Alleged image of Nokia 820 Windows Phone 8 device appears? Nope, just a fan render

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Just a fan render

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Update - As noted in comments, this was actually a well done fan render based off of the leaked Nokia bezel from yesterday. Someone then tipped off WPMU, trying to pass it off as real. While the 'photo' is fake, there is a good chance that whatever Nokia releases, it may look very similar to this.

A somewhat credible looking image of a new Nokia Windows Phone 8 device, allegedly called the ‘820’, has appeared online and is reported to be headed towards AT&T.

The device’s bezel looks similar to what we saw yesterday in the leaked images from a Nokia sub-contractor with the Nokia image to the right and the front-facing camera just off to the left of the earpiece.

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A flat-display estimated to be 4” or larger is also shown with no curved glass, much to the disappointment of some users. The device also has the updated Windows Phone 8 flag, ensuring that this device is for the new OS.

Besides the screen difference, a top-port for USB charging is also evident in addition to the obvious red color and thinner, flatter profile of the device. The phone is expected to have a 720-screen resolution, SD card expansion and a dual-core processor.

Source: Deviant Art; via WMPU



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Dan this pic shows the glass as flat witch counts out the glass bezle pics before r vise versa

devchimp says:

Please let it be so! Nokia is really starting to set themselves apart when it comes to Windows Phone.

loribinca says:

Can anyone tell me why on earth they insist on putting the USB port on the top?

Dusteater says:

I have the Focus S and the plug is on the bottom. It is actually more frustrating using the phone in bed when plugged with it on bottom, so I would prefer the top. But really just depends on how you use it plugged in most.

So that you can place the device in your car cup holder and charge the phone. If the port is on the side or bottom, you bend the var charger cable and shorten its lifespan. It also keeps the phone in its natural portrait orientation when charging

TechAbstract says:

Can anyone tell em why on earth did he ask this question? :)

WilliamC1972 says:

Nice looking phone! Hopefully T mobile will be getting some awesome Windows Phones. Don't let us down T mobile!!!!

Wyn6 says:

Make sure you shoot Tmo a tweet or email like I did. Let 'em hear it.

WilliamC1972 says:

Believe me, I never thought of that but I'll do it now. Thanks!!!!

fraincs says:

thanks for killing my dream of a red Nokia device :(

procen says:

So it's a fake one!

btgusto says:

I see two pin holes at the top.  One for SD slot other for SIM.

Well this is kinda disappointing. Seems to look just like the 900. I mean I get it that they have a great design language in the Lumia series and they don't wanna let go of it in just the second generation. But I gotta feel like I have a different phone than a phone from the previous generation. 

WPCrook says:

Nokia have only recently gained some momentum with the Lumia line, so they probably wouldn't want to retreat from the design too far as to keep that momentum.

Residing says:

@Stealthcrawler...I take it that you are not or have never been a HTC or Samsung device owner?
One thing though - Even if Nokia continues with this design, it is arguably the best looking design (save the iPhone) currently on the market, and if Samsung and HTC continue with their 'design language', I'd say that the Lumia devices will still be the most attractive. 

dkp23 says:

Looks thin yes?
I hope they come out with high-end gut in a 4 inch phone ...

This is actually just a render from the front plate that leaked. This isn't the actual device. This phone is also slated for the middle tier of their new lineup. There will be several new designs and the Pureview is still out there also

uberlaff says:

I was kind of hoping from something larger on AT&T. I'm not a big fan of the bezel chin this and the 800 have.

Varsi9 says:

It looks like a render based on the bezel leak.

LeiChat says:

So does this mean we can also expect a 920 ?

mrolympia74 says:

I think the 920 will come out during the second wave of windows phones in march or April of 2013

mrolympia74 says:

I seriously hope this phone has at least a 4.5" screen. But somehow I think it doesn't. I want 4.5" or larger

goldenpipes says:

I dislike top charger ports. No real usefulness for a dock imho

RaRa85 says:

So pretty much a Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia? Recycling?

jfreiman says:

I have had 2 Samsung WPs and HTC WMP before my Nokia Lumia 900 and if there is one reason I will not buy another one it's because of the sharp corners on the bottom of the phone - it really hurts my palms. :-/
what happened to the super curvy, almost looking like surfboards, Nokia designs that circulated last year? - those were cool!

jfreiman says:

Who still docks their phones? I LOVE the top charging port (at least on the phone w/o removable battery) because I can charge whole using / holding my phone.
The side and bottom charging ports always got in my way.

Cellus13 says:

Its a really nice fan render. Beautiful and amazing. This is what I hope Nokia does. Im not a fan of the color but with its shape its lovely! Real or not the author deserves applause :)

CobraJ82 says:

Would be awesome if Nokia goes back to give the consumers the ability to change the cover on your phone, like you could buy packs of colors from the Nokia store and you can just flip them whenever you want.

Solidstate89 says:

Seriously there was some talent behind that render. Even got the finger grease.

lubbalots says:

Huge phone, more than 4.8 inches.