Deal Alert: Amazing Weather HD now on sale for 50% off for one week

Amazing Weather

If there is one thing Windows Phone users like it’s weather apps. And it’s even better, when they are sale.

Such is the case with Amazing Weather HD, which normally goes for $1.99 (though it was at $1.49 recently) but for at least the next week it can be had for a more reasonable $0.99. The sale only applies to US, UK, France, Spain, Finland and Germany marketplaces.

Amazing Weather HD was recently updated with lockscreen support and high resolution graphics, making it one of our top favorite apps. It features a detailed forecast, radar maps, double wide tiles, configurable tiles and it looks…well, amazing. For those reasons we strongly suggest if you haven’t tried it yet, you do so (there is a free trial) and if you like it, act on buying it for $0.99 and save yourself some money.

Pick up Amazing Weather HD for $0.99 here in the Store (or you can opt for the free 'lite' version) for both Windows Phone 7.x and WIndows Phone 8. Thanks, Asad H., for the tip

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I love this app. Too bad it won't be on sale here. :(

Best weather app I've used.

sholokov says:

Just bought it and crashed it within minutes. If you REALLY zoom out in radar view, the app crashes.

sholokov says:

I know no one does that but this is how you test software...take it to the extremes.

GG002 says:

I just tried crashing Amazing Weather HD in the same way you did... It didn't crash, despite zooming in and out at quick pace, panning and dragging and zooming and doing all sorts of things. Maybe you just had bad luck... The app does crash occasionally in random places, but it's not like you can't exit and restart. At least phone won't lock up or something.

Jazmac says:

Maybe thats why they offered for a discounted price.  (as I download the full version) Fingers crossed like Maury is reading the test results. lol.

topleya says:

Pissed, I bought it last night

me too... :-\ oh well...

somubtech says:

Gosh, Me too...  

Witness says:

On the awesome side, you just gave the developers a little extra financial support for their work on our OS ecosystem. Good on you!

Amazing Weather HD has such a better Flow than the other Weather apps.

In the brazilian store you can buy this for R$ 1,99 ($0,99) too.
For those using the Amazing Wheather and the Wheather Flow, what is the difference from the first to the second? Which is better? I use the Wheather Flow, but in recent days he is saying that the current temperature is -9999 degrees! :S


Aaron M says:

Never thought I would buy a weather app, but I got this one back when it was $1.50 and I'm very happy with it.  I have it set up now to show the hourly temps on my lock screen, and a wide tile with 5 day forecast on my start screen.  Also you can configure the app to use your location.  It works really well, even with the live tile and lock screen.

saulgould13 says:

Guys don't hesitate I bought this app before the update was ok the current version is exceptionally slick. Add video.

ArtemDepeche says:

I prefer AccuWeather

GG002 says:

It has some features I miss in AWHD, but the lock screen from AccuWeather sucks.

aaa6112 says:


Miesjh says:

Netherlands also 99 eurocents

PipoDj says:

I am glad i didn't buy it when i was still trying to test it. now that it's 50% i can buy this.

apocacrux says:

Also applies to Canadian marketplace as well.

Zinnanda says:

looks like it is on sale here in Sweden as well.
7,90 kr ( $0.99 ).

fwaits says:

If I didn't already own it, I'd be all over this.  Get this app, it's the best weather app out there IMO atm.  Actually made the Bing wallpaper update more reliable for me too.  Before I had the lockscreen set as Bing and it would mostly update daily, but would sometimes not for a day or 2.  After switching to AWHD+ and using it's lockscreen setting to use Bing, it works every day, usually not long after midnight-1am, sometimes later in the morning.

abel920 says:

Aw, somehow im not so bummed because this app is worth every penny!

jlynnm350z says:

I got weather flow, wich is nice but I think amazing weather hd is better. More in depth weather report. No use buying every weather app in the store so I'll just stick with what I got. Boo boo out

astroXP says:

I wish WeatherMaster had a discount too.

aerosmillie says:

Can you have Bing daily picture as wallpaper?

Yes, as your Background on the lockscreen.

DJCBS says:

The App is ALSO on sale on the Portuguese marketplace (which is the same as the Brazilian for some weird reason).

Though I'm happy with Microsoft's and Nokia's free weather Apps. I see no reason why I should waste 0.99€ on this.

Since you see no reason, then it would be a waste. Though if you saw what everyone else sees then it would not be a waste.

dreamfly says:

89MB in size...wow.

aaa6112 says:

the "rich" theme consists of actual HD video clips, instead of simple gifs. That's why the large size.

Shambels says:

Does it have augmented reality? That's like the only reason I still use the weather channel app...

ricardios says:

Amazing app. Deserves to be on the start screen

GG002 says:

...AND the lockscreen! Daily Bing photo + 5 day forecast = win

Glen Echo might see some new residents due to this sale.
(US and ATT only)

Kormiko says:

I like the Live Tiles and Lock screen settings better with WeatherFlow... but the information is far better with Amazing Weather.

I wish WeatherFlow could have more in depth reports and satellite info... and that Amazing Weather would allow us to use our own backgrounds with their weather info on it for the lockscreen.  And I never understood why the Sun live tile has a black background... looks like it's night time.

Yakko Warner says:

Unfortunately, the download clocks in at over 80MB. Seeing as how I'm down to my last half gig on my Lumia 810, sticking with the 9MB Accuweather feels like the more prudent choice.

Was thinking the same thing.  80mb is a bit much.

Darn it, now I have to add yet another weather app to my growing collection! ;-)

pankaj981 says:

Bought it now, used for sometime and reverted back to Weather Flow, I like its tiles better

phasar says:

I have all the top weather apps, not one actually updates. I've been convinced for months now that these lock screen apps are more gimmick than substance. I'll never spend another dime on a lock screen app.

vikrant6 says:

Waiting for update for 7.8 to bring in wide tiles..

Froggiestone says:

I'm SO tired of crappy weather apps, this one is no better;

  • Live tile dont work
  • no settings for live tile
  • lockscreen image is low ress - even the bing one.
  • opacity of the lockscreen font is to low (why even try to make it semi transparent wth ?)
  • location gps is way off, like 3km, not acceptable !!!
  • don't support more then a handfull of languages, and no æøå char. support either

I could most likely find even more but this is just after the first 5min with it.. better luck next time!!

tomm1ed says:

Live tile dont work
It does for me. You can create a Livetile for each city you add using the tack icon when you open the programs
no settings for live tile
I goes you have a differnent app because I can set each Livetile differently!
lockscreen image is low ress - even the bing one.
The bing one looks perfectly sharp, but might be my 800x480 Lumia 820. Which device do you have?
opacity of the lockscreen font is to low (why even try to make it semi transparent wth ?)
Perfectly readable to me
location gps is way off, like 3km, not acceptable !!!
Works for me, do your other GPS apps work?
don't support more then a handfull of languages, and no æøå char. support either
Too true, but you seem to be pretty fluent in English so why not use that?

I could most likely find even more but this is just after the first 5min with it.. better luck next time!!
I tried it for a couple of hours and am probably going to use this as my main weather app :)

mankie says:

Can you have your own picture for the lock screen?

RepoUK says:

"The sale only applies to US, UK, France, Spain, Finland and Germany marketplaces."
Do you even grammar?

bviruk says:

its at discounted rate in India... Rs55 ($.99)....