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Android vs Windows Phone free apps - A case study

Case studies are always fun. You can't necessarily extrapolate the information and say it will apply to all cases equally, but you can gain some inferences from such cases and look for trends across others.

In this instance, one app called 'Mortal Kombat Tactics' by Neuralnet was released both on Android and Windows Phone and offered for free. What's the difference in ad revenue? Here it is, broken down by one of the developers, Alex Perez:

Android (AdMob)

  • Day 1 - 1,866 Impressions / $0.57 Revenue
  • Day 2 - 497 Impressions / $0.27 Revenue
  • Day 3 - 521 Impressions / $0.05 Revenue
  • Day 4 - 496 Impressions / $0.25 Revenue
  • Day 5 - 304 Impressions / $0.13 Revenue

Giving us a grand total of 3,684 Impressions and $1.27 in Revenue

Windows Phone 7 (PubCenter)

  • Day 1 - 2,070 Impressions / $1.28 Revenue (already surpassed Android's 5 days)
  • Day 2 - 1,903 Impressions / $2.52 Revenue
  • Day 3 - 2,391 Impressions / $4.63 Revenue
  • Day 4 - 3,693 Impressions / $3.86 Revenue
  • Day 5 - 2,274 Impressions / $2.48 Revenue

Giving us a grand total of 12,331 Impressions and $14.77 in Revenue

What is revealing about those numbers is two-fold. For one, the Windows Phone app clearly has more visibility on the platform due to less competition. As a result, it receives more ad-impressions. Second, all else being equal, the revenue is much higher for Windows Phone than Android. In fact, overall ad revenue in this case is nearly 3x that of Android, which is quite impressive.

For the developer here, Neuralnet, Windows Phone is the clear winner, making their investment much more worth their time in development. [Funny side note, we bought the Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat game awhile ago and this was the first app we downloaded and used for the game--it's a nice app and clearly has the visibility it needs on our platform.] You can find it here in the Marketplace.



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jackpro41 says:

no doubt that window phone brings good quality n fun game to user. but the limited variety of apps available are not satisfying all the user who changed their android to a android user, they exposed to all kinds of apps n game which under free category n paid category. even with frequent update. in addition variety choice of apps also part of the attraction to user.besides that, many other apps are unable to collaborate with wm OS. is quite disappointed.but definitely that WM apps will beat android apps in terms of quality n revenue due to price brings you quality.hope further development from all WM developer able to improve it ASAP to satisfy user n attract more android user instead demotivated by the issue i've talk above.

Saljen says:

Calling Windows Phone "wm OS" just clairifies your ignorance.

elcapo24682 says:

I hate posts like these, I certainly have no problem finding all the apps I need. but the really good stuff will come along when mango is officially released.

Nwright94 says:

I really had a hard time following your post. Your grammar is very confusing.

Terrin says:

Mind you we have a very quick growing marketplace on wp7 compared to android. second is your comment "but the limited variety of apps available are not satisfying all the user who changed their android to WM." Almost all users I speak to *about 50 a day at my job* do not have a problem with the marketplace at all, as they say all major apps are on the phone and if its a specfic app they are looking there is one that usally does the same thing just as good.and 3rd is "terms of quality n revenue due to price brings you quality." the app is free to download they are speaking about the adversting in the app how its more successful for companys on wp7 compared to android even though android has a much larger user base, wp7 developers still make more money from the advertisments.

Light Speed1 says:

you are so stupid. what the **** is "wm"?

diego3336 says:

And I still don't understand why WPCentral Official App uses AdMob on the free version...

I'm pretty positive it has to do with the very limited geographical markets PubCenter covers vs AdMob, combined with the fact that our developer, Jay Bennett, is UK based.

Coolaaron88 says:

Amazing, the numbers speak for themselves

What's most impressive to me about the article is not only that it did better on WP7, but the Android version died off quickly (Day 5 was a tiny fraction of Day 1 on Android), whereas Day 5 was actually beating Day 1 on Windows Phone.

Wheezle says:

WP7 WinsFatality!

sj55555 says:

$1.27 in 5 days? What a joke! You can make more money fishing for aluminum soda cans out of trash cans and claiming the deposit money.

devGOD says:

I'm a WP7 owner, I post here a lot. But, this win is flawed a bit... Although Android has more users and Apps it's, their market is over saturated. So of course a new app would stand out more in wp7 Marketplace than it would in Android's Market. I think a better match up for markets should have been the Blackberry Appworld. Both Appworld and WP7 have close to the same amount of apps and a new app would stand out in both.