AlAhli, the largest bank in Saudi Arabia releases official app for Windows Phone

AlAhli Bank

We love it when more official apps arrive the Windows Phone Store. AlAhli Bank (alahli.com), also known as The National Commercial Bank, has just released their official app for Windows Phone. They're the first Saudi Arabian bank and the largest bank by asset in the Arab world. There are currently 329 branches throughout the Kingdom with more than 3.5 million clients.

The AlAhli mobile application allows customers perform financial and non-financial transactions at their own convenience. Here are some of the features:

  • Check account balance
  • Money transfer between customer accounts
  • Local and International transfers
  • Credit card payments
  • QuickPay
  • Cash withdraw without debit card
  • Debit Card stop and re-issue
  • Registration for the service

AlAhli Bank

The official AlAhli Bank app is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Initial reviews appear positive. Are you one of the millions of clients using this bank? Will you be using the app on your Windows Phone device? Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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pbjr92 says:

Great name :)

Yousef Kawmi says:

Let me guess, you have no idea what it means, don't you ?

The_Lord23 says:

What does it mean, out of interest?

Yousef Kawmi says:

the closer word for it will be "domestic" or "the local"

itti_sam says:

Or just "national"

Yousef Kawmi says:

well, yeah kinda but it's more to local thing.

Mo_Hassan says:

Al Ahli/Ahly is Arabic for national, they also have football/soccer teams with that name in almost all Arab countries it means the Nationals just like Washington Nationals :)

josonjoy1986 says:

Official official official...... It's raining official apps......:)

N1520 says:

For the record, it isn't the biggest bank in Saudi.

TechFreak1 says:

Care to share which Bank is the largest then?

HitoTheKing says:

I think he's talking about Alrajihi Bank

Yea I guess it is Al Rajhi Bank

abd11 says:

You are right.
It's not even the second.

TechFreak1 says:

I hope it doesn't stop raining official apps all year :D.


Unfortunately not Windows phone design :'(


News about Saudi Arabia :-o

ahmedjan87 says:

Your picture is awesome

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

IceDree says:

Thank you :D

Saad Rabia says:

By the way, a big bank in the UAE by the name of Emirates NBD has an amazing app for their bank. Very clean design that is not just a port from iOS or Android.

ali27677 says:

Saudia a Muslim country.....

IceDree says:


Not to sound like a jerk or anything, but its spelled Saudi. Saudia is the name of the airline company.

Yousef Kawmi says:

you are right, but in arabic it's pronounced like Saudia
However, his name is a muslim one...

IceDree says:

Yes, I was just pointing out the difference. It can be confusing sometimes.

IceDree says:

Sweet! Might open up an account there.

HitoTheKing says:

Finally I've been waiting for it. Now we'll wait for the second app Alhli Token

hac817 says:

wow.. i should get an bank account there now. nice app

offbeatbop says:

...and yet still no American Express app...

itti_sam says:

Samba bank in Saudi also released their app lady week

abd11 says:

Sorry, but it's not the the largest. :/
There are few banks that bigger and better than this one.

ebradley says:

Any official app for anyone is a good thing. Google included.

Yousef Kawmi says:

y u do dis !!!111!!11

rodneyej says:

Because I love you so much, Sef❕❕❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

15Nada says:

in Saudi Arabia about 3 other major banks have official apps on Windows Phone along time ago such as AlBilad, Samba, and Alinma

Yes more apps and nice to see it coming out of Saudi. WP is gaining ground over here surprisingly

hsn557 says:

That's one of the best banks in KSA, glad to see em supporting WP


And it's not the first bank in Saudi Arabia to support WP, Aljazira bank and Albilad bank supported wp long time ago