'The Amazing Everyday' Cinema Ambient Project Lumia campaign in Poland [Video]

Nokia has taken "The Amazing Everyday" to Cinema City venues in eight cities in Poland, giving away a Lumia 800 to 64 lucky winners of the events. In certain screenings the Finnish manufacturer hid coupons under certain seats and when the Lumia advertisements came on (always being aired last) a Polish celebrity urged viewers to check where they sat.

64 Lumia 800 winners, from 64 film screenings, in 8 cities. Nokia never fails to impress with their marketing campaign, regardless as to what country its taking place in.

Source: YouTube, thanks Ellis for the tip!



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OMG55 says:

Nokia is simply genius at creating hardware and  marketing. As an american, I am envious of all the perks and things that are being done and given away in other countries. Congrats to the recipeints!!!

Residing says:

I can only 'try' to imagine what Nokia's US campaign is going to be like.  I mean, given that they have been virtually absent for so many years from the U.S., with only a miniscule footprint, they most likely are going to hit the U.S. REALLY hard with a flood of marketing.
It is going to be exciting! 

Nakazul says:

This is cool stuff.

paulm187 says:

Nokia is so creative in promoting the product no other comes close. I wish these little ads are aired on TV so the normal folks gets more exposure to the platform. I think Nokia is testing the waters in Europe finding out what works and what doesn't, I'm sure they've got some big promotions planned for the US, so don't be too envious US fans.