Amazon Kindle app now available for Windows Phone 7

Good news folks as Amazon's Kindle app has finally hit the Marketplace. Well, they said "by the holidays" and though they're a few days late, we'll accept the ever so slight delay.

Considering the Kindle was one of the top selling gadgets of 2010, we're betting many of you got one for the holidays, making this app a natrual extension. What's cool of course about Kindle is the fact it keeps all your periodicals synced up, meaning you can read your Kindle then pick up your phone and continue that newspaper from right where you left off.

Our initial impression? It's pretty, darn pretty. And we like it.

Anyways, grab it here now.

via: ZDnet/@palmsolo & @derbrotkasten



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lucazzo says:

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!I got used over the last 2 years to read books on my phone. Why? I go to bed, read, and if I fall asleep the LED simply turns itself off after a couple of min. Used to average 2 novels per week.I swear, this is the one app I was missing. PERFECT!

Calan#WP says:

Not available in Canada.

Calan#WP says:

Update:Clicking the link in this post brings up Zune which says it's not available in my location. Searching the marketplace on my phone shows no results.HOWEVER: Clicking the link in this post from within my phone's browser allowed me to download and use it successfully. I'd be interested to see if it works for those of you in the UK.

tekno23 says:

It's not in the UK Marketplace either :(Yet another example of why MS need to create a single global Marketplace!

mvierling says:

I'm in the US and I don't see it in the marketplace either.

HD7guy says:

It takes a while for the search indexes to catch up. (No idea why.) Try searching for Amazon or reader or...

mvierling says:

Tried searching for both Amazon and reader, still not found. Also tried clicking on the link provided in this post. It downloads, but doesn't install. No error message, no anything.

Rico says:

US here, no issues downloading this app shortly after the article was posted, directly from my Focus even.Great app; I downloaded a few freebies and I'm loving it. It's pretty smooth and they manage to hide quite a few features in a full screen interface that remains unobstrusive. It remembers your place in your book so whatever device you read on, you'll always start from where you left off. The ability to set brightness with even more accuracy than the OS allows, as well as font size, a three choices of color schemes. I'm going to see how well it handles PDF importing later. Only thing is I do wish it would autoscroll.I really hate that this isn't available outside of the US. This is the type of app that should be available to everyone.

Orange_Tang says:

I downloaded it last night as i was browsing through the new apps. It is installed and working perfectly for me. I'm in the US, idk why it wouldn't work for other people in the US.

msweston7#WP says:

didnt have any problems downloading and using this in the UK works fine.. downloaded following the link above

singlestack says:

I can't figure out how to load kindle books into my phone that I've downloaded onto my desktop. Any ideas?