want official update. So will I get?

sjpena says:

Does anyone know the actual numbers for the different models? Knowing the percentages is helpful but I'd also like to know how the percentages translate into numbers.

saBBfanBoy says:

I updated my 920 to WP8.1 this past Monday. I got tired of waiting. And I'm loving the upgrade!!

Ok so when's the official update coming out?? I'm tired of my b*tch Cortana only bein beta.. She be trippin

RobHalligan says:

Aren't the carriers cleared to let WP8.1 update out now? If 7.7 percent of Windows Phone's are on WP8.1 (many since April), you'd think that in itself would be a good enough beta test for carriers.

ULOP3Z says:

I like being the only one with a 925 over here, it makes me more interesting lol

nelsonecm says:

I'm pretty sure you are not the only one.

newdelhead says:

7.5 is still alive on my Arrive...I know you all are jealous.

Chuck Frey says:

Rocking 8.1 on L810

Yugiro says:

The only reason why I threw away Android and Sony (Xperia Sola) and switch to Nokia Lumia 920 was because of the long wait of update. The Sony Xperia Sola that I had came with Gingerbread and was promised to be upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich, but that never happened. So I switch to Nokia Lumia 920 which is the flagship phone of Nokia in 2012. But I guess, I am loosing patience again with the actual roll out of update after it was announced and also the actual availability of units/devices after it was announced. I am waiting for the Lumia 930 ever since it was announce in April. May has passed and June is coming to end, and no Lumia 930 appeared. Its so frustrating.

Daniel Meek says:

Forgive my ranting, but I am so frustrated at the slow rollout of new devices and updates.
We need device updates on a yearly cadence. The 920 was released 20 months ago and we are just now starting the rollout of the 930. By the time the Icon/930 is no longer a VZW exclusive in the US the 9xx line will be just shy of 2 years old. I would love to move up to a 1520, but by the time my contract is up it will be over a year old, likely with no replacement in sight. The thing is, I don't want a 1 year old smartphone if I am going to be 'stuck' with it for the next 2 years, no matter how good it is. The technology is just changing too quickly right now for that.
WP8.1 is another very nice update, and I am glad to have it, but again it is going to take forever to get it rolled out in the US because the new Android and iOS updates are going to take priority in testing and rollout, so it is probably going to be another 2-4 months before it sees the light of day on most major US carriers. You can get it on new devices that have it bundled... but the Icon does not come with it by default, and the 630 and 930 rollout are still a few months away.
I mean, on the one hand I get it; Windows Phone is not the most popular, and the platform was late to get any real backing by Microsoft, and Microsoft has been plenty busy with a console launch, saving a console launch, windows 8.1 release, a major patch/update to the 8.1 release, a major Office release, the quick succession of the Surface pro 2 and 3, the build up and scuttle of the Surface Mini, working on Threshold/9/One as well as the 8.1 Update 2, restructuring the whole company, a new CEO, having the new CEO restructure things further, buying Nokia... I really get it. MS is busy, and even a large company can only do so much at a time, and MS has had a lot of balls up in the air for the last 2 years. As someone who runs a small business I am sympathetic and slightly amazed at how much they have accomplished in the last 2 years (especially compared to their glacial history the last 20 years), but as a consumer it is still very frustrating.
But now with a lot of that taken care of, can we please please please start seeing a regular cadence of new devices, and more broad releases of products/updates/features rather than the soft and slow rollouts that we have seen the last few years? Can we see exclusive launches reserved for niche devices like the 1020 and 1520, and quick broad launches of the more mainstream ones like we see in the rest of the world? Can we grease the wheels a little bit to get phone updates pushed through to devices in a reasonable 2-3 months instead of barely getting them out after the next major update is already being released? Can we get hardware refreshes for product lines every year rather than every two years so that momentum is not lost? The Windows and Windows Phone dynamic is a great one, and MS is not about to loose me as a customer any time soon, but having modern devices on the market is a bigger deal than the lack of apps in the store, and getting that flow fixed is surely the next set of low hanging fruit on the table.
Alright, done ranting, just had to get that out.

desitunez says:

They are too slow , Xbox one was release last year i guess, guess what wont believe released everywhere till end of year !

They will learn their lesson hard way when they start bleeding money

Kinestron says:

I would rather read Windows Phone has 8% marketshare.

Peg Leg says:

Why is it all I read is. " what about India"?
When is it coming to India? We need an emoji for India, I feel sorry for India having to always ask. Yet, India has largest growth opportunity, still get kicked in the crotch waiting for phones and updates. Wrong way to treat India. I'm from America, we get plenty, sucks to wait no matter where you are from, but India seems to be on the punishment list as comments seem to always be asking for even Lumia Black.

Alex Fanelli says:

+925 gets kind of annoying though

wphashan says:

Yet 8%??
Thought it was more than 50%... Lol

LevisLewJob says:

Tired of using Windows phone 8.0.

darrenev62 says:

Lol when will the official wp 8.1 release will bw held? I cant make that developer account

darrenev62 says:

Lol when will the official wp 8.1 release will be held? I cant make that developer account

Just recently updated to WP8.1 and my friend upgraded to the lumia 630 running 8.1 - and we are absolutely loving it. I'll be happy when Cortana comes to Australia though. And when 8.1 officially rolls out here as well.

Where is India..Abhi hit that guy

Windows Phone 8.1 From Tunisia (+920)

AskaLangly says:

Entry-level phone, negative reviews.
They complain that x app is not avail due to ½GB RAM.
Meanwhile I notice many phone resets over various reasons, and it's the Icon. At least reviews are positive...