The Amazing Spider-Man 2 headed to Windows Phone in April, joining iOS and Android

There’s some good news for those with Windows Phone devices who like to game, even more so if you like Spiderman. Gameloft has just announced that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 official game is headed to your phone “in April”. It will join a similar version for iOS and Android, finally giving launch parity to Windows Phone.

There’s no word if this will be an Xbox LIVE game though our hunch is ‘no’ as Gameloft has been foregoing certification lately (see Asphalt 8, Total Conquest and Minion Rush). Indeed, if Gameloft wants to get this game out in the same week as iOS and Android, it will probably need the freedom offered by it not being an Xbox LIVE title, much to the disappointment of many.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie hits theaters in the US on May 2nd, giving this game a few weeks breather before its release and the film it’s based off of. From the presser:

“After the tremendous success of the first The Amazing Spider-Man mobile game, we’re excited to be working with Marvel again to bring the fan-favorite hero back onto smartphones with The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” says Karine Kaiser, VP Marketing & Licensing at Gameloft. “Players will enjoy a deep open-world adventure and iconic web-spinning action that makes Spider-Man so extraordinary.”

Gameloft already had another Spiderman title, dubbed simply The Amazing Spider-Man with Xbox LIVE certification (read our review). That game was released in early 2013 and runs for a pricey $6.99. Gamers seem to be happy with it though, as it maintains 4.5 stars out of 5 from over 700 reviews.  Here’s hoping that Gameloft can strike gold again with the game’s sequel.

Make sure you check out the official teaser trailer above to see what’s in store. It’s shocking. (I’ll show myself out now, sorry).

Source: Gameloft; via WP7Forum.ru



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I'm ok with it not being XBL. There were the two broken achievements that never got fixed on the first one anyways.

DennisvdG says:

This game has much potential, please Gameloft don't break your games with ridiculous amounts of IAP's!!

Pratik Mehta says:

I fear it wont support 512 MB ram *facepalm*

Aashish13 says:

Get ready bro it wont be there and 20 days left cant wait now seriously.

carlosrdd says:

This 512 MB thing that comes up every article is starting to get annoying and old. For all those that don't understand: 512 phones cost next to nothing, when compared to other WP. Why do you think it's fair for you guys "512 users" to have every game and app we "1gb+ users" have? When you only pay a fraction of the cost? There will always be some advantages to buying a premium phone. I don't know how else to say this....

Aashish13 says:

Yeah bro first of all no one buys phone for games especially except those droid ppl.

Shafner33 says:

Good point! I was on Windows phone 7.5 up until yesterday.... yup it sucked not getting all the new apps, but I knew it was my hardware limitations and couldn't complain about it.


Now I'm rocking a Lumia 1520! Bring on the games!


Yep i agree on ur point but i guess most of the users are 512 mb ram users n is a gr8 public... So, thers a point in making such games available for 512 mb users optimizing the game already we have best graphic games for 512 mb like Six Guns,Dungeon Hunter 4 n many more so, therefore it holds a point in making games optimizing for 512 mb users!! N its not possiblr for every person to buy premium phones....

Pratik Mehta says:

Oh common,now look at temple run 2 and subway surfers,shldn't we have a reach on those? Look at android,we can play those at even 512 MB! We are not asking for "each and every game". But give us those essential games.

Yeah totaly agreed! At leat expecting from company like gameloft! Also u will find 7 out of 10 users with 512 mb ram phones at least there must be no need of hardware change at least 2-3 yrs!! At least in INDIA with one of the worlds largest population n if you r making the game for low end phones surely it will be more optimized of high end phones giving a quality software

Daylife says:

Move on, the 512MB argument is old. Upgrade your slow phone?

Its like complaining that you cant run Xbox one games on your xbox 360 lol.

RaRa85 says:

You can't buy a Honda Odyssey and complain about its 0-60mph time. Its 512mb for a reason! Thank you and good day.:)

Clesanbar says:

Bad analogy. The correct analogy would be buying a Honda Odyssey and complaining if you couldn't drive in some streets

greedypnguin says:

Lol, what I was thinking ^

I'll be waiting to grab this one when its out. :)

April will be a month full of goodies. WP8.1 is getting released and heard a couple of apps coming in April too.

Arsenic17 says:

Uh wp8.1 not coming in April, unless you are a dev.

Anyone can sign up to the program its easy to make a free acount. I personally have a dev acount but know some people who have signed up without paying.

Aashish13 says:

U wait till June we are upgrading ourselves

Animesh Bera says:

U can get free account....just contact me...(animeshbera907@gmail.com)....and i am dev....wp 8.1 release date is 14,apr...

Think for the other side: if Xbox Live goes cross plataform publishers like Gameloft will can release the same game with Xbox Live in all plataforms in the same day... #dreaming

Rick Smits says:

Fanboys want it to stay exclusive..

Sin Ogaris says:

Fanboys are retarded though so let's ignore them (I know you were being tongue in cheek, I just wanted to call fanboys retarded).

Aashish13 says:

Yooo XBL rocks. But wont be for 512 Mb ram devices. Never mind.

bashbaliga says:

No xbox means its probably free to play with some IAPS, YEAH!!!

Free to pay. Lovely...

anirban130 says:

N no need to mention that it requires 1gb ram minimum...

Yeah, as long as I can play those 1gb ram games in my 512mb ram device,... -_-

DJCBS says:

I liked the original game but I'll very likely pass this one due to the lack of Xbox achievements. No XBL, no buy for me (even if it's free)

MilkyTee says:

God, you people are a scream

Let us be nice. Those fine people are allowed to express their opinion.
On topic: Since gameloft abandoned Xbox live I don't have much hope for this game.
No Xbox no buy/download.

MilkyTee says:

Theyre imaginary points. They have no function. Oftentimes they require you to grind or play in a very dull and tedious manner. Do you think anyone who obtained "Seriously?" in Gears of War looks back fondly on the hundreds of hours they wasted getting 50 gamerscore?
We've reached something of a quandary here on Windows Phone. People get upset that more often than not, Windows Phone gets a second look in for games and apps, well after iOS and Android, and sometimes not at all. This is because devs don't believe theyll even break even. WP users are exacerbating this problem even further by then refusing to buy or DL games that aren't Xbox enabled, even if they, I quote, "Are free". Theyre punishing developers who are nice enough to even bother to release on WP by boycotting their apps, because said devs didn't quite feel like having all that extra work, red tape, bureaucracy and delays jammed down their throat, which is what you get if you chose to go the antiquated Xbox Live enabled route. Don't punish devs for refusing headaches.
Lobby MS to change the process and relax some restrictions etc. This is THEIR fault, not the guys that make the games. If you boycott games, not only are you hurting developers who don't deserve it, you hurt your own Windows Phone experience.
I almost sweat, some users on this site are being purposefully obtuse.
"No XBL, no buy" - go f*ck yourself, you clueless ignoramus

Edit: I should clarify, that last part wasn't referring to anyone here in particular, lest I get slapped with the banhammer

Wall of text, judging other people's tastes. Bad call.

And - No XBL no buy/download. Sweaty...

MilkyTee says:

Whatever bro, I'm on mobile. If you're reading the comment section and cant take two minutes to scan through a comment, I don't know what to tell you.

borasar says:

I fear this is going to blow up into another lengthy debate, but he has a point. It's not about tastes, it's about the approach. We have two issues: lack of developper support, meaning some devs don't release games on WP period and lack of XBL support, meaning some devs release games, but don't release them with XBL certificaiton. Boycotting games that are released on WP platform, but don't have XBL is a very extreme step. It may lead to these developpers seizing support of the platform and also sends a potential message to other developpers that maybe considering to join the platform that it may not be worth it. As it stands the issue with XBL is not a developper issue, it's a Microsoft issue. The certificaiton process is a mess and frankly is too difficult on small/indie developpers. 

By boycotting these games and posting "No XBL no download/buy" you are potentially undermining the growth of games on WP. I get that some people enjoy games with XBOX achievements more, but for the time being is it so hard to give a game a try or at least not post no XBOX no buy? Instead support a number of initiatives in the WPC forums, where you reach out to Devs and to MS and also upvote this on uservoice. This way, you don't send the wrong message to the devs, send the right message to MS, avoid undermining the platform, (because games with no XBL is still better than no games at all) and potentially might enjoy some games in the process (which I'm sure is possible even without XBL achievements)

MilkyTee says:

Thank you, an intelligent response. That's rarely seen around here.

You said it better than me - instead of attacking the developers(and potentially damaging you own gaming edperience on Windoes Phone), appeal to the source.

That's where the actual problem begins and ends. Gameloft et al cant do a thing about it.

Microsoft has ancient policies regarding publishing - this is true across Win 8, WP 8 and Xbox 360. Theyre finally starting to see sense with the Xbox One, but only because their competitors are doing it better and developers are flocking to them.

Microsoft are typically arrogant and only change when someone forces their hand, NEVER of their own accord. This has been their attitude since the 90's.

TechFreak1 says:

Hopefully the new open source framework for xbl should address this, in the mean time it is just moronic to dismiss a game because it has no achievements. For example sector strike, its a free game which is extremely addictive imo it has a similar feel to Gradius / Parodius on the snes. But given the amount people not downloading / buying games that don't have xbl achievements they will push away these devs as it will no longer be worth their while. I guess some people can't see beyond their "bubble".

TLRtheory says:

I'm interested, but without XBL I'm not paying anything. That's the one thing that separates Windows Phone gaming from the rest.

borasar says:

Right now there are two things that separate WP gaming form the rest:

1. XBL

2. Lack of games on WP


Your actions hurt 1 and make 2 worse.

Sean D. says:

It'd be cool if this came to W8.1 too.

omagic82 says:

Remember the promise of XBL on WP when WP first launched?

MS really botched Xbox on Windows Phone.

TechFreak1 says:

The should have had a simpler and easier certification process for mobile indie devs from the get go of wp7.

meh...playing shattered dimensions on my Xbox 360. These type of games are dumbed down badly with touchscreens... no enough combo potentials...

2tomtom says:

Yeah, because I carry my xbox around everywhere I go and play games on it.
Dumb comment, these games are great for those times away from home and are actually brilliantly crafted too.

saahil687 says:

Plz gameloft give this time a 512 ram support

Good question. 1GB and forget.

NIST says:

Always a solid game from Gameloft. I have no doubt this will be visually stunning with excellent game play.

HomeBound12 says:

You're either joking, troling or beeing extremely sarcastic by using "excellent game play" and "gameloft" in the same sentence...

Whatever the case may be I got a good laugh out of it.

What you REALLY get with Gamloft is 2-3 GB download (needing 4x as much to install), extremely anoying in your face IAP that makes it nearly impossible to finish the game unless you fork A LOT of $$$ , repetative "smash the attack button as fast as you can" gameplay , dumb as a post AI, levels that will vary from ridiculously easy to stupidly hard and yes... you also get bugs... a LOTS of bugs...

And this is comming from a person that played a LOT of gameloft games...

Nicomario says:

I agree

see my post here: http://forums.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-games/266004-gameloft-games-updated-new-high-end-devices.html#post2376956


I remember playng Asphalt Urban way back in the day. I like gameloft games but this practise of theirs, its disgusting. Too much IAP's man

Talk4Lig says:

I bet it will be laggy as all gameloft games on windows phone... Gameloft is a joke

Aashish13 says:

But this joke provides as games and considers equal to other platforms

Talk4Lig says:

Playing laggy game is sometimes worse than having no game from gameloft at all

What games are laggy? I've yet met one.

Talk4Lig says:

For example kingdoms and lords and uno and friends can win a prize for most unstable servers ever... They fixed it but it's still disconnecting sometimes

Nope! #Respect Gameloft they r doin better... Exhibit Six Guns no lags

Talk4Lig says:

See my post above

mango.lover says:

THe issue isn't so much anymore whether these high-profile apps/games are available on Windows Phone, but whether the companies behind them will promote it being available on WP along side Andorid/iOS.

Xarok says:

Moga support pleaseeeee =]

anandv427 says:

Check this out guys....thats power of wp....http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SiTM9q2me6s

Nice video... 1520 wins specs, 520 wins budget....

TechFreak1 says:

Cheers! Added to favourites -).

Duduosf says:

Hope it comes optimised for Full HD support. I plan to have my 1520 by then.

If it runs as bad as the first one, no thanks. I understand a lot was going on, nut just way to junoy and oooor of a frame rate foot it to be
enjoyable for me.

sri san says:

Hackers are always exceptional if no 512mb support np Il deploy the patched xap developer should really work on it for 512mb devices

erzhik says:

This "No XBL, no download" epidemic needs to disappear. If you don't download a game just because it lacks XBL or if you download and give it 1 star based solely on that fact, game developers will stop developing games for WP and the same XBL complainers will complain about lack of games.

Nicomario says:

I just hope this isn't riddled with IAP's like the first one.

I can't believe that after they charged you #7 dollars for the game they still put IAP's everwhere.

Thats just greedy, and despicable

Screw gameloft man.

Boycott I SAY!

Carlos RJ says:

Seems 1 GB RAM-er

colinkiama says:

If android and iphone can do it with 512mb, we should to. Why do you feel like 1gb ram users won't have anything else if all apps are available for everyone. You still have an awesome camera, 4g 150mbps, faster experience, wireless charging. Features can be exclusive but apps should be available to 512mb devices. Spread the world everyone!

Qiyamata says:

Well the first one sucked big time. Always froze and lost progress on my Nexus 7 and my LG Connect 4G. Maybe these jerk offs should fix the first one before making a second. Crap like this really grinds my gears.

2tomtom says:

Am I right, the Nexus and LG phones are Android. No surprise there then.

RachmatDKN says:

Not for 512MB lol

manas jain says:

Thinking To Switch To IOS Lol

BlackGoku says:


blackjackrm7 says:

Amazing spiderman runs well on my lumia 520

Adubey466 says:

Plzzzz upload this game the amazing Spiderman 2 in Lumia 520

Taran4U says:

When is it gonna be available for 520 users?

Adubey466 says:

Plz this game upload 512mb mobile store

Adubey466 says:

I have install the amazing spiderman in lumia 520