Amazon Mobile app for Windows Phone gets UK and Germany support in latest update

Amazon now for the UK too

We do love our Amazon Mobile app for Windows Phone--beautiful, useful and well designed the app is one of our must-haves (especially since we have Prime). However, we do get a lot of complaints about it, specifically its lack of support for the UK market (and others).

Version 1.8 just went live in the Marketplace today and support for the UK and Germany is now included (in addition to un-named bug fixes). Our own Rich Edmonds verified that the app is working there which should make many of you finally pleased. This update follows a previous one just weeks ago which added social features to the popular app.

Amazon Mobile gives you access to Amazon.com's vast array of goods from their location as well as 3rd party retailers. Allowing 1-click purchasing and a nice bar-code scanner, the app allows you to comparison shop when you're out in a brick-and-mortar store. In addition, you can access your account and track your orders.

Since the app is "new" to the recently added Marketplaces you can't search for it just yet. No worries as you can just use our download link to get it now. Thanks, Ben D., for the tip

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DaSchnee says:

Wurde wirklich Zeit... :)

Racxie says:

At last! I'm sure there are going to be plenty of others ecstatic about this news as well.

jmwhite19 says:

Finally UK Support! gg Amazon

Cyruss1989 says:

Praise the lord!

Meathooks says:

No Canada still... :'(

simphf says:

I know right!

chucky78 says:

Smoked by Windows Phone happening right now in Toronto at Yonge & Bloor

elangab says:

Hopefully Canada will be next...

eepyaich says:

Hurrah!!!  Excellent news - have been waiting for this, for some time!

weepatc says:

Been waiting a loooooong time for this in the UK. 1st impressions very good. Well done Amazon!!!

AriesDog says:

Wish the WinPhone Amazon app would let us purchase Amazon Instant Video. Then it would be a great companion to the Xbox 360 Amazon Instant Video app.

p.a says:

I wondered for a long time when they would finally make it available. It was one of the most important apps that were still missing. :-)

I knew it would be available soon.

jamiefinney says:

Great news, still not sure why it took this long to get this though.

Gerom247 says:

Finally in Germany!
...could be kind of a rime :D

nablor says:

Finally and about bloody time.

buhoymarmota says:

Jipppppppiiiii!!!! I sent them an email and i have complained. We consumer have power... We must use it!!!!!!!! Thanks to amazon.

thaman04 says:


welsbloke says:

Holy crap batman!

Nakazul says:

Sweden here, i could download the app through your link and login with U.K as country, a start?

buggyglint says:

Would be cool to see this app in Canada. Then again, I never really order stuff from Amazon...

Higgs Boson says:

Ich bin ein Amazoner!!

Bernard Wei says:

Add amazon.ca please.... App still not available in Canada, even though I can and have purchased from amazon.ca, amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

Bernard Wei says:

Just want to add that I purchased on their website and have them shipped to Canada.

joshcsmith13 says:

Stupid piece of junk still doesn't support App-Connect. (like every Mango/7.5 preview said it "should") I don't need another bar code scanner; I've already got one built-in to Bing!

joshcsmith13 says:

I've tried to contact their dev team, but have no faith that my comments are getting to the right people. (Maybe WP Central can help them understand what a big oversight this is.??)

phatboy66 says:

Canada Canada Canada!

iBandar says:

Canadaaa :@