AmazingWeather and Chase apps get performance boost in latest updates


Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Good news for those of you who use the official Chase Banking app or AmazingWeather (paid or lite), as both apps received updates today to make ‘em faster.

AmazingWeather gets bumped to version 3.6 and touts that it loads “in less than 1.5 seconds” and is now 3x faster than the previous version. That’s welcomed news as AmazingWeather is a sharp looking app but it was always a bit slow to use when compared to its competition.

Indeed, we can confirm that the app does load almost instantly now, making this app a top-contender for best Weather on Windows Phone. You can pick up the full version here for $1.49 or the lite, ad-supported one for free here.


Now set for Ludicrous Speed

The Chase Mobile banking app is still the new guy on Windows Phone so it’s nice to see that app get bumped to version 1.1 also with claims of “improved performance”. We’ve heard some complaints that the app was slow and cumbersome to use so hopefully this patch update will get things going.

You can grab Chase Mobile here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, lippidp, ceaser, Mike S and the rest, for the tips

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fwaits says:

Got updates this morning for ESPN Radio, Cowlick!, Kayak, and NFL Live as well in case anyone cares. =)

cannon#WP says:

Yea, I also had an update for Gleek as well. There were 11 total updates waiting for me today (including the Adobe X re-update).

David Ray says:

I haven't gotten one for cowlick ( ._.)

aeronaught says:

When I downloaded the Chase update, I also got a notice from Zune telling me to update the terms of service to personalize my music selection based on ratings/listens. Anyone else get this?

Umm, we wrote about that about 2 stories down.

aeronaught says:

Oops my bad, missed that story. Sorry!

Z3Vo says:

No link to that article? It would have been a more polite response.

erwt says:

Or you can just go back to the home page and scroll down a little bit further...

Three Dog says:

Damn, you two beat me to the punch...

+1 for the Daft Punk reference

Shanawaz Ali says:

Liking the Space Balls reference too. 

ladydias says:

+1 To both of you for taking the words out of my mouth. :)

teoami says:

For the love of baby jesus, I wish they would make the font smaller for the account activity. It is needlessly too big and makes it awkward to scroll alot just to see a little information.

Soxpranos says:

Quit ur crying and grow a pair

Write a review for the app, then shut up and count your blessings that we have an app at all.

Can't update apps because I'm on a family plan with Xbox live 100 for 4 people

ladydias says:

No access to a wi-fi source?

blnwp says:

Anyone else find AmazingWeather data little inaccurate for their cities? I understand weather data is not going to be 100% correct. But still I find sometime it's off by 5 degrees sometimes from other apps and also the same for Weather Master. It makes me think why I had to pay for both of these apps when their data source is inaccurate and have to use free apps anyway.

I get that a lot on AmazingWeather. Or their current temperature is 10 degrees away from their forecast for that time.

eizsoft says:

The Data is pulled from WeatherUnderground as is, if you are facing wrong temratures emails us on feedback link with the city name and we will tell the service about it no worries.

Soxpranos says:

Yeah always has temps off by 3 or more degrees with other maps or online weather. Also with new update u can't add other cities as it just looks for weather stations in ur city.

wsanchez78 says:

Did the chase app take away the check deposit feature? Either that or it's stating me on the face, yet not see it. Please let me know if it's the latter and where you get to it

It's there... Separate screen now.

bob1216 says:

Amazing Weather update stripped out hourly forecast in place of the three hour forecast the other apps carry. Disappointing

woodbane says:

Perhaps that's why it now loads in about 2 seconds flat? Less data to pull.

It's definitely 3hours, and some how I don't care.

nlm says:

Agreed. I prefer the extra data even if it costs a few seconds of loading. The beauty of amazing weather with the 2 day forecast on the back tile the app doesn't need to be opened as often so the I didnt notice the slower load times that much. I suggest sending feedback that 1 or 3 hour forecasts should be a user option in settings.

eizsoft says:

We actually have all the data, we will re add the hourly data back on the Next update, we thought the three hours is more readable, and as we recieved alot of feedback of this we will return it :).

eizsoft says:

it will be back in the next update :)

Loving both updates! Much improved indeed.

eizsoft says:

Amazing Weather was rebuilt from the ground up.. File-> new Project thats why the app is more responsive, faster to load and the navigation is fluid.
We are planing a new update soon with new features, and we will support the new start screen also of WP8 and WP7.8 :)

eizsoft says:

Upcoming update with fixed Hourly screen :) The link if the image is hidden

Soxpranos says:

With new update can't add other cities in other states or country?

lientjieb says:

I am having the same problem with the update. I can only add places near me and not other cities in my country.