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Nokia Lumia 720 + Amber

Amber for the Lumia 720 appears on Nokia Care Suite; rollout imminent

Good news for those with the awesome Nokia Lumia 720, as the 1334 Amber firmware and 10328 OS update (GDR2) is now sitting on Nokia’s servers.

If you're adventurous and use Nokia Care Suite or Navifirm+, you can download the ROM and manually flash your device (losing all information in the process); alternatively, you can wait until your carrier begins to roll it out over-the-air, which is what we recommend.

Nokia Lumia 720 + Amber
Manually flashing a Lumia 720 with Amber update

Nokia’s Amber update for the Lumia 720 (and the 620 and 520) have been slower to be released when compared to the high-end Lumias, though Nokia has promised that all devices should be updated by the end of September. Lots of people have been looking forward to the Lumia 720 update as that device is quite popular. With the new files on Nokia’s servers, it means the OS build is finalized and it should be rolling out to the various regions within the next few days.

Nokia Lumia 720 + Amber and Glance Screen
New Glance screen on the Nokia Lumia 720 + Amber

Windows Phone Central can confirm that Amber on the Lumia 720 brings with it Data Sense, Glance Screen, FM Radio, default-camera selection, Lumia Color Profile, Call + SMS filter and the Other Storage fix, amongst the top items. Although double-tap to awake is supposed to be there, we have not been able to find that feature enabled for the Lumia 720 on our device.

We’ll keep you posted when the update starts rolling out over-the-air. In the meantime, head into our Lumia 720 forums for further discussion:

Thanks, husam2277, for the tip



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gan1981 says:

This is cruel. AT&T where is my Lumia 920 update ?

erzhik says:

I think they might be waiting for GDR3 before pushing the update.

Ronny2756 says:

I guess we'll never know if thats what there doing until we actually get gdr3 ughh.. I thought I would get gdr2 in July

yup........u r ryt

I have waited so long but it still turns out to be "2 seconds ago"

jfa1 says:

the article says that Nokia has said that all Lumias will be updated by the end of this month.  However on the don side Vodaphone Australia has said they are skipping GDR 2 and waiting for GDR 3.  But maybe they will get the Am,ber firmware update.  A little more patience.

lippidp says:

I thought they were skipping GDR2 only for the 8X.

wbadry says:

It was manufacturer decision"HTC" since the last update brought several issues. Nokia will receive this update

Long Syntax says:

Att 920? I know, they're still testing!

CPnextdoor says:

Testing as it coming?

ninny1176 says:

I bet they will skip gdr2 and go to gdr3 instead.

This happened to me with the att dvp, it was the LAST to get Mango.

theoldwolfus says:

Well, rolling out an update does require a lot of coordination with manufacturers, as they keep telling me on Twitter. So it's all Nokia's fault, you see. Even though they provided the exact same software to Verizon at the exact same time, and Verizon have managed to roll it out to 920s on their network weeks ago.

Still, Nokia's fault. Not AT&T's. Nope.

It's more complicated than that, I hope you know. It's not just AT&T tests it, pass, go. It's a back and forth process. So yes, it could be Nokia. It's also Nokia's firmware (Amber) that is the big news here and yes, it slowed things down for everybody.

Josh Harman says:

I think that the notifications not being on Glance, as they apparently intended, because they ran out of time shows that Nokia was indeed slowing things down.
(don't tell that to some because everything is always AT&T and Microsoft's fault, while Nokia is perfect in every way)

Hello please help
I installed the program nokia software updater for retail
and I got updated for lumia 720 However, the installation does not succeed
Showed me this letter  Error code: InternalError."
Please help

Same problem here too! i dont know what to do now..

For me there was no error. smoothly installed. updated through nokia software updater for retail 3.0.8.
I am from India Kolkata.
SMS and Call filter is not yet available after the amber .. Double tap to wake is also not there.. :(

i didn't get glance screen after the update either.
but later on.. i receive a notification from the store that there's an update ready to download : glance :)

bguy_1986 says:

atleast you got a response back... I've yet to get one.

Josh Harman says:

There isn't a 920 on Verizon.

<p>lol! i think Nokia can not pay their engineer to it for them! :P so causing so much delay!</p>

Hoping that it will get to Kenya soon......

rodneyej says:

As far as the quality of comments is concerned,, it seems like WPC has made a turn for the worse since the big announcement was made... Some of these guys are getting on my last set of nerves.. They are either still bitching about the Nokia name, being over speculative, coming up with ideas that would never work, and sometimes just plain not making sense whatsoever at all... They all seem to have a "weird" name for some reason... Have you noticed this❔

At least the comments aren't depressing like it was during the Xbox games drought before skulls of shogun.

rodneyej says:

I'd have to disagree.. Sorry, but to hear so many WP fans threaten to leave the platform because of a name change is kind of depressing.. But, it's more annoying because I don't think they are really going anywhere...

maybe many of those "so many WP fans" are actually just Nokia fans. and they switched to WP just for Nokia.
in that case it's very much possible they will leave WP if Nokia goes.

Bloobed says:

I am one of those people, I guess. Not leaving the platform because of it, but I will certainly be much more vary of any changes that I perceive to be for the worse.

rodneyej says:

That's understandable, and we all should be that way if we see things not going right, or undesirable changes in Nokia hardware, and support... But, nothing has happened yet......

Jack Larson1 says:

' I swear, ONE moar week and I'm switching to android. Don't let me down nokia& att! I'll do it!!' or

'nokia should not have been Completely bought out by M$, they would have made Sooooo much money if they made an android phone...'

lol I think you are right.

rodneyej says:

I was about to say that you're crazy.... Lol❕

Tips_y says:

I've even seen some of those "weird" name posters copy-paste their negative comments from blog site to another blog site.

rodneyej says:

That just shows how these haters really have faith that WP will succeed further, and further...

wpceej989 says:

Hey Daniel with the acquisition of Nokia hardware, would this maybe streamline the update process?

rodneyej says:

Hey,, that's a idea....

korg250 says:

Or make it worse, since it's Nokia that is delivering constant updates.

rodneyej says:

Why be so negative❔ What good does it do❔.. Don't worry, if things aren't going right in the future we all will see it, so why do so many of you worry that we won't❔... The point is that things are expected to go right.. This is a team, and some of you players keep asking the coach "but what if we loose❔❔""".... Failure is not a option people, so get that out of your minds❗❗❗❗❗

korg250 says:

So, to keep denying it is being positive?

rodneyej says:

Keep denying what❔ What has happened❔ What has gone wrong as a result of this acquisition❔.... Keep denying the fact of what❔
No❕ To keep making something negative out of nothing is not being positive... So, that's why I ask what's the point of being negative❔What's your goal❔What are you hoping to achieve❔
I can tell you what most of us want to achieve with positive comments... We like to have something positive to look forward too, a place to share ideas that might work, and benefit WP users, address real issues so that a solution can be found, talk about upcoming devices, and services, promote apps,,, just overall provide a positive, but not naive, outlook for WP... To say that the acquisition won't work is pointless because it's going to happen.. To say that Nokia is dead is not positive. To determine a negative fate for WP is just plain annoying, and if I wanted to hear people talk negative about WP's future I would just go to Phone Arena and find "Troll".... For the last time this is WPCentral, and it's OK to have an opinion, but at this point it's time to quit mourning the past and look forward to the future.... Geezzzzzzzz.

korg250 says:

"Keep denying what❔"
That MS is slow at updating WP, and most of the sucess of WP can be attributed to Nokia efforts - not MS.
BTW, who said that "Nokia is dead"? I did not.

rodneyej says:

"Nokia is dead" is what's being said by others.. I'm not only addressing you... The idea is that Nokia will continue to do business as usual, so there's no reason to believe anything negative is going to happen,, unless you choose to... It's not like this is the first time that Nokia, and MS, have worked together, so I don't understand why someone of you continue to be so negative... If you say that MS has been so slow to release updates for WP before they bought Nokia, then what exactly is your point about what will happen after the acquisition? How, is this related❔Are you saying that updates are going to come even slower now❔... My point is that WP has always had shortcomings, but to bring these shortcomings up, and portray them now as they are a result of the acquisition is so pathetic... The thing is that nobody has any real problems that they can list, or anything negative that they cam say, that is valid, about the acquisition. So, why continue to just be negative over speculation, and fear❔.... The things you mentioned above have nothing to do with the acquisition, and the people who have been responsible for Nokias, and WP's, success are for the most part still in place.. What more do you need❔ What more can I tell you❔ What in this world can make you stop being so unproductively negative❔........negative comment in 3-2-1.....

wldcohso1 says:

I'm patient but why is at&t taking so long..

theavrgjoe says:


rodneyej says:

On somebody's server..... It'll come tomorrow.

andrew1967 says:

I've just got my update though AT&T just a moment ago, WOW I can't believe this is great.,,,,,,,,
ok, just kidding....

danj210 says:

Yes it's kinda crazy that I've been a huge windows phone fanatic for the longest time since launch, finally got my gf and two other co-workers to get a windows phone, and all three got their update two weeks ago! Makes me want to switch to Verizon and leave att for good. Att and Nokia should've been pushing the 920 update first. Yes I know, there are a lot of complexities, but I feel like we should've had a lot more updates by now than a gdr1, 2 and 3. Then the 2014 one. If all went on schedule then no biggie, but it's all over the place. I keep reading how redmonds money stores are practically unlimited... Then why can't Microsoft spend a million to get 20,000 people working on getting updates and software made, they want to catch up with apple and android don't they? Figured that would be their main focus considering their 4% market share.

Josh Harman says:

I don't think paying 20,000 people $50 would have helped much.

Jack Larson1 says:

Just take away the carriers approval. It won't solve everything but I would like to do updates the way apple does them: all at once!

rubenwidjaja says:

there are some issue with double tap such as a vibrate bug and draining battery.
Really waiting for this update :)

Ankmeyester says:

He said awesome Nokia Lumia 720 :)

shreyas15 says:

Hehe.. I grinned. And he's right too;)

Ah, finally! Good news!

Jaco Ra says:

Koodo 520 by the end of September? Hmmm

Vistaus says:

Dunno where you live but here in The Netherlands the 520 already had the Amber update.

nokiauser911 says:

No double-tap features...we r being ignored already...:(

they updated all phones as per their release order. 920, 820, 620.
then there should've been 520. it anyways has the largest user base!
and then the 720 should have come.
(nothing against 720 owners! i love that phone too! :P)

erfanullah says:

When they released update for 620 before 720, I thought it was unfair.

Vistaus says:

Not true. The 520 in The Netherlands got the Amber OTA before the 820.

Anubis99 says:

The fact is that the 720 cost more than the 620 and 520. It's not about the user base, it's about the support comming with the range of the phone. Just think of the HERE Drive + for the high-end Lumias vs the regional restriction of the app on the 720, 520 etc. It's normal to have more when you pay more ;)

Anubis99 says:

The fact is that the 720 cost more than the 620 and 520. It's not about the user base, it's about the support comming with the range of the phone. Just think of the HERE Drive + for the high-end Lumias vs the regional restriction of the app on the 720, 520 etc. It's normal to have more when you pay more ;)

Anubis99 says:

The fact is that the 720 cost more than the 620 and 520. It's not about the user base, it's about the support comming with the range of the phone. Just think of the HERE Drive + for the high-end Lumias vs the regional restriction of the app on the 720, 520 etc. It's normal to have more when you pay more ;)

mics_kiss18 says:

i really dont understand some people around here. When you bought your phones, it didn't have the features announced in this update yet you are able to use your phone. When this was announced and a time frame given as to when it will be delivered, end of September, people still complain. Get a life or at least practice how to be patient!

Vistaus says:

I bought the 720 after the Amber update was announced.

lippidp says:

Rad. Keep em coming! Rock n roll the updates!

Nokia has already said no double tap to wake up for 520/620 and 720 phones. :(

sj2202 says:

Ya..I was about to say the same thing.Due to some "hardware limitations",only the phones with 1 GB RAM are getting this feature.It is the worst for Lumia 620 as it isn't even getting the FM radio.

RetroMan71 says:

Think i might upgrade my 620 soon then...

Anubis99 says:

Then why the Att Lumia 520 have the feature? (just watch Daniel's unboxing)

erfanullah says:

I updated my Lumia 720 using Nokia Software Updater for Retail. This was so easy than Navifirm and Nokia Care Suite method I previously used. It downloads firmware and then installs it to your phone all by itself. There is an option to keep or delete user data. I chose to delete everything.

Kristijan87 says:

I'm tempted to do this with my 620. You know what really grinds my gears? According to Nokia's site, update for my device in Croatia is still "waiting for approval" even though there are unbranded 620s (mine is unbranded and unlocked) out there in the world already updated. And I've downloaded NSU and it found the update and it's the same version as some other updates for 620s in the world. So WHY is Nokia throttling the update process, I have no idea. I'm not buying all that "servers crowded" b.s., Nokia has state of the art servers and server farms. 
And so I'm sitting here, staring at that Nokia Software Updater wondering whether or not to go through with it. "The end of September" really doesn't cut it for me, I rely on Skype on my phone and I'd like that improved stability asap, providing that it actually works as promised...

scooby boom7 says:

does it break any warranty??

SajId Shaikh says:

Flashing your phone even through Nokia software can void your warranty.

Bailey199719 says:

EE say it should be released mid of this month.

dhruv07 says:

Maybe double tap to wake not cming to 720 because of hardware limitations!! As per nokia conversations

Deanaaargh says:

I am a bit confused about what to do. I have an unlocked 720 I bought in Dubai, but I live in Rwanda and use MTN. Will I ever get an OTA update or will I need to go through the process of flashing the device? any help would be appreciated.

nokiauser911 says:

Unlocked phones will get updates irrespective of carrier

Nankom says:

You are going to recieve the OTA update. You just have to wait a be patient.

OSean says:

Amber killed my 810, so 720 users be warned...

scooby boom7 says:

If we use the nokia software updater to update to amber.. Does it effect on warrent? :/ i wanna knw

SaiKiran7474 says:

No.. It doesn't.. Unless u flash it correctly..

shreyas15 says:

Data sense comes along with the update irrespective of the carrier? Coz my 720 is unlocked and not branded(if that means no carrier dependence).

Mark4211 says:

I heard that Double tap to unlock is not available on the 720, is that true?

pankaj981 says:

Its not available to any Lumia

SaiKiran7474 says:

It is available to all lumia win 8 models.. With the Amber update

pankaj981 says:

Double to wake, not double tap to unlock

It is true:  "the ‘double tap to wake up the phone’ feature is not supported on Lumia 720, Lumia 720T, Lumia 625, Lumia 620, Lumia 521, Lumia 520, or Lumia 520T. ‘Flip to silence’ on the other hand is available to all Lumia Windows Phone 8"

Vistaus says:

Except for the Dutch 520 and the AT&T 520 which do have double tap to wake.

Hello please help
I installed the program nokia software updater for retail
and I got updated for lumia 720 However, the installation does not succeed
Showed me this letter  Error code: InternalError."
Please help

PepsimanLeh says:

Why is there an "i" icon where some other phone dont have it?

When you press the "i", opens IE and goes to the nokia page where they show the amber features:

PepsimanLeh says:

Yes, I have the icon too. But what made me curious is why some other phone doesn't show the icon?

Maybe because the "i" appears when the update is near :).

s_a_r_k_i_s says:

Just forced the update on the 720 for Amber.....AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSOOOOME !!!
Gotta love that Nokia Software !!
Viva NOKIA ! 

hey buddy did you get the 
Call + SMS filter 
and double tap . feature ? coz i updated yesterday and i am missing them

Vistaus says:

Not sure about the filter but double tap isn't available for the 720.

Raphael Lins says:

My Nokia is getting hot when i turn on 3g and listen music after i've updated Amber =/

That was about time! I just can't wait. Doing via NSU

Ahmed Iqbal says:

Why the hell there are no notifications with in Nokia glance with clock.? Amber update is just only for this thing.?

i downloaded the Amber Update for nokia lumia 720 in india but with the update i did not got the : 
Call + SMS filter 
Double tap feature

grininja says:

Double tap feature is not available for Lumia 720. As for Call + SMS filter  tou should update Nokia services, Extras+info and such...

Sriram S says:

Is it possible to roll back after updating using NSU?
Or when a new version is released will i receive on OTA? where can i get more info regarding this!

Tim Sell says:

Still haven't got it in U.K Im on T-mobile??

Aman Manot says:

Updated my Lumia 720 in India using the Nokia Software Updater for Retail and must say as of yet the update is clean. No issues whatsoever. Here is the changelist:
1. Glance Screen (No double tap to wake for lumia 720 )
2. Data Sense (Manage and track your data efficiently, Very neatly done)
3. Radio
4. Call + SMS Filter (Block SMS and Calls, also get notification + live tile updates when blocking is in action)
5. Colour profiles
6. Flip to Silence
7. Bluetooth 4.0 LE
8. CalDav and CardDav improvements in Email
9. Love to see the Nokia Smart Cam in action - Improved.
10. New Wallpapers (Though found the Lock Screen setting to crash and land me back to settings menu and selecting some  new wallpapers)
11. And lot of other improvements unser the hood.
Not all updates will be available just after the update, you will have to update the nokia setting apps like "display + touch" , "extras + info", "audio" etc to get them all. Enjoy!!

bawajose says:

And finally.... the status is changed to "Coming Soon" for L720 (India).... so should be available by this weekend...!!!
Guys who installed the amber already, please also test the pro cam.... using the below method
1. Change region to US, then restart.
2. Connect to a WiFi network, Under Settings - WiFi, click on the WiFi network you are connected to, Switch 'Proxy' to on. Now type "" into "Server/URL". In "Port", type in "8888", then click on the tick at the bottom of the screen
3. Navigate to Pro Cam app in the store.
4. Tap install (it'll say attention required)
5. Keep net connected and turn off the proxy. (multitasking. Don't close store. Just press home button and continue with disabling proxy)
6. Tap install again. It'll work.
7. Resume region back to your country

Aman Manot says:

Works like a charm

I am waiting for Amber update for Lumia 720. 
Please let me know how to update the same.
How I will see the notification if available the same.

In from Patna, India. My amber update for Lumia 720 has arrived. But I font have wifi. Can anyone tell how I can download itvdirectly using mobile data plan?

AkArora says:

I updated my Lumia 720 (in India) and the extras + info is not showing Amber, I did not get Call filter and Glance Screen, only got Data Sense and Radio...Anyone with the same issue?

ravi yadav1 says:

i had the same issue.All you need to do is install Lumia system updater app,after installing it just update the system apps using it.Problem solved:)

Kskishor says:

hey me to from INDIA facing same problem
i to have Lumia system updater

how to solve it ????

Danni5 says:

Just looking forwar for the Nokia event on the 22nd of October in Abu Dhabi a middle east city. I am expacting the release of a new Nokia Lumia tablet as stated by Axeetech in his recent post.

Frin Toni says:

My phone is nokia lumia 720(malaysia). Can or not  these update by using a phone (phone update). Course my phone can't connect to a computer, my phone only show charging when it connected............

damianrivera says:

Hola alguien sabe, cuando saldrá la actualización amber para lumia 720 México operador telcel

ranoej says:

pls help. . mine is not amber update yet. . nokia enhancements version .the carrier is Australia but i am in philippines can i still have an amber update?