Agenda view comes to refined calendar app Cal 1.2 for Windows Phone

Cal is a third party offering for Windows Phone that has joined the ranks of our top favorite calendar apps to augment the native experience. Cal is a clean, minimalist app and it’s always under active development from Philippe Maes. But being still young in its life-cycle, Cal is still missing a few things.

Luckily version 1.2 brings it up to speed.

One of the most requested items is now available: agenda view. By tapping the three dots ‘…’ at the bottom of the main calendar page, users should now see an ‘agenda view’ option, giving you a new look at your schedule. Agenda views are great since they ditch all the free space of a calendar to give you just the meat of your upcoming appointments or reminders.  Once again, Cal seems to get it right by keeping it very clean in appearance, matching the rest of the app’s theme.

What else is new? Here’s the full, expanded changelog from Maes himself:

Cal 1.2

  • Reminders
  • Ability to write on Facebook wall from the birthday page
  • Location of events will now show beneath event name
  • Fixed Google calendar sync
  • Fixed black text on Live Tile
  • Fixed all day events from built-in calendar not showing on Live Tile
  • Fixed Google events sometimes not showing on Live Tile
  • Fixed Facebook events sometimes not showing
  • Fixed Facebook birthdays showing up on the wrong day
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

That’s a pretty nice update, with plenty of fixes for any bugs you may have encountered. 

Cal already has a Week View (as seen above), giving users a full suite of options for checking out when what is due. And for those complaining earlier about the font, you can now optionally choose to use the Windows Phone typeface (Segoe WP) instead, making this app match nicely with the OS. You also get Outlook/Live/Hotmail/Google calendar support with Facebook integration, to round it out.

Because of that, we’re big fans of this app and recommend you give it a go. There’s a free trial, with an in-app purchase for $1.99 to make it registered.

Pick up Cal 1.2 here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

QR: cal



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Nice! Now we are talking! Going to give this app a real try now that it has agenda view.

k0de says:

Updating...., thanks.

RaRa85 says:

This has become my go to calendar app and I switch between this and Simple Calendar for variety. Love it.

TripsG says:

Looks fantastic on that huge phone. Very nice.

Still don't like fonttype

You don't like Segoe WP?  You must really hate using Windows Phone then 'cause it's like...everywhere.

shishirdbhat says:

The app uses Roboto on its Live Tile. Definitely egregious, IMO, on the WP start screen.

Also, I don't quite get the appeal of third-party calendar apps. Adding a simple event is a chore if you have slow net connectivity (I hope this is fixed now), the live tile refreshes only once in half an hour and other than the week view, doesn't offer much for my use case over the stock calendar.

quantum tao says:

can you put more than three items on the live tile?

moc426 says:

Reminders was an important missing feature.

danielgary says:

That's my birthday up there :)

Happy belated birthday! lol

Tafsern says:

Please MS, let third party calendars show private exchange appointments...that's just why I can't let the native one go! Hopefully in WP8.1.

Robert Grant says:

Yeah or just update the native one to have week view and proper locations in appointments. Then on reminder it'll show a Get Directions button. That would be amazing.

Jazmac says:

Very nice update.  Looks great on that 1520.  Of course everything looks great on a phab.

Reminders!!! Finally!!! So simple to use now.

akhil47 says:

Umm I can't write on anyones Facebook wall. Why is that in the updates list? Everything else is perfect

tertitten74 says:

I actually bought this app a while ago, but haven't been using it. About time to check it out again I guess

Almost have me coming over from Chronos. Let me make my default view Agenda and possibly work a bit on performance. Seems a bit sluggish in some spots. Overall very nice... keep up the good work.

patiua says:

Agreed. Not much use for agenda when I can't set it default....
Also 3 items on tile is 1-2 too few...

crea7or says:

Use another app for a tile ;)

xxxneoxxx says:

I really dig live tile agenda. It's not the prettiest, but shows a LOT of information at once.

upsidedown says:

Why are some all day appts on the top and some on the bottom for a given day.

So if my office uses Exchange for calendaring, third party apps are unable to read the details and populate the calendar properly?

Camaroon says:

I really like this app but the lack of exchange calendar integration keeps me from using it.  I've been using Week View 8 which shows exchange appointments though.  Give that a shot.

Tafsern says:

No third party app can access private appointments on exchange.

nlm says:

If you sync your office calendar via OWA it will then sync with 3rd party app calendars. But no private appointments will show in a 3rd party app, even your outlook.com/hotmail calendar.

jumala says:

Nice. I just wish there was an easier way to toggle between month/week/agenda..

blegs38552 says:

To me, the calendar app that comes with the phone is fine. The only thing lacking is the displaying of To Do list items on the live tile. Otherwise, it suits me fine.

I Unquello says:

If it can't access Exchange, I'm guessing that it can't access shared calendars in Family Rooms either. Does anyone know if that is true? My wife and I extensively use a Family Room and I'd hate to lose that functionality by switching to Cal. Otherwise this is a fantastic-looking app that I'd like to try out!