Stunning Amazing Weather HD updated with more Live Tile and localisation goodness

Amazing Weather HD

Amazing Weather HD is one of those lockscreen apps that are a must-download for many Windows Phone owners. As the name suggests, you're looking at high-definition images, not only on the lockscreen integration, but also throughout the app. It truly is a gorgeous UI. The app has recently received an update that introduces a few new features and changes.

So instead of replying to the same question over and over, "What weather app is that?!" we figured we'd give you all a heads up as to what's included in version Amazing Weather HD now contains the following (according to the store listing), thanks to the latest release:

  • Ability to disable the back Live Tile
  • New Live Tiles with forecast
  • Cities names are now localised if available
  • Time is displayed in each city's time zone

If you haven't done so already, we strongly recommend you check this app out. You can download Amazing Weather HD from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99. A Lite version is also available for free.

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Tafsern says:

Still need to able to show the wind speed in meters per second, that's what's standard here.

clappenings says:

Really? Do you also measure temperature in Kelvins?

Tafsern says:

You really lack knowledge, don't you? What ever you want to use in your country is up to you, but here we use m/s for wind speed. Stop acting like a smartass.

clappenings says:

Lol oh dear you really don't have a sense of humor do you? It was a friendly jibe, nothing more. Lighten up!

walter1832 says:

Lighten up, Francis!

KQ17 says:

Yes, where's the problem?

Dean McCrae says:

Plug: Try Weather To-Go, it allows wind speed in m/s.

tissotti says:

There's not? That's weird.

txDrum says:

I wish the US would use m/s. As an engineer its so much nicer handling metric :P

kaynachtsman says:

I prefer weather flow ;)

Weather Flow is absolutely gorgeous, but since it lacks anything that resembles a detailed forecast, I find it lacking in features (and usefulness).

clappenings says:

Used both Daniel, right now using Bing, but it doesn't reflect my correction location. Going back to AW :)

Darren Walsh says:

It always has the temp a couple of degrees higher for me

leadwrist says:

Stopped using weather flow as it broke live titles/lock screen. Ever since I removed it dynamic updates started to work.

tbonenga says:

I use amazing for live tile and flow for lock screen. If amazing had a lock screen that had the current condition as a backdrop I'd use it.

Dean McCrae says:

Ok, another plug. Weather To-Go has current conditions on lock screen, with 3 or 5 day weather too. Oh, and current location name is second to none.

riffraffy says:

Trying Weather To-Go now. Seems pretty good. Also just installed Bing weather, so the battle is on...

Dean McCrae says:

Ok good luck. If you have any problems with Weather To-Go just ping me with the Mail button.

Jazmac says:

Weather to go  looks kinda nice. I had not  heard of this one.

MoggSquad says:

I already own WeatherFlow, but lately it has been resetting all my locations acting as if I just installed for the 1st time which is annoying.  I did a reinstall, but if it doesn't fix it I will go to this one.

Lite version not for wp8? Says not available for my device (L521). Had it on my hd7 (7.8).

ncxcstud says:

Is it a 512mb of ram issue?

Perhaps that is the problem.

Arsenic17 says:

Let us know when they stop using weather underground data. That data us just trash. There is no QC. Any wannabe weather scrub can buy a $75 weather station online and connect it to the wunderground network and have it come up on everyone's phone as the current data in the area. Even if they have it inside their house, stuffed in a freezer, in the sun, etc...

Why developers why. Use real NWS data like Bing Weather or the Weather Channel.

The forecasts are also horribly wrong for the same reason. Randomly off by tens of degrees. So annoying makes the lock screen and live tile essentially useless.

You are aware the Weather Channel bought Weather Underground, right? I also don't see many (if any) reviews and complaints talking about being off by "tens of degrees", at least I personally haven't seen that issue or would consider it widespread.

Bartdog says:

You may not have read my review.  The hourly forecast on AW is horrible.  Surprised it's owned by the weather channel, as that app will have completely different information.  How long ago were they bought?  Maybe I should give it another look. 
Before anyone asks.... YES, I BOUGHT THE FULL VERSION.  And then uninstalled it.

Arsenic17 says:

I was actually unaware that the weather channel bought weather underground, but regardless it doesn't really matter. The weather channel and any reputable place uses quality data, which is almost always exclusively FAA sites from airports, with occasional other data from trusted sites. The fact is these apps use weather underground data. Which ever data point is closest to you. If that happens to be little Timmys lemonade stand down the street, then that is what you get. I notice the largest discrepancies in temperature on sunny days. This occurs because most amateur meteorologists do not have adequate ventilation on their setup or just plain have it in the sun. On another note, the discrepancy in the forecasts is mystifying. Obviously there are providing some kind of interpolated result from a model, but whatever model they chose is terrible. I didn't do any research into it because I really would not use these apps.
I am guessing there is no bad reviews because almost all users are casual and don't know the difference between good QCed data and trash. I however am a meteorologist at NOAA and do.

Oakdale Dude says:

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

...Or when it's hot outside. Having spent much time in both Vegas and Phoenix over the years taught me that.

Now if one told me it it was going to be bright, sunny with a sun that resembeled a lemon pie while 10 others said to get your raft ready cause flooding was on the way..I may be a little concerned

Arsenic17 says:

Actually you do. Essentially you are saying you dont care about the weather. Others do. Worry about precip is another problem.
Regardless, if you ask anyone if they prefer something to be accurate, or less accurate, what would they choose. Sure maybe I am picky about weather, but if you are going to go to the trouble to make this visually and usably sunning app, why not do it right?

Dazzi says:

I totally agree. What is the point in buying a pretty weather app, that gives you the wrong info? It doesn't make sense, especially when there are free apps that are more accurate.

quantum tao says:

in your opinion, what is the most accurate weather app for wp8, w8, web.....?

Dazzi says:

In my opinion, here in the UK the Met Office app is more accurate and it's free -- I'll be the first to admit, it's got an ugly tile but it provides correct data.

Arsenic17 says:

I would kill for the NWS to provide an app for Windows Phone in the USA. I been bugging them for a while now (I know some of the IT guys there personally), but they just dont see the point. They did mention maybe an iOS app.....
A developer did create an app called "Weather Radar Tile" here in the USA which is awesome at it uses the NWS radar data. It has an excellent tile with live radar and you can pick which feeds you want on there. This may not seem like a big deal to most users, but where I live in Colorado it is very dry, and most normal radar are useless because a bulk of the precip being displayed is not reaching the ground (composites). this app allows me to set it to base reflectivity, which essentially is just the radar at the lowest elevation angle. Meaning only the rain or snow that is actually making it to the ground through the dry air.
Anyways, that was a tangent. I would like to see the UK met app. I mgiht switch my marketplace to UK real quick to grab it.

Arsenic17 says:

I can only speak for USA users, but you should be using the National Weather Service (weather.gov). That is for general (web) usage. But as far as apps, I prefer anything that uses FAA data. I am certain the Weather Channel app uses this data, and I think Bing weather does but I am still testing the new app. Right now bing weather is my go to app, because it provides reliable data and has a pretty medium tile). WP8 and W8 I say Bing Weather. Apps like weather flow, amazing weather, weather live, and such, all use bad wunderground data.
I would love to use the apps if they had an option to use only the good sites. But I dont think those sites are even included in their data pool.
Outside the USA, I cant say what app is "best".

Arsenic--have you tried the WeatherSpark app at all? It presumably is based on the website (weatherspark.com). They claim to use NOAA data exclusively.

camstreet1 says:

In London, amazing weather's forecasts are way off (hotter), and out of line with other apps (and reality). Am regretting my purchase...

Dazzi says:

Same here in the north of the UK -- maybe this app is only good in the USA?

Arsenic17 says:

No it is not good anywhere. I did buy the app, so I redownloaded it and looked at the forecast data for my region. Overall it looks ok for now. But I have noticed times in the past (quite often, fat too much so IMO) that is has been incredibly bad. I live in Denver, USA.
Also, if there are no wunderground enabled stations near to you, the app will completely supply an estimated (read interpolated) output for you. I ran across this when in Greenland. Also, in this area, where models are notoriously bad, the forecasts were up to 35 degrees off on some days.

Dazzi says:

Thanks Arsenic that explains a lot -- it's good to have someone (professional in this field) explain, why the data is not accurate on apps like these.

coip says:

I agree that the weather data used in Amazing Weather HD is spotty. It is often off by a few degrees or more, and the precipitation percentage is usually off too. If I am going to pay for a weather app I expect it to be accurate, so that was disappointing. Bing Weather app is much more accurate. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a wide live tile and lock screen support like Amazing Weather HD does, so I use both.

NutmegState says:

I will chime in.  The information is absolutely terrible.  For my current location is shows rain today and no rain tomorrow.  The complete opposite of reality as I look outside and view the local weather station.  Also, Temps are always off.  Bing others and local Temprature on the Bank LCD across the street show 77F.  My car as I went to run an errand at lunch showed 78F, the app is showing 85F!  It has been consistenty wrong for some time.  Weather Flow is just as bad as well

BAMtech11 says:

I have noticed that it is usually off significantly. Might consider a change.

Flavio76 says:

Agree, great app, poor information. Also true for Brazil. Bad data here

Oakdale Dude says:

It's pretty accurate for me here in my part of California. I've compared it to MSN, Accuweather, TWC etc...and Amazing Weather is always within 5 Degrees of the other ones both in current conditions and future forecasts. I don't think I've ever seen two forecasts that were exactly the same ever LOL

I use the price of gas theory. If the price of gas at the station 3 miles down the road is .5 cents cheaper then the stop n rob 2 blocks away, I'm not going to worry about making the extra effort.

Now if it's .10 cents a gallon cheaper....

RyanAMG says:

Skymotion is really good in the US but it will cut battery life in 1/2 developer said its not the app but after removing battery life is back. To bad as it is very accurate app. It even says rain in 10m and it was spot on.

Arsenic17 says:

Sounds like a cool app I will give it a try. Apps can cause battery drain for some, and not for others. It is one large mystery to WP in general.

Dean McCrae says:

Hmm, city names localized and locations show local time...my app has done that since V1 a year ago. Sounds like they have been busy with fiddler... :-)

Arsenic17 says:

Yeah mine too. I am not sure what they mean by that in the article. What is an example? I get very specific detailed location info. Sometimes not even real cities, but the actual name of the neighborhood I am in (taht doesnt have it's own zip code).

I just don't get the appeal of weather apps. So, it 'may' rain today. Grab an umbrella and it never rains that day. Ironically enough I have Bing weather installed. For the pretty live tile :) is that why others use weather apps? Pretty views.

Really? Can't tell if serious...

Oi i can't download the lite go tell their devs to shove it !!!!

cgold1 says:

What if you bike to work because its nice out in the morning and then it starts raining in the afternoon. If you had looked at the forecast you probably would have just taken the subway, no?

Oakdale Dude says:

Yes, it is mandatory to have ginormous weather apps on your device showing rain clouds with angry faces and bright suns with baby faces winking at you.

I learned that from HTC

JKOgden says:

Is there an option to pull data from TWC instead of wunderground?

Arsenic17 says:

We can only wish. Been complaining about this for a year now. It must be easier for devs to import Wunderground data as opposed to good data from the FAA AWOS sites.

Aryan Angel says:

Why isn't the lite version available for 512MB RAM devices?

tbonenga says:

Clock is to small. I love it though. Need a option for a large clock (HTC). That would be cool to flip between clock and weather.

Strongly agree .. Got alot of ideas like this one, too bad im not a developer ...

Tragic says:

Tell the developer!

Why I can't download the lite version?? Any ideas?

Protrek says:

Bing weather is nice With statistic over 10 last years weather. Missing lockscreen thow.

Dadstar0410 says:

And double-wide showing daily forecast. This feature would complement my HTC app perfectly.

useme2useyou says:

I bought this... Very nice but doesn't exactly follow your location and updates are a bit slow. The new Bing Weather, which is FREE, follows your location and updates more frequently. Hmmm, which one would you have? Lol

UzaiBaka says:

The pretty one.

useme2useyou says:

If it was a woman, I'd agree, lol. Then again, Bing Weather is rather pretty...

Dazzi says:

I would rather have the one that shows accurate data (Met Office/Bing), than a pretty one that is useless -- I've used Amazing Weather and Weather Flow, and they are both terrible here in the UK.

useme2useyou says:

Agree with you there. Bing Weather is nice anyway, not sure what the complaints are about. Just needs lock screen support and the option for the live tile to be the theme colour. Met Office is nice but has adverts on some areas... Needs an update to remove those!

Dazzi says:

Right about now Bing Weather is my favourite, and from what I can see so far, it uses quality sources for data.
I also agree with you in regards, to Met Office needing updating to remove ads, as they are too intrusive -- unlike Bing Weathers' tiny ads.

SleepyTheDon says:

This is a great app I use to use it all the time but found the forecast to be off some times. (i.e. It would be raining outside but even after refreshing the app would show sunny out)

Dean McCrae says:

Wow, so glad to see other apps getting comments like this...

UzaiBaka says:

I get the same problem here, but it doesn't happen all that often, at least for me anyway. Plus I like the look of the lock screen so I'm happy lol

blessthejon says:

Awesome app. Personally I use Bing Weather & Weather Wallpaper. :)

cdodgela says:

I use Amazing Weather HD and I think it is great!  I love being able to use it with my pictures and weather info for my lock screen.  Personally, I look for weather apps that use Wunderground's data.  It might be that I want to be able to have it display my very accurate weather data from my own personal weather station in my back yard!  Not sure about everywhere else, but the personal weather stations in my neck of the woods are pretty darn consistent and accurate in spite of Wunderground being bought out by The Weather Channel!  Go Wunderground!
P.S.  I use to use WeatherLive (also used Wunderground data) but it stopped working for me a couple of new phones ago and still won't work on my 1020...)

larrybon says:

I've tried a half dozen weather apps. None of them update the live tiles! Yes...background blocking is turned off. My 920 hasn't updated the live tiles properly since I've owned it! So who cares about a damn weather app! Not me...
Even wpcental's app updates on occasion.
My sons 920 works perfect. I got my 920 the day of release and as far as tiles updating....it's been hit and miss! Disappointing to say the least.

MethodGT says:

That sucks. I had a non-updating live tile problem for about a month last spring. It really takes the enjoyment out of the phone.

Raesu says:

Would definitely try a soft reset (hold volume down and power for about 7 sec). Some apps have stopped updating for me as well, however...even after another soft reset. Probably going to fully reset after gdr2 for the hell of it.

jMawl says:

I'm in the same boat. I just looked at my AW HD live tile and the forecast started last Thursday...i.e., it was giving me the weather from last Wednesday. Not very useful if the live tile and lock screen only update after opening the app. I will say that Bing weather and Weather Channel behave the same way. Maybe I will try the soft reset as well.

Good to know an update is here.  I wonder if this will fix my lockscreen weather not updating properly.

Dean McCrae says:

Probably not, since WP has a bug in lock screen image updates. Can be worked around though. Try Weather To-Go, I guarantee the lock screen will update perfectly.

For me this is not a good app the temperature is not accurate and the updates on the weather take too long. I regret paying for this app.

RackDaddy says:

How can I expect they'll know what the weather will be three days from now when they can't seem to agree what the weather is now?
Wunderground says it's 73 outside, Intellicast says 72, Accuweather says 70, iMap says 68...  IMHO, the only useful weather-related app (type) is radar.

hombreee says:

I prefer Bing weather :)

srslykev says:

In Germany the data seems very acurate, actually. At least in areas I've been to.
Only problem is that I can't get the radar or any other map running. Thought this was a WP7 issue but it hasn't changed on my Lumia 925.

myoujin says:

Bought this apps several montbh ago. But now using bing weather because can locate my location. Bing weather show where I live, Putrajaya Malaysia. But this apps show location name 15k away. Same as weather flow.

Wael Hasno says:

If they want my money so bad they will have it.. One day. I was using Weather Flow due to its design and appearance but the live tiles backgrounds got boring quickly and the temperatures were some times off. Using Bing Weather now, love seeing the same tile on both my laptop and my phone and it supports my location. Too bad there's no wide tile for it yet.

Raesu says:

Annoying how amazing HD doesn't have a consistent "GPS" location. Only taps GPS to set up your current city. Always preferred weather flow for this reason but since that stopped updating the tile and lock screen despite many soft resets ill try this for a while.

Dean McCrae says:

Try Weather To-Go, it has perfect GPS location. :-)

jwinch2 says:

A Live Radar is needed big time for this to be a solid Weather App.  

Colby Lee says:

Typo in headline.

squire777 says:

I have had some issues since installing the update.
First problem was that it wouldn't let me change the style of my tiles. Everytime I would click a tile style it would exit out the app automatically.
Second problem was that when I would try to re-enter the app it would tell me that there was an error. I had to reinstall the entire app to get it stop throwing errors.
I also find the metro style wide tiles have their information crammed too close together.

ephraimg says:

Is there a weather app that adds weather to lockscreen, but doesn't change the lockscreen background?

Dean McCrae says:

If your image is Bing or your own photo, Weather To-Go will do it.

walter1832 says:

You must be the developer, cause your pushing this app really hard.

Dean McCrae says:

Walter, yes, it seemed like a good opportunity, and its a bit of fun. I am done now, though ;-)

korg250 says:

You can do that with Amazin Weather.

ballanda says:

Maps still suck.  This app could be so much better, but they're more concerned with form than function.

Currently using weather wallpaper. I'm gonna give it a try but I'll maybe soon remove it. It's just too large

I changed my mind, I won't remove it. I'm now inloved with it.

allos autos says:

I'm currently using Weather Flow for my lock screen and Weather View for my live tile (I only use a small live tile). I would use Amazing Weather HD if you could disable the city name on the small live tile. I know where I am, so I'd rather a nicer (and bigger) metro-style icon.

uselessrobot says:

I like the app but the design leaves a bit to be desired. For example, the live tile layouts are cluttered and not particularly elegant. Even on the simplest of tiles nothing content isn't centered properly.

I've been giving Bing Weather a try. So far I prefer it, but I'm not a fan of the adds lurking around in the app. I wish Microsoft offered a pay version that disabled them.

Giffdev says:

I'm still not seeing the time displayed in the current city's timezone :(

Dean McCrae says:

You will with Weather To-Go...full location details plus local time including half hour time zones, with sunrise/sunset...nice.

Nakazul says:

Still useless in the west of Sweden.

Dean McCrae says:

Try Weather To-Go then, it will find your Swedish town, I bet.. (Väder To-Go)

Nakazul says:

Köpte den rakt av utan att pröva den. There we have trust in a fellow country men :-)
Its not perfect but its okay. Its actually displaying the wrong town name but the right "kommun", how about that. If I search my town manually it gets thing right. Meaning I have to swipe in app depending on location instead of using GPS positions. :-/

Dean McCrae says:

Wow, Nakazul, thank you! I hope you'll be happy with it. I would appreciate if you could email me from the app, giving the place name and the name the app shows. The source data for GPS lookup can be modified.

I like Met Office here im the UK for weather.... However it doesn't have push updates yet so only refreshes when opened...

It has nice radar maps though which most other apps don't for the UK.

Dean McCrae says:

Come on folks! All this loyalty to apps that don't work properly or miss key features: bad location lookup; no lock screen; tile won't update; bad layout; loosing settings; no wide tile... I read all that and apps like Amazing and Flow are still pushed so much, not the least by sites such as WPCentral. I don't get it. Anyway, Uninstall all that bad quality stuff, and install an app you'll be happy with: Weather To-Go. Not less than 4 stars in any market! I'll take a Pepsi challenge against the others on accuracy, functions, prettiness, GPS, lock screen and tiles. And in the unlikely event of problems, the author (yes, me) will be happy to listen and help you, and actually reply to your mail quickly. If you don't try it you're missing out. :-)

walter1832 says:

Is that comic sans font in your app?

Dean McCrae says:

Yes, there are 4 font choices though. Although I might pull out Arial, it is almost like Segoe.

steve_w_7 says:

Seriously.  Change the cartoonish font and it might be worth the purchase.

Dean McCrae says:

Steve, go with Segoe then, it is in the Settings.

Just as a suggestion, you should probably mention in the app description that the font can be changed. I almost didn't download it when I saw the Comic Sans in the screenshots (although I realize that most people probably aren't as picky as I am). Otherwise, it is a pretty impressive app! Great job

Dean McCrae says:

Yes WhiteNiteLight I believe you are right. Actually although the app defaults to Segoe now, the screen shots are still Comic. I had no idea this point was so important to many users, but I think I should change the screen shots (a lengthy task for 10 languages!). Thanks for the positive comments.

Nejcooo says:

Why there's no free version???

Dean McCrae says:

Well, you have a full functioning trial, and the price is at the minimum level of the store, unlike many others. I am sure you will find it worth it. A free app will not provide you with the features I mentioned.

Nejcooo says:

Theres a Weather channel which comes with good tile and it has ads. So I guess Ill have to stick with this one.

DaSchnee says:

Amazing Weather and Weather Flow are both crap. They look really nice but they are badly coded. After a couple of days with one of the two apps running all my background agents stop working. 

Codellion says:

You can try Umbrella 8, updates both the lockscreen and the 3 live tiles with photos from flickr.

mgkeath says:

I love when some people think that certain apps that don't work for them are crap. Oh well, to each their own. AW has pretty much always worked fine for me. Temps. have been accurate (as accurate as any other I've tried), lock screen and live tile have updated just fine, GPS has followed and adjusted my location fine, app is certainly one of the better looking weather apps, etc. I've tried just about every weather app out there and none has worked better for me. I'd like more with the radar maps, but other than that, I've seen no alternative that is as good as AW. Your mileage may vary, but AW isn't so highly rated for no reason.

SteggyDad says:

Be nice if the Live Tiles updated on my 1020. Removed, re-pinned. Restarted, soft reboot, no luck

Dean McCrae says:

Check how many background tasks are active, in phone settings, applications. It is an awful failing of Windows Phone that background tasks arbitrarily do not run if too many are active. It is the number 1 issue for MS to address, and its the apps that get the blame.

SteggyDad says:

Is four too many background tasks?

irvin792 says:

What is a good amount to have? I know sometimes my "live tiles" hang for hours, then all of a sudden work as normal again

Dean McCrae says:

4 seems fine, I assume that is not your problem then. I suggest you google the problem because there are other steps to take as well.

iamoniwaban says:

Does it support weather alerts yet?

NutmegState says:

It might be gorgeous and WPCentral is all gaga over this app, but it is very inaccurate for me.  For example, it shows rain today for my location and no rain tomorrow.  It is the complete opposite of what is outside right now and what the local news website has stated.  It simply is not accurate in its information as I have observed since using it and I paid the money so I am upset. 

irvin792 says:

Bing shows 86 degrees and Amazing Weather shows 96......:(

amcalexandre says:

Been using Amazing Weather

bglf83 says:

Amazing weather is accurate for me. Its a great app despite all the complainers above.

i really like this app but for some resaon the live tile never updates, it is enabled to run in the background, this is the only thing i dont like about this app, other than this this app is great.

Dean McCrae says:

Although I am a competitor, in defence of AW it is likely to be Windows Phone and not the app at fault.