Amazon Mobile for Windows Phone

Amazon Mobile gets updated with Canadian support and more

Nothing strokes the Windows Phone enthusiast bone like getting an update to your apps. Canadians will be especially happy about the latest update to the Amazon Mobile app for Windows Phone. It brings support for our friends north of the border and a few other little things.

If you’re an avid shopper on Amazon you’ll want to update your app for Windows Phone. Canadians will enjoy the locale support that was just added to the app as well. The rest of us can enjoy some small bug fixes that should help make the experience of using Amazon on our devices slightly better. You’ll also notice ‘performance improvements’, which I won’t complain about. However, I would love to see the app take a different direction in the design department, but that’s a complaint neither here nor there.

You can download Amazon Mobile for any Windows Phone device right here in the Store, use the QR below, or swipe right in our Windows Phone Central app.

QR Logo Amazon Mobile

Thanks for the tip Justin P!



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erzhik says:

Would love to see "Seller account" support.

jdb_ii says:

How is the app full screen in the picture in the post? Mine isn't???

aaa6112 says:

What phone do you have?

Flagz says:

HTC 8X uses a different resolution than all other windows phones. We're the outcast.

SaucePolicy says:

Mine isn't full screen either on my 8X.

thaman04 says:

It's full screen on my Lumia 920 :)

mythos13 says:

Finally. Although I'm sitll not seeing it in the Canadian marketplace and installing from a link never works for me because it always says my phone did not respond. Hopefully it will show up in the marketplace soon.

thaman04 says:

I see it on my phone Store and the web Store (both in Canada), and it installed fine.  Are you sure you're set up as Canadian on your phone?

spadX says:

Nice thing from amazon and after test, the scan do the job. Everything was scanned perfectly at the first try. But the app still slow and the 1click mobile activation button didnt work well everitime. Maybe next update will correct that. But overall, great app and I'm happy to finaly have it on my 7.8 :D

buggyglint says:

Better late than never! ;)

R0bR says:

Amazon announced this weeks ago but their App always came up as not available. I sent them an email about it and they said they were looking into it. Guess they finally fixed it.

thaman04 says:

LOL me too! I contacted their support team 2 times... looks like all our complaining worked :)

thaman04 says:

FINALLY... and the app is surprisingly really nice!   :)   Lumia 920 here

DaveGx says:

Still no filter options, like Average Customer Reviews. Why? Android and Apple have these options.