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Analog Clock Tile new

Analog Clock Tile gets updated with new faces, promises of more to come

A few weeks back we noted the release of the app Analog Clock Tile for devices running Windows Phone 8.1. The updated OS allows Tiles to be updated every minute, making "clock Tiles" like Clock Hub or TimeMe a go on the platform. No worries as to battery life, as Microsoft made sure such apps have a negligible impact.

Version 1.2 just went live in the Store, and it now has a few new features. For one, there are four new clock faces to choose from, including blocky digital, analog with numbers and one with just text.

Another change is the ability for the app to pull down new clock faces via a server. While it can be tricky (ours timed out once), this ability will keep the app small in size since you are only downloading the faces you want. What's more, new clock faces can be added at any time by the developer without an app update. Speaking of, the developer has vowed that for every 50K downloads of Analog Clock Tile, he'll add a new clock face for you folks.

Analog Clock Tile is a neat little app. It's free, and for large screen devices like the Lumia 1520, it gives you the ability to pin an ornamental Tile that actually has a function. Remember, Windows Phone is all about you, so you decide how your phone should look (don't listen to any haters in the comments!).

Pick up Analog Clock Tile 1.2 here in the Store. Windows Phone 8.1 only/Free

QR: analog Clock



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nez99 says:

Ahhh more clocks, finally catching up with android

herbertsnow says:

Yes we really need more useless clocks cluttering up the start screen.

How about we just let people download what they want instead of pretending to speak for the community? If clock apps were never downloaded, and people didn't want them, they'd die off in the Store. Since they are popular, one has no other option but to conclude they are in demand.

NIST says:

Demand is a self fulfilling prophecy.

herbertsnow says:

The last time I checked I wasn't appointed to the Download Police. So download whatever useless apps you guys want.

Zulfigar says:

Then stop acting like it. ;)

Hi there, do you know how to bring back games hub... I un pined it accidently and it is not showing up in the app list btw why is it missing from app list any ideas? Plss help

TechFreak1 says:

Ask Cortana "open games".

b23h says:

Personally I use it and appreciate the choice of clock faces.   I like the fact that it is much larger than the small clock in the task bar and so for me I see it as far from useless.

poken1151 says:

Agreed. Part of the "issue" many people saw with WP was the steadfast lack of certain "options". I remember debating the usefulness of a notification center when I miss things not pinned, and the original comment made me wonder.

Would part of the core audience that praises WP cecede because you have options? I have to wonder, I've bumped into so many that just want the OS to stay as it was in WP7.1 days. Lauded,. Loved it and never saw a reason to change it. Any comment on choice, options and settings are greeted with, "but why? When it has this...".

Anyway, WP has to grow, and part of growth is change, and I welcome "options". I still think there needs to be more in the core (and from the dev side), but it's been good, and having a million wallpaper apps and a million clock apps (not to mention a million weather apps) is just a fact of life. Some do it better, some do it the way others like it when some others dont.

Case in point, Ambiantic Noise. I used to love this app on android that allowed me to just overlay a ton (a lot) of sounds together to go to sleep by. I found a good bunch of well rated WP apps to replace it but they kind did this weird implementation: Play one main sound and overlap several sub sounds. BUT you couldn't use the main sounds together. So no campfire AND rainfall shall ever mix and I have a specific scenario I like to go to sleep to. Anyhow, few months and one app later, and someone decided to do something different: Give me a ton of sounds wherein I can overlap a good amount (6), finally an option for my specific need though those who don't care may have seen them all as the same thing.

So yes, some people, despite having a tiny lil clock in the upper left sometimes, prefer to decorate their home screen with a gigantic tile for just an analog clock. It's a thing, and people welcome it. If you don't support it at the least it helps the platform grow. Despite MS fighting that this doesn't matter, a huge chunk of Androids app-space are flashlights, clocks, weather apps and the sort along with continuosly average-good-great games. Right now... we still need to grow, I have yet to find me a good crossword puzzle app, despite there being like what? 5? Woohoo?

Just saying, it may not be something you use, but no need to bring it down when it brings yoru platform up.

And remember.... it's only cluttering up your start screen if you install and pin it, if it's not for you dont. Long reply is mainly for others.

daelumia says:

I like it too, but I find I keep pressing the tile thinking I is going to open my calendar...

Damned666 says:

What we really don't need is comments like herbertsnow...

Squeegies says:

haha.. i like the phrase inside the parenthesis..

I really, really don't see the point in having an analog clock on the start screen when you can always look at the time in digital form on the top.

I'm pretty sure we're all aware of that. See the last paragraph.

Err daniel, i cant download the apps, it's stuck, why this is happening? Any suggestion?

ajst222 says:

Personal preference...that's what it's all about and that's all that's important.

I have that with more apps, Why? Like the app to pin apps in the action centre while u can pin the same apps on the start screen. Or it can just be me not seeing the logic.

aienjell says:

Notifications are accessible from anywhere in the phone, even lock screen. That's just one reason for ya.

I know ;) but that app is for launching apps that u also have on the startscreen from the action centre next to the notifications. Pressing back or the window button and open a new app is just as fast. So yeah it has to be personal preference thing

Did you forget people with bad eyesight?

herbertsnow says:

The Human race is insane.

Your comments are hyperbolic :)

absolutshame says:

Daniel, wasn't there an app on WP7 that had several clocks but not pinnable?

herbertsnow says:

Have you seen Congress lately?

stui83 says:

Focus troll focus... You're losing them :)

Marco Gomes1 says:

I remember when a few months ago I said I'd like to have the ability to pin a clock to the start screen and received a shower of comments stating how dumb that idea was.

I remember people telling me how dumb the new Start screen backgrounds were. Or a Notification Center. People change once they try it and it's usually the reason why I discount people's thoughts on something when they haven't tried it e.g. those backgrounds.

topleya says:

I hated the backgrounds, then I tried it and cant imagine a life without them

ahmu86 says:

I actually liked backgrounds then after a week or so got bored of it. Changed back to solid colors... Now back to backgrounds again... Its always good to have options... All I need with WP now is candy crush and stick cricket... That's all...

Marco Gomes1 says:

I'm still not a fan of the transparent tiles cause many/most of them are just a useless white icon (yes I'm talking to you Microsoft and Nokia) but I'm guessing with a bit more time we'll see more interesting LIVE tiles...hopefully.

herbertsnow says:

It is a dumb idea, smart watches are also a dumb idea.

Evidently, you just don't like anything. Games on phones, smartwatches, clock Tiles, Zune...

I mean we get it, you know everything that is right in technology, everyone else is wrong and the human race is "insane" for wanting a clock Tile. But you may want to understand others think differently. It makes the world a bit more fun.

herbertsnow says:

I like you Daniel.

Pepe D Vegas says:

I don't agree about the clock because there are people out there with bad eyesight however... Smart watches are useless as s... And I will never ever ever ever purchase one of them in my lifetime!


your parents idea about making you was a dumb idea.

herbertsnow says:

The truth hurts don't it bud. How many smart watches do you own lol.

ajst222 says:

Looks neat! I like the look of an analog clock. BTW, Daniel, what wallpaper is that??? It looks awesome!

Come back tomorrow ;)

QilleRz says:

Jjyyyeeeaaahhh ! Haha. Thanks developer :D

migicmatt says:

I like it il when is get the the update with out voiding my warrantee

Will the clock apps work with 8.0 but only update every half hour? Out of curiosity.

TechFreak1 says:

Probably, but that defeats the purpose of a clock.. Right? :P.

Well of course. My point was if you are on 8.0 would it preclude you installing it or would you end up with the world's most useless clock?

Schikitar says:

Have been using T:ME but it doesn't update and currently can't even tell me the time, I'll give this one a go instead.

glassadam says:

Does this app have the same problem as Clock Hub where often when returning to the home screen the tile stops working?

herbertsnow says:

What no sundial?

Marco Gomes1 says:

Damnit!! Can't download a single clock. Uninstalled, restarted my phone, reseted the app, allowed background always... Ufff... Guess I'll give it another go later...

nizzon says:

Same here. Doesn't work :'(

Ozzpot says:

Same here. I've tried downloading this app since it first appeared weeks ago. It won't even start the download. Progress bar stuck at zero. No idea why.

Fade_z says:

Dang Rubino, you are on a spree here in the comments :D
You are right tho, kudos for you

-edit I personally really love the text-clock

PureView says:

Great. Now the store will be clogged by clock apps. I remember when all there were were battery apps. 

herbertsnow says:

People love pointless apps.

DVELOPinc says:

You and herbertsnow should search for WPcentral user DJCBS and yall three can buddy up and compare whining and bitching stories.
Because you see it as pointless does not mean others see it as pointless. More apps good or bad is a good thing to WP. Means more devs are jumping in which means WP popularity will grow.
BTW: I am a dev and wear glasses. After working behind my computer all day and I take my glasses off, having a tile on the Start Screen for the time is actually very helpful when my eyes are burnt out and trying to adjust to the small time in the corner actually isn't that great adding the fact I don't have to switch to Lockscreen and back over to Startscreen.
While you may see something as useless, there are people that see this as very helpful.

herbertsnow says:

Your post was pointless.

DVELOPinc says:

As has been every one of your ignorant post.

herbertsnow says:

And yet you reply.

PureView says:


too useless; didn;t read.

nath520 says:

Would be awesome on Windows Phone 8, not 8.1

CJ Thunder says:

The clock hate is a sad commentary on the world and human nature...
Reading the troubleshooting of the app is a sad commentary for WP8.1... I got to do all that for a clock. Wow!

conorn says:

Not working. When eventually does download ok the tile goes blank. Bring back last version again?

nycny says:

Doesn't work

nycny says:


I really want that wallpaper

afgzee says:

Says its not available for my device, UK lumia 925. Any reason why?

irsyadhhs says:

Number! That's my suggestion (and everyone too, perhaps)

Superzar says:

I think this might be US only. I can't find the app in the store, and the link provided doesn't work for me (Canada).

Mark Richey says:

Let's see. Bitch because there are not enough worthless apps in the store as Android or iOS. Check. Bitch because my worthless app is not as necessary as your worthless app. Check. Bitch because Lumia doesn't have a Weather/Clock hub like HTC. Check. Bitch when devs step up and add some of these features to all WP handsets. Check. Bitch because WPCentral has articles about xyz but not abc. Check.Bitch because WPCentral HAS articles about both xyz and ABC, but not lmnop. Check. What a whiny bunch. Daniel, please keep up the excellent work! I love the Action Center because I get advance notice of many great articles. Some I care about deeply and will view immediately. Some do not interest me. However, I will refrain from telling anyone here NOT to view the articles they wish to see if they will leave the rest of us the hell alone when we comment as well. I often download from links you provide and ignore those that do not interest me. What a concept.

DVELOPinc says:

This made my day, lol.

herbertsnow says:

Paragraphs Paragraphs Paragraphs

DVELOPinc says:

You really are an ignorant asshole aren't you.

herbertsnow says:

Be nice, friend.

Mark Richey says:

Special Paragraph Patrol Special:

Let's see.

  • Bitch because there are not enough worthless apps in the store as Android or iOS. Check.
  • Bitch because my worthless app is not as necessary as your worthless app. Check.
  • Bitch because Lumia doesn't have a Weather/Clock hub like HTC. Check.
  • Bitch when devs step up and add some of these features to all WP handsets. Check.
  • Bitch because WPCentral has articles about xyz but not abc. Check.
  • Bitch because WPCentral HAS articles about both xyz and ABC, but not lmnop. Check.


What a whiny bunch. Daniel, please keep up the excellent work! I love the Action Center because I get advance notice of many great articles. Some I care about deeply and will view immediately. Some do not interest me.


However, I will refrain from telling anyone here NOT to view the articles they wish to see if they will leave the rest of us the hell alone when we comment as well. I often download from links you provide and ignore those that do not interest me. What a concept.


Bitch about my post from mobile. Check. ;)

Ruufus says:

Glance Screen and Lock Screen clocks are good enough but to each their own.

Jazmac says:

It shows an empty icon no matter how often I adjust it.  I need to send the dev an email.

Chandan Hati says:

Hi Daniel. The app fails to download any clock faces. The download just didn't start. So I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and then wanted to give it another go. But after the fresh download the app is not even starting up. I have even restarted my phone. Any suggestions please.

thefanfx says:

till Live and Interactive Tiles are not part from the OS , there is no reason to install almost 15mb soft for simple clock. I understand that they have to add as much faces as minutes exists per day , but this kind of workaround is very very basic and eats resouces with no reasons so far. Yeah it's a cool feature to have , but not ready at this OS stage , once live tiles comes alive on next version OS , this app will be probably 500kb not 15mb.


This new version is <1MB, but it then downloads the clock face you choose.
I really like this app, especially the new analog face with numbers.
Keep up the good work and don't listen to all miserable Herbert snow trolls.

thefanfx says:

yeah and giving unknown non stop connection and access to god knows what ... eating unknown resouces and under question when your internet connection is out of order for longer than hour , pretty demanding requirements for simple app as clock .....

TechFreak1 says:

Hmm did you lose your tin foil hat or something? :P. It only requires a net connection to download the clock faces. Its not accessing any libraries or your phone ownership info.. Check the details view in the store lol.

thefanfx says:

sure :) that's what all are saying it will do only that it will do only this :) how often you belive to what some app market says to you m8 :) cause i don't

even apple is stealing info from their customers , so yeah no way to install clock app which demand network connection , it's like to buy a electric car working with wire only ....

and again that's a clock :) not a weather app

so yeah the idea is good to have it as tile , but the OS have no live-interactive tiles integration still , so i prefer to wait till MS release this as default option with next OS ver.


chancooluk says:

The previous version worked well, but the update has too many bugs, the tile goes blank after a couple of minutes and then the app will fail to launch after downloading a few clock faces. First clock hub broke, now this...

TechFreak1 says:

Tried a reinstall and check the battery saver settings, you might have turned off the background task by mistake :p.

lakshay0411 says:

Is it me or is it not working for everyone after the update?

nizzon says:

It's not working. I don't get it. Why not jus include the clocks in the app?

lakshay0411 says:

Exactly! We've to download new clocks. And even after downloading, it's not working for me

TechFreak1 says:

Sweet, I was hoping the dev would add more clock faces. His method update is ingenious! Beats constantly publishing the store per update. Also I have the app set to always allow to run in the background even on battery saver.

rowlie says:

After update I only had blank tile, so uninstalled and reinstalled and tile works. I have just tried to repeat the procedure on my 2nd phone and I am getting c101a006 market place error. Strange as the other app updates on phone are downloading without issue.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

ca_guri says:

I am too facing this issue, other apps were downloading without any problem but don't know what's the problem with this app only always getting the same error c101a006

myoujin says:

Me too. Update notification pop up and I select update all. Only this apps stuck error same as above.

Wam1q says:

Exactly the same with me... :( everything else updated except this. Keeps showing the c101a006 error.

ninny1176 says:

I'm also getting the same C101A006 error with this app, but I also can't Dl/install any new apps either...same on Wifi and LTE

rowlie says:

The error has been resolved. App downloading!

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

ktl88 says:

Can someone please tell me which weather app is Daniel Rubino using above the clock/cortana tile(s). Thanks

jay5353 says:

Unable to download Lumia 920 India dev preview.

jiggaman135 says:

I'M getting the same error as others won't download...... 920
Posted via the WPC App for Android!

xankazo says:

Can't download either.