Aio Wireless finally approves Amber update for the Lumia 620

Remember Amber? That was the last firmware update (along with Update 2) for Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. Although AT&T and the Lumia 920 was the last big story we covered in regards to its rollout, way back in October, there was still one carrier who was a holdout: Aio Wireless. No surprise that they are a subsidiary of AT&T.

Yes, the Lumia 620 on Aio Wireless, which runs for an amazing $99, has not had its GDR2 and Amber update. At least not until last night. Nokia and Aio have finally flipped the switch, pushing out the OS and firmware updates, which is now live.

It’s been so long you may need a refresher on what Update 2 (GDR2) brings, so here you go. To quote ourselves:

“Microsoft’s GDR2 OS update brings some improved features like better ‘Other’ storage support, reducing the bloat that many users have experienced, in addition to fixes for Xbox Music, FM Radio, Me Tile image and greater core access for Nokia.”

Due to a design quirk though, the Lumia 620 won't have FM Radio, so don't look for it after the update. Amber also brings a host of new functions, including:

So if you’re on Aio Wireless, head into Settings > Phone Update > Check for Updates to grab the new firmware (Amber) and OS (GDR2) to finally bring you up to speed. And let’s hope Lumia Black and Update 3 don’t take nearly as long.

Source: Nokia; via Reddit



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MikeSo says:

Just in time for Update 3!

Jnbs says:

We need BLACK!!

myrandex says:

$99 on contract with AIO? They don't have contracts.

GelvinGSM says:

May be that's an off-contract price. I could be wrong.

Natebird says:

Yeah there month to month there having a deal 80 off the 620 I just got my son the green one for 99 and no contract Aiowireless.com

ahmadsamhann says:

Pro Cam for 620?

shadow118 says:

You can install it with the proxy hack, but it requires Amber

SargeT says:

Whoa, thanks for the tip, gone googling... OMG, shame on me, I meant binging!

RyanAMG says:

This is why we need updates directly from MSFT & Nokia skipping the provider

taymur says:

Why do they even test it? what do they really test it for? if every other carrier approved it, why do other carriers act as if they are better or of higher standards lol

I'm pretty sure Jordan doesn't even know there is different firmwares.

Cristian_Dan says:

but what happends if you change the SIM to other carrier, update and then go back with the older SIM? did anyone tried?

mister2d says:

Nope that wouldn't work since the firmware is carrier based.

Now if you flashed your device with another carrier's firmware or a CV (country variant) then you would be able to update it. Provided the update is available with that particular firmware version.

ahmedjan87 says:

I still haven't got it on an unbranded carrier free Lumia 920 from UAE

bromoid says:

Use Nokia Software Updater for Retail. Maybe that will help.

ahmedjan87 says:

I'll have a look thanks

DennisvdG says:

Damn, I feel bad for their customers

Devin19 says:

About damn time lol

Glad I'm not depending on some lazy ass carrier to gimme the update.

Roshan Roxx says:

In India we don't have double tap to wake in l520,620,625,720
Hate you nokia!

Oh c'mon...you buy a cheaper phone, you're going to get less "stuff". There are hardware limitations. If you want it all, you buy a top end device.

Andr3sfc says:

Same logic applies to the 512 RAM phone owners who constantly whine about 1 GB games.

Roshan Roxx says:

Hello! You are telling as 620 is a top end device
Lol stop joking
And if you remember you had done a video on l520at@t it had double tap to wake and now tell 520 is a high end phone and your bullshit hardware limitations

Anyone understand that?

anandv427 says:

Yup i remember the video..in the video it was 520 AT&T...after a week there was a news saying no double tap awake for 520...why is it so..?

Roshan Roxx says:

Dono dude and this guy tells cheaper phone gets less stuff, actually this guy only had done the video and i think he has some memory loss :D

anandv427 says:

Hmm..cheap business tricks to promote high ends...and always shouting one word " hardware limitations"..then what the hell is shown in the video...

I'm going to send you this box of tissues for those tears. Seriously, some of you folks whine too much and are an entitled bunch.

BTW, @Roshan, quit being a dirtbag and lifting our images for your Facebook page. But I guess you want everything for free, eh?

anandv427 says:

Its not whining for any thing...can't you give a proper explanation for the question...don't just bluff around....

Roshan Roxx says:

Leave dude he doesn't know to give proper explanation! He is replying like jerk

_Emi_ says:

so Daniel is a jerk because he doesnt say what you want to hear?...
accept it, a low end hardward might get limitations... and then what since you dont get them for whatever reason, then its fine to complain about it? accept it, low end its low end and it means you dont know if you will get this or that or 3 features more, or 40 less...
in this world with carriers and weird Nokia updates you really dont know what you will get, you cant even even sometimes the updates since carries block them or dont want to test them or something, or take months to do it.
but if you bought a more expensive and high end device, im sure you wouldnt worry too much about it.
so again, Daniel is not a jerk, he is just saying the truth, cheaper means some things have to be taken away from the device, and if you bought an expensive phone you wouldnt miss many features (if for some reason you missed any)

@anandv247 I think your confusing Double Tap to wake and Glance...

anandv427 says:

Hey dude i didn't speak a word about glance...its just about double tap to wake...its not available in 520..but in the video its shown...

S Vaibhav says:

Double tap to wake on 620? How?

How does it show a charging symbol over the battery, even when it isn't connected? 

Soypan says:

He has too much energy in his body and somehow got wireless charging on his L620. Trust me, I'm an engineer.

Ankmeyester says:

It's a screenshot

ItsMcDiddles says:

Or maybe the phone is almost dead and they have battery saver on?

So now we can think the WP8.1 release window:
- Official Announcement - April 2-4;
- Developer Preview: 1 day after the Official Announcement;

- Public Release: (because of the usual delays due to customizations of Nokia, add 2 or 3 months to that) Early July.

I think Nokia dosent need to add more firmware customizations to their Lumias (at least, the already released). This just delays the updates. For example: besides the new photo algorithms for Lumia 1020, what are the usefull things coming to the black update that justify all this delay??

Nokia and Microsoft! I have Lumia920 unlocked! Carrier: PR(Puerto Rico), and I still don't get gdr2(amber) update!! What is the problem? Please, release it one more time! I can't do some things on my phone!

bromoid says:

Nokia Software Updater for Retail.

And how am I going to do that? Your Retail?

Natebird says:

It's program look on the internet LOL

I've got a question... I have 14 GB of other. Does GDR 3 delete the most of it if I can download it?

Ankmeyester says:

Hard reset your phone

Is hard reset save and does it get rid of the other? And is the backup all right?

nanoware says:

Dam bro that is bad lol. That's a whole other level of other storage problems

As far as I remember it does.

hasanmj8 says:

Wow Aio,, really?

bpmurr says:

Wow, this makes AT&T look great!

mister2d says:

They're owned by AT&T too. lol

oryan_dunn says:

Good greif, FINALLY!

This is the perfect example of why Microsoft and Nokia need to handle updates directly.  For some reason, I thought that was already the case on WP when I got my 620, but apparently not.

I wonder what took AIO so long?

oryan_dunn says:

Also, since this is really AT&T, I wonder if my 620 will get DataSense?  I'm currently using my old Android, so I'll have to wait till I get home to check.

oryan_dunn says:

No DataSense. Surprise Surprise.  I guess I'll have to keep using AIO's crappy app that only shows a progress bar to 2GB, and doesn't show any actual numbers.

I have a AIO 620 as a backup phone and I will confirm this; I got the Updates today, there is no double tap to wake, no FM radio, no flip to silence(I cant find it in the settings, so it may be there). I am trying to find out ifthis is known issue or if it just doesn't come with it. This article states that it does, double tap, that is.

str8nyce says:

Since AIO is through AT&T, I was wondering if you were to put an AT&T SIM card into the AIO version of the 620 would it work with no problems? Please feel free to reply thanks so much :D

I tried this with another AIO SIM I had, threw it in my ATT 920, don't remember it working. I fugured it was because the phones were not unlocked. EDIT: I just threw the AIO SIM in my 520 GoPhone and my ATT 920 and it worked without a hitch.:)