Angry Birds Go! goes live in the Windows Phone Store after false early start

It was just four days ago that Rovio, and by extension we, teased you about Angry Birds Go! arriving for Windows Phone 8. The link for the latest and greatest in Angry Birds gaming was leaked and passed around rapidly. But the sinking realization of the app’s inability to connect to Rovio’s servers hit quickly and many were left with just a useless icon on their device.

Tonight (or even early morning for some of you), that tale has come to an end as version 1.0 of a true working version of the game is now live in the Store. That's just shy of under two-weeks after iOS got the game, which isn't too bad for platform parity.

Weighing in at 98 MB, the latest Windows Phone 8 game is a new take on the popular franchise, taking a page from Mario Kart racing. The game notes in the description “Feel the rush as you fling those freewheeling birds and piggies down the track at breakneck speed – with plenty of twists and turns in a thrilling race to the finish line!”.

The game boasts these features:

  • FIRST-EVER 3D ANGRY BIRDS WORLD! See the birds and pigs from every angle as Piggy Island comes alive in this rich and colorful 3D world!
  • RACE AS THE BIRDS OR PIGS! Jump behind the wheel and race as Red, Chuck, Terence, Stella, King Pig, Moustache Pig and many other favorites!
  • MASTER THE TRACKS! Plenty of racetracks, stunt roads, air courses and off-road races – each throwing big and unexpected challenges your way!
  • AWESOME SPECIAL POWERS! Smash your opponents off the road and take that winning position thanks to unique special powers for each character!
  • MANY GAME MODES! Test your skills with super-fun and surprising game modes: Race, Time Boom, Fruit Splat, Champion Chase and Mega Match!
  • UPGRADE YOUR RIDE! From a homemade soapbox car to a super-fly supercar, with tons of karts and awesome ways to upgrade – yours to earn or purchase!
  • MUCH MORE TO COME! The race has only just begun – so look out for many more fun things coming your way!

Indeed, the game at least looks like a nice changeup from the regular fling ‘em style of previous Angry Birds releases. Plus, it’s completely free (though you can bet there are some in-app purchases to make up for that “oversight”).

For now, we’re just going to fire up the 3D racer and take her for a spin, pardon the pun. For the rest of you, you can update the previous version or just grab the Store link here to get Angry Birds Go! for your Windows Phone 8 device. Note: you need at least 1 GB of RAM, so no Lumia 520/620/625/720s!

Thanks, Yarim B., Froi F., Kevin B., and Anmol M., for the tips!

QR: Angry Birds go



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powerd says:

1GB RAM? Huh!

powerd says:

If Asphalt 7 or 8 can run on my gorgeous Lumia 720, why cant this game be made to run on it :(

Roshan Roxx says:

You are right asphalt 8 runs like charm why not this

and why not Socl app << and this list goes on and on..

neo158 says:

The Socl app is being updated to run on 512MB devices, the only reason it requires 1GB at the moment is due to a rare bug that crashes the app on 512MB devices.

joshjo says:

Rovio still has an Android mind.

dhruv07 says:

Yeah agreed asphalt 8 about taking 1.5 gb in my Lumia 720 can run smoothly why not 98mb rovio dont give this shit ..1gb ram only

WhippedKream says:

I downloaded it on my 8X and it says on my make more space application it took up 484 MB. Still, if Asphalt 8 works, this really should because the graphics are much more intense. Nothing to do with memory. But damn it takes up a lot more space than I thought on my 8GB device :'(

PipoDj says:

yeah that is weird. the installation file iis 98MB but after install the entire 450MB of my poor 8GB is consumed!

Doomguy says:

Because the devs have skipped the "Optimize your code" class back in school.

QilleRz says:

How I hope it should be compatible with 512MB of RAM :(

Aaron M says:

Remember it took these guys about 2 years to finally spend the two days porting their game to windows phone. So don't be surprised if they are to lazy to make their game compatible with 512MB.

Developers really need to start making their apps less memory eaters

kinaton says:

Takes up 790mb or so on my L920

Roshan Roxx says:

Holy crap! Why no 512 mb

Going to take a stab at this: 3D graphics

Roshan Roxx says:

Hope in future it will be available
No where is that temple run 2 ?

iPhone 4 and 4S too have 512 MB RAM.The game is available for both of those devices ,which means again they just neglected optimising it for us

Roshan Roxx says:

Oh is it! See this is how they neglected wp they make the game either it will be paid or not available!

Aashish13 says:

Should we all write a mail to them asking for 512 Mb Ram devcies??? That's the only way to contact them. I had sent mail to kiloo for releasing subway surfers but they replied that they are busy in making future subway subway surfers. I guess they are least bothered about WP.

Roshan Roxx says:

Chill we may get it! We have to WAIT, just wait wait
And then one fine day we may get
Lol dono when that one fine day will come :D

neo158 says:

^ This, do you really believe they will release it and not improve it with updates. Rovio have a pretty good track record on Windows Phone so I don't think they'll leave 512MB devices out of the equation.

mark alwyn says:

i'm a lumia 720 user and i've already done that. i had sent mail to Microsoft and they said they will work for that. I think this is all part of their business, they don't let 512mb WP user to download this kind of game in able you to buy new 1gb phone. 

sholokov says:

It has more 3D graphics than Halo and Asphalt? Incorrect stab.

Jump Jet says:

maybe need wait and update

It doesn't even run all that smoothly on a 1gb device, it would run horribly on 512mb. I hope they optimize it with a future patch.

juba20 says:

No 512 mb ram holy crap ! Thy should make it for all devices like minion rush
And it's just only 99 mb why no 512 mb ram

MilkyTee says:

Haha. File size has absolutely nothing to do with RAM.

phendrome says:

They should definitely consider trying to optimizing the game to work with 512MB devices. The majority of Windows Phone users use the Lumia 520.

juba20 says:

They should optimize the game to run 512 mb ram

rcasey says:

A potentially great game ruined by being freeware.

GearDoGi says:

Good news!
It seems that the XBOX on WP was one step froward (achievements) and two step backwards (certification process,restrictions etc.)
Now a developer can publish whenever he wants as many as he wants games and update them frequently.
I would like to see more updates on ported games so that the can be optimized as much as possible to run perfectly smooth even on 512mb devices.
Porting games on WP isn't enough if the devs simply let the games rot in the store and become totaly outdated!

coip says:

The death of Xbox games on Windows Phone is not good news. It's bad for the platform as it was a major distinguishing feature from iOS and Android. We got later ports, sure, but at least they had extra features. Now we're just getting stripped down sloppy seconds--or, at best, boring equivalents. What would be better is Microsoft adopting an ID@Xbox-esque Xbox certification process and then actually promoting the development of Xbox games on Windows Phone. That is, you shouldn't be happy that Microsoft's shitty Xbox certification procedures resulted in the death of Xbox games on Windows Phone, you should be angry at Microsoft for not fixing it. #SaveXboxWP

MacDaMachine says:

What Xbox Live features? There was one damn feature (you get achievements in games) that's it. If you bought a WP just for achievements, then you got robbed.

coip says:

If you think Xbox Live had just one feature--achievements--then you missed out on the point of Xbox Live. It provides a slieu of features. Achievements is the big one--one that adds a ton of replay value and challenge to the game. Other features include unified shared leaderboards, increasing the ability to compete with and compare with friends; others include shared friends list, increasing the ability to interact with friends in a game; others include a unified online multiplayer experience. It increases the social aspect of gaming while also providing exclusivity. Not all of these features were expertly implemented into every game, but the potential was there. Xbox integration made games better, and losing those features sucks: #SaveXboxWP

theefman says:

Xbox live on WP is dead, i wont be buying or downloading games anymore. I'd really like to see how those fools at Microsoft are going to explain the lack of Xbox live on WP when they bring their platforms closer together. So busy chasing apple juice hey forgot to take care of their own OS.

coip says:

Be sure to take to Twitter to tell Microsoft exactly how you feel or they'll never 'get' it: #SaveXboxWP. Start here: http://forums.wpcentral.com/gamers-lounge/249754-asphalt-8-not-xbox-title-lets-mobilize-reverse-trend-savexboxwp.html

vielze says:

yeah. if xbox games died then WP shoud died too. because without xbox games WP is the same as android but android ver 0.0 , the garbage version. well, i get my two friend get their own WP when i brag them about xbox feature and others feature as well, but as they same as me a gamer they more interested in xbox feature and they got their own WP now. but what we have here now is the dead of xbox games and the death of games with ram 512. hope in the future i heard a good news only MS . this one is double bad news as for the game is not only a xbox title but its not supported 512 ram . go go MS

coip says:

Agreed. Every time I show one of my Android- or iPhone-carrying friends that I can play Xbox games on Windows Phones, their interest immediately piques. This feature had the potential to be a huge selling point to an enormous niche of consumers (people who owned Xbox 360s but not Windows Phones). Unfortunately, Microsoft has missed the opportunity to 1. promote and develop Xbox gaming on Windows Phone) and 2. market the feature to consumers.

TonyDedrick says:

I just don't think the feature was as big of a selling point as some make it out to be. I won't be presumptious to imply IGN, Joystiq, Gamespot or any other site is the majority of gamers. But the sentiment on these sites on mobile gaming was that it was reserved for hospital waiting rooms and nothing more serious than that. Not my opinion. I know everyone I know that owns a 360 (and that's quite a few people) had no interest in in Xbox Games on WP. They were fine with their iPhones and Android devices. 

Finally good news !

rubenwidjaja says:

I will pass this then

awneze says:

Ita not a multiplayer game! Pass.

no 512 mb ##@@&&

w8ing 4 UPDATE!!

sholokov says:

Whoever installed it the first time, actually see a 100 MB, update. But no 512 support.

powerd says:

Where is Subway Surfers :P

adam morden says:

if they do a live title from it im all in... until then thx but no yhx

theefman says:

So no Xbox live and no live tile. Just keeps getting better and better.

Jas00555 says:

Disappointed by no Xbox integration, since Rovio has been pretty good about that. Still... I'd rather get this now instead of waiting longer for it to have achievements.

coip says:

Help us Tweet #SaveXboxWP to @Rovio and @AngryBirds (as well as Microsofot) telling them that we're disappointed this game didn't come with Xbox integration--their first game to snub us Xbox gamers: http://forums.wpcentral.com/gamers-lounge/249754-asphalt-8-not-xbox-title-lets-mobilize-reverse-trend-savexboxwp.html

neo158 says:

Spam post is Spam, you post this on every single article about a game. Get over it, Xbox Live on Windows Phone isn't dead!!

coip says:

Every one of my posts is a reply, a tailored response to someone else's post. It's not spam; it's mobilization. I bought Windows Phone for Xbox gaming--not only that, but I convinced 6 of my friends to do so for the same reason. 7 of us who put a massive investment into Microsoft's mobile OS, signing away 2-years of our lives in expensive contracts and eschewing other phones instead. Now, a mere 6 months later we're feeling cheated and misled by Microsoft,and I feel guilty for encouraging others to buy into the platform only to have the sole reason they even considered it die out within a half year. We absolutely have the right to be mad about it, and we absolutely have the right to mobilize to tell Microsoft they'ved all but lost our consumer confidence. The #SaveXboxWP campaign is that campaign and we're here getting the word out by replying to other people's posts that also lament the lack of Xbox Live in relevant articles (those about games on Windows Phone that were once expected to have Xbox Live integration).

EchoRedux says:

Mario KART* and yes Daniel, it totally matters.

saltellezjr says:

Thank you, I didn't want to be THAT guy. I applaud you sir (or madame).

Duduosf says:

Thank you. That hurt my eyes when I saw it!

arbetaren says:

No double wide tile.. sad.

kiddj55 says:

Umm IOS doesn't have this game yet

kidjenius says:

I wonder if iOS and android have multiplayer while we don't, or if all platforms lack MP

uopjo6 says:

Feels a bit unfinished (unpolished?) and crashes like a champ on L920. 

kidjenius says:

Works fine on my 920

Duduosf says:

Works fine on my 925, too. I wish we had the ability to drift in curves and the special were usable more than once.

sasukeluffy says:

Works fine on my Ativ S!

bilzkh says:

First the issue was WP 7.x
Then not having Nokia
Then 512MB RAM

...hate to be the one with all three problems in one. Looking at you incredibly annoying Focus/Titan user.

GearDoGi says:

Then the porting of games/apps
Now the OPTIMIZATION they need to run perfect on WP platform
And recently after XBOX death on WP a new achievement system is needed like GameCenter on iOS!

coip says:

A new achievement system isn't needed. Xbox achievements are the pinnacle of videogame achievements. Microsoft invented gaming achievements. What needs to be done is for them to fix the Xbox certification process for Xbox on WP, not to kill it. This is not good for the platform. #SaveXboxWP

theefman says:

Microsoft isn't capable of creating a new achievement system when they destroyed the one they already have on WP.

Jombib says:

Um so I was recently playing through that Kingdoms and Lords game, you know that WP Xbox Live game with the achievements and the auto friends list and the like, and couldn't help but notice how not dead and/or ruined Xbox Live on WP was.

sayonical says:

How do you play? Do I have to buy this Jenga thing?

Roshan Roxx says:

Nokia announced that temple run 2 will come in some days on Oct 22 its since 2 months and we are still waiting
Common MS show up and make the os grow

kidjenius says:

Your complaint would be more appropriate if we didn't just get two very popular and games the past week (minion rush and ABG)

Roshan Roxx says:

TR2 far more popular than those two!

jaymin00 says:

But wer is subway surfer????????

Devin19 says:

Ingame download doesn't work on NL920

kidjenius says:

Worked with mine

Abdal says:

Asphalt 8 and 7, Six Guns and other huge size games which runs at 512MB would be laughing on Rovio Entertainment LTD !!!!

Fuad Huda says:

You can download, but u need proxy,. Use this n try to download,.

Abdal says:

Can it play after downloading via proxy trick ?

Roshan Roxx says:

Does it work on 512mb via proxy ?

Devin19 says:

Didn't work for me :(

pippyo03 says:

Its a good game but just a bit slow... If you were to compare mariocart with this, and I don't mean the game lagges, its just slow paced... I love Mario cart because it was fast pace and there was always something around the corner, the game play is just slow to the touch...

addz77 says:

No achievements :(
And yes that is the most important part of games on WP devices for me.

Mik29 says:

Same here fella. So have MS just given up on LIVE games for the WP8 now???

coip says:

Ditto. There are thousands of other Xbox gamers on WP just like  you who are very frustrated right now. The best thing to do is to join the #SaveXboxWP Twitter movement and help us tell Microsoft executives our opinions: http://forums.wpcentral.com/gamers-lounge/249754-asphalt-8-not-xbox-title-lets-mobilize-reverse-trend-savexboxwp.html

neo158 says:

Stop it with the spam already, it's getting boring!!

coip says:

If you're so bored then stop reading it, take the blue pill, and go play your boring, non-Xbox certified version of Angry Birds Go. As I said above, it's not spam: all of my posts are original posts containing relevant information to the original posts they are a reply to. You're actually the one who is spamming.

You spam this message on every single gaming related article.

coip says:

No, I only post on gaming articles for games that were expected to have Xbox Live integration, and it's never spam, always relevant. This is an article about a game from a developer who has always supported Xbox integration on Windows Phone. This is their first title to eschew that feature and many of us--many of us who solely bought Windows Phones for Xbox gaming--are feeling cheated. We have a right to mobilize with those who feel the same way.

neo158 says:

Where did Rovio ever confirm they were adding Xbox support into Angry Birds Go?

They didn't and neither did Gameloft. I have to laugh that you bought a phone solely to play games on. No one has an ENTITLEMENT to anything and we as Windows Phone users aren't entitled to Xbox integration either.

My responses were different as well, if you even bothered to read them and they haven't been posted on EVERY article about a game either. So who's the one spamming!!

coip says:

This is the first game Rovio released on WP without Xbox integration. It's news worthy. Up until a few weeks ago, the same held true for Gameloft too. When you release dozens of games for a platform with Xbox integration, the expectation is that you will continue to do so. Only douchebags laugh at the misfortunes of others. Contrary to your fallacious reasoning, we as Windows Phone users are entitled to Xbox integration because Microsoft advertised it as a major feature of Windows Phone. It set up an expectation, we signed a 2-year contract based on that expectation, and they're not following through. We have right to be angry. My point is that when I post on here, I'm posting replies specifically to people who already posted a lamentation that said game doesn't have Xbox integration. Thus, I post a relevant comment to them, notifying them that I agree with them, that I'm trying to do something about it, and that they can join in if they want. You are the one who is seeking out posts with 'xbox' in them and then, in an unsolicited manner, trolling these people. If you cared about Windows Phone you'd realize that Xbox integration is a good thing, that it's drying up, and that these people who are upset about it are justified.

MangoGuy says:

Great works well, just need to find the code for Jenga

bilzkh says:

FYI there's a $50 car in this game... God. Damn.

jonnob says:

There is a $100 car too!!!

Conor Brown says:

That's roughly £55-60 for a single car, just myself seen one for almost 75 quid. No such thing as micro transactions, but rip-off transactions are on the way.

fitchalcyone says:

I kid you not, I accidentally just bought a $50 car...

I click on the premium cars just to see how ridiculous the price is.  I saw a $50 one, and instead of hitting the back button on my 920, my finger hit "Purchase."  It would be nice if larger amounts would have a second confirmation prompt for embarassing times like this.

Currently going around on AT&T's website to see if I can reverse this.  I'll pay a couple bucks here and there for some of these games, but $50?  Not so much, haha.

Fuad Huda says:

Abdal@ it just for download trik, like download nokia camera,. Maybe work in lumia 520 but not smooth,.

Just stupid that this game requires 1GB RAM.

drg says:

What's with the 98Mb download from the store and then requiring another 25Mb download on starts up?? Something similar happened with minions rush.

NightWatch71 says:

Considering the ridiculous amounts of storage WP needs to install apps, I think this is the way to go.

WP8dot89 says:

so majority game developer opt for 1GB devices.. this makes me worries about future windows updates for 512MB devices.. we will stuck at WP8.. just like WP7 users

Kristijan87 says:

History has taught me better. I will just sit back, relax and wait for the update to enable it on 512MB devices. I got used to it by now. Lumia 1520 is coming to Croatia this december, which means I will be able to afford it sometime around Easter 2016, and that means no more problems with RAM! :) Unless, of course in 2016 phones will be coming with 8 GB of RAM. :P

rikycaldeira says:

Glad rovio continues to acknowledge WP as a real third contender by launching games at the same time as android and ios. Missing Xbox live though

neo158 says:

Be careful when mentioning the certain games platform on here, Coip will post his spam if you aren't careful.

coip says:

You are the one who is spamming, trolling actually: you're searching for posts where other people are lamenting the loss of Xbox Live certification and then attacking them. This is the 3rd time you've done it in this thread. Go get a hobby. People are rightfully upset. Many people signed away 2-year contracts for Windows Phones (that's a lot of money) and now it's losing what was its major feature to them. We have a right to be mad, and we have a right to discuss it. Stop trolling.

neo158 says:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, where have Microsoft stated that Xbox on Windows Phone is dead?

I have plenty of hobbies thank you, not that I would care to tell you about them. We do have a right to DISCUSS it and not force an opinion on others.

coip says:

They have not officially called Xbox on Windows Phone dead nor do I expect them to. I've never said they have done that--in fact, what I did say is that until they officially announce it as dead, I'm going to partake in the #SaveXboxWP movement to convince them to save it. Because, despite your blinders, there is clearly something amiss: Xbox games used to come to WP weekly, now they come once a month, if we're lukcy, and previous major developers (Gameloft, MiniClip, Rovio) who zealously supported Xbox on WP are now eschewing it. It's a problem. Perhaps you should help us rather than mindlessly troll.

Forc3 says:

Ios and android do not have Angry birds go at this time... just saying

neo158 says:

Actually Android has it, I just installed it on my Galaxy Nexus... just saying!!

BldyIdt says:

I don't know for iOS, but Android has it.

KotsarikosG says:

My HTC 8X It works perfectly..

alllies says:

Hey!..I was able to download Undersky over 3G which is 63MB size!..since when did they increased the 50MB limit?

Haha boy its boosted a week before to 100 mb

rikycaldeira says:

Downloaded this one over data connection as well, it seems they reduced the game to 99MB just to fit the limit :P

Yaah lets how rovio make it a hit in wp8 without 520

Pranjal Rai says:

Hey Everyone, i contacted Rovio a few mins ago and this was their reply regarding publishing the game on low end lumias....


and thank you for contacting us.

It is our goal to get our games to all relevant devices out there. We are constantly looking into opportunities to bring our games to new platforms, but cannot give out release dates or future plans at this moment.

Best Squawks ~(^-^)~

Rovio Support Team"


So i guess we probably have to wait a while before it is available for 512MB Ram devices

WP8dot89 says:

naahhhh... I think what they trying to say is... "get up your ass and fork some dough and go buy 1GB lumia device.. see ya in the future with 1GB lumia device"

Localhorst86 says:

What they are really saying is:


"I have not understood a word you're saying, I will give a generic answer about our release plans."


Probably coughed up by a non-developing, support employee who has nothing to do with the technical aspects of the game. Or worse: an autoresponse.

nath520 says:

Feels trip every 512 ram

Potami says:

Its pretty fun. Reminds me of Mario Kart.

S_P_B says:

Stupid shit! More than half of wps can't run it

The majority of the users of lumia are on 520 or 620. Damn it 1 gb.

Proxy trick is not working felllas....any other way to install on mah 520

There is absolutely no other way to install a game that is coded to work on devices with 1GB of RAM if the proxy trick doesn't work.
All you can do is wait to see if Rovio can be bothered to release a version for 512 MB devices.

arjunan says:

this is why i loved lumia 525 and am waiting for it


tfc ninja says:

its not out for, ios yet ...

zulu69 says:

Daniel can you find out if there are any plans for this to be released to win 8/rt??

I was wondering just the same. And Angry Birds SW2 too. No words on that either

If they dont have plans to release it they might as well say it.

Aleksi says:

Great Game ! Much fun. Maybe later we'll get the 512ram version too.

fdruid says:

We just couldn't get this one earlier, could we? WP can't win. Thanks, Rovio, for remembering your roots.

Some are saying this came two weeks after iOS and Android got it. Others are saying it came first to Windows Phone 8.

I can tell you that it's not available for my Samsung Galaxy S 3. I've no idea if it is available for other Android phones or for iOS. I'll be seeing a friend a little later this afternoon who has an iPhone so I'll ask him if it is available for the iPhone.

EDDS says:

No Xbox intergation? I'll pass...

It seems like for some unknown reason, MSFT is asking game devs to hold on Xbox integration and PC OEMs to hold on to Windows RT tabs.

neo158 says:

Exactly what I'm thinking, they are probably going to add new features to bring it in line with the Xbox One.

coip says:

I agree with you that that seems to be the case as it is highly unlikely that all of the major publishers would simultaneously start eschewing Xbox Live integration. Sure, there was enough evidence that the certification process was terribly cumbersome, but there is no way all of the developers would stop doing it at the same time, so it seems l ikely that Microsoft is the one who threw the kill switch--ideally a pause switch, but that seems unlikely as I can't see many developers going back, regardless of if Microsoft improves the process or not. That said, I really hope a few more Xbox titles trickle out, particularly FIFA 14. Been waiting forever for that one and if it comes without Xbox branding I'm going to go bananas on Twitter with the #SaveXboxWP campaign.

jlynnm350z says:

A little off topic but is Minion rush new as well or has that been on the platform?

New, Paul had an article on it yesterday.

Micah Dawson says:

I just played it. It was cute for a minute and I got bored. Uninstalled.

Dare2Blink says:

Because a minute is all you need to determine a game's worth....

Martinio32 says:

That's depend of the developers skills. Good developers can write optimal code even for 256mb ram. Why difference? For a money of course because a money must fly around all the time.

Well its working like butter in my L820 no laga seen till yet

marcomura says:

99MB download over WiFi
Didn't Microsoft raised the 3G download limit to 100Mb ??
(I'm running the lastest gdr3 update)

Beats me.. but i am running GDR2.. well tbvh it sucks that after so many games, Rivio devs can't optimize assets and performance on Windows Phone..

Dare2Blink says:

Uau i'm starting to think that our comunity is made up 90% of moaners. We got the game only 2 weeks after ios and you guys are still complaining that it does not support 500 mb ram devices at lauch... seriously? It's not like many other games that at first were not optimised for 500 mb ram devices are now optimised right?... People stop bitching and wait. Most likely they will optimise the game as soon as they can, for now just be happy that we are finally starting to get some shadow of parity with game releases with other platforms... 

arjunan says:

guys at nokia converations say that 512 mb phones will support this soon


I have like 400mb free space on my L820 and it says I dont have free storage to install!

I tought that 3 times the space was reasonable, but 4 times now? This is becoming unbearable for 8 Gb devices

danbird18 says:

Same problem with 500mb free space!

hazmee87 says:

same with me, 675mb free space still not enough... L820

iamgarik says:

Guys, installed game weights about 620 Mb.... Sooo clear some space! 800 Mb should be enough.

kinaton says:

620mb try 940mb

ViniBT says:

Is Xbox on Windows Phone definitely dead? Does Microsoft have an official position about this?

I'm disappointed to see one of the main features of WP fading away...

coip says:

It's not looking good, that's for sure, with 3 Gameloft games and now 1 Rovio game all launching in the past few weeks without Xbox integration. I'm disappointed as well. Be sure to tweet and rewtweet #SaveXboxWP on Twitter to Microsoft executives to let them know your frustration.

FranBlagru says:

I am actually glad its not with Xbox, like all their other games, cause if it was with Xbox I'm sure it wont be free like all their other games.....

coip says:

There are many Xbox games on Windows Phone that are and have always been free. That would not have been a concern for this game. It could've had Xbox and still been free.

Who cares, its a rubbish game for rubbish people, if that offends you....that's your problem

neo158 says:

So people are rubbish if they like a particular game?

If I like certain games that you don't it doesn't make me rubbish, it just means I'm not a clone of you and that is YOUR problem!!

pantsaregood says:

What is everyone talking about "save Xbox for Windows Phone?" Xbox titles are still being made for the platform.

neo158 says:

It's a vocal minority that think that because four games have been released without Xbox integration that it must be dead on Windows Phone, it's frankly the most absurd thing I've seen on here especially as Microsoft haven't confirmed or denied it.

Those people also convinently forget that those games have IAPs. Microsoft changed the Ts & Cs surrounding IAPs and Xbox Live and this meant that some games, Chickens Can't Fly being one of them, had to be pulled, have the Xbox Features removed and then be resubmitted to the store.

coip says:

A vocal minority on here, perhaps, but much larger on other sites. These 4 recent games launched without Xbox integration come from 2 publishers who always  supported Xbox gaming on Windows Phone previously (Gameloft and Rovio), so it is a concern that they suddenly stopped doing so now. Many Xbox games on Windows Phone don't have IAP at all, so that's irrelevant.

neo158 says:

You're reading what you want to read and not reading the post, I stated that some Xbox Games were pulled for IAP mechanisms that didn't comply with the revised Ts & Cs for Xbox integration, the recent games have IAPs which probably didn't comply either hence the reason why they were released with no integration.

This is just speculation though, just the same as you're doing by saying Xbox on WP is dead but you're trying to pass it off as fact based on 4 games. As I said, Microsoft haven't said anything so at this point no one, including you, know for certain.

I can't make it any clearer than that!!

coip says:

Actually, you just did make it clearer. This post is much clearer than your previous one. You have a good point about Microsoft revising it's IAP terms of service. However, many Xbox titles on WP with the old IAP system still function fine and were never pulled, so I think there is more to it. Plus, eve if that were to explain a few of the titles that were expected to be Xbox enabled but weren't (like Asphalt 8, Dungeon Hunter 4, Angry Birds Go), it still remains painfully obvious that the number of Xbox on  WP titles released in the past 4 months pales in comparison to even 6 months ago. Look at Microsoft Studios as an example, t hey released dozens of Xbox on WP titles last year. This year they've release, what, two of them (Halo: SA and Skulls of the Shogun)? That's not a good sign when even Microsoft Studios is not supporting Xbox on WP.

neo158 says:

I think Microsoft probably has plans for Xbox Integration on WP, that's probably why they've been quiet. CES is coming in January so we'll see what happens then. You also need to remember that WP 8.1 is due out early next year as well so that could be another reason why. Dungeon Hunter 4 and Asphalt 8 on Windows 8 and RT have no Xbox Integration either.

Microsoft shut down the Microsoft Studios office in Victoria recently as well.

It would be universally stupid of them to drop Xbox integration from all those platforms after releasing the Xbox One.

coip says:

Hey, I hope you're right. I hope these past few months have just been a fluke and that Microsoft will wow us with an announcement that makes Xbox on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT better than ever. I have my doubts, though. Those doubts would go away if Microsoft would offer even a tiny bit of reassurance, but I find their silence on the issue ominous instead. I agree that it would be stupid to drop Xbox integration on WP and Win8; they should be promoting it even more now that Xbox One is here.

coip says:

There have been a measly 3 Xbox games for Windows Phone released in the past 4 months: Tetrs Blitz (EA) in September, Babel Rising 3D (Ubisoft) in October), and Kingdoms & Lords (Gameloft) released in November. This compares to a year ago when an Xbox game was launching ever week. So, clearly Xbox gaming on Windows Phone is drying up. Something is wrong and many of us who invested in the platform are upset and taking to Twitter to tweet #SaveXboxWP to Microsoft executives.

SamiSaifDine says:

HAHAHHAHA (Evil laugh ) I have 1gb of ram !!

neo158 says:

You Bad Piggy :P

Conor Brown says:

I'm still waiting for Bad Piggies !

JHunsaker says:

I have been waiting for this game too and am wondering if it will ever be released.  Initially i thought it wasn't released because of the Unity engine not released for WP, but it released quite some time ago and still no Bad Piggies.

Here we go again with the usual Xbox whine-fest... 

Seriously who the hell cares if you pass on the game because it is not xbox enabled?
Pass on the game then and shut up. Play other games and get useless achievments off those, to show how big of a """gamer""" you are... ridiculous.

You should be that Rovio actually cares, and releases this on the same day as other platforms... 

All of you savexbox blablabla ppl are getting very boring... 

Btw the game runs smooth and fine on L920, no lags.  Although the graphics doesn't seem to be HD quality (what to expect from 100MB), it looks quite nice.

neo158 says:

Couldn't have put it better myself, until we hear something official from Microsoft it isn't dead.

DJCBS says:

The moment developers drop support, it's dead. Just like WP7. You can say it isn't dead. But then you look at developer support for it...and it's not there.
It's not dead...it's a Zombie.

neo158 says:

And four games is indicative of dropping support, I don't think so!!

JHunsaker says:

I don't think that it is just the 4 games, but there used to be a new Xbox branded game released every Wednesday.  However, we have had like 1 maybe 2 in the last 2 to 3 months.

neo158 says:

So, this also isn't confirmation it's dead. Until Microsoft say something it's FUD, plain and simple.

DJCBS says:

Keep living in your illusion if you wish. The facts are clear: Xbox on WP is history. Now pray more developers won't release "updates" to strip their games of Xbox-features as EA has just done with Tetris Blitz.

iamgarik says:

Chill man! As mentioned above an "achievement thing" is a major difference between WP and other platforms games. Its making the game process far more better and fun, adds some "point", you know? Absence of this feature won't force me to blame devs, mess with players or leave the platform, but I will appreciate its presence!!! Anyways, that was your opinion and this is mine. Not more, not less...

First of all, I've missed a word there:
"You should be *happy* that Rovio"

Now for the reply: 
I like achievments myself, they act as a goal that can motivate you to play more, and get better, get everything you can (not to show off you e-pen).
Me too, will appreciate it's presence... true... but these guys are making a sh*tload of drama in EVERY non xbox game's thread and that's annoying (for me at least). They are threatening (whom actually?) that they will leave the platform or won't buy any more games... that's ridiculous, and noone cares.


iamgarik says:

In this part I completely agree with you! Their yelling makes no sense.

neo158 says:

Exactly how I feel, until Microsoft confirm or deny that it's dead then what they are spouting is what it is, FUD plain and simple!!

coip says:

If you don't care, that's fine: it's not for you. But other people purchased Windows Phones solely for Xbox gaming. They spent a lot of  money (signing 2-year contracts for new phones but a few months ago only to have the one feature they cared about die in front of them). They post on relevant articles (games from publishers that used to support Xbox gaming on WP but now don't--such as this one, the first from Rovio to eschew it) and voice their disappointment. They're perfectly justifiefd in doing so. You coming here telling them to "shut up" and that the thing they care about (achievements) is stupid is condescending and unnecessary. Obviously people care because enough people are "whining" about it that you felt impelled to arrogantly rebuke them for doing so.

I personally have no interest in XBox Live whatsoever but I can sort of understand the frustration of those that do when new games being released aren't Xbox enabled. However, because of my lack of interest in Xbox I am getting annoyed by the amount of posts bemoaning the absence of Xbox Live in new games on a site that can do nothing about it and has no influence over Microsoft or the game developers.
Please take your case up with those who can do something about it and please stop spamming this site with your Xbox woes.

coip says:

While you may be sick of reading about people mad about the absence of Xbox Live, I can assure you that those people are sick of reading comments from people like you who tell them it's not important and they should shut up and go somewhere else. It's important to a certain group of people that really don't care to be told condescendingly by other people that don't get it that their interests are frivolous. You obviously didn't really read most of those posts "bemoaning the absence of Xbox Live" or you would know the purpose of those posts is to 1. identify who else is upset about the loss of Xbox integration, 2. inform them of a movement (#SaveXboxWP) where we collectively voice our opinions to Microsoft and game developers. We're doing exactly what you just recommended we do; we're mobilizing and taking it up with Microsoft on a public forum. Read here for more info: http://forums.wpcentral.com/gamers-lounge/249754-asphalt-8-not-xbox-title-lets-mobilize-reverse-trend-savexboxwp.html

Well, all I can say is:

I really don't have problerm with your movement... or with the ppl connected to it.
You are just taking it to the wrong place. And it's annoying to a lot of ppl.
It is unnecessary to spam every game's from imho.
Go to Rovio's or Gameloft's forum and tell them. 
These threads are supposed to be informative... about the current game, it's hard to find any information because every 2nd post is about your movement.

This argument is unnecessary too, we won't change each other. Noone in the 'online world' is listening to anyone... "Your ppl" will probably keep on spamming and I will probably tell my opinion about them once I get upset enough once in a while^^ 

Oh and btw:  Those who buy a device, spend a lof ot money (signing 2 years contract, etc...) just because of the xbox eanbled games.... L O L

coip says:

I understand that you don't have a doctorate in social movement theory so let me explain how mobilization works. Mobilizers (the organizers of a movement) identify a target population (the people most likely to join their cause based on their demographics, biographic availability, viewpoints, and level of zeal). Then, they inform those people of the movement, encourage them to join, and then instruct them how they can help.

You claiming that we are "taking it to the wrong place" is wrong. This is one of many ideal places to find potential members for the Save Xbox Gaming on Windows Phone movement because 1. it's a website geared around news regarding Windows Phone, 2. this article is about a game on Windows Phone by a developer who previously supported Xbox gaming on Windows Phone, 3. the people we are replying to are those who lamented the lack of Xbox integration (i.e. their viewpoints match ours and their zeal is high enough to publicly express their disappointment).

You telling us that we should stop because "it's annoying to a lot of ppl [sic]" is incredibly condescending. You are essentially saying that you are more important than us, so much more important that you have the right to tell us to stop talking to each other just so you don't have to read it (you could also try not reading it).

You telling us to "Go to Rovio" is irrelevant: we're already doing that. Here we're just recruiting more people to help us.

You telling us that "we won't change each other" also misses the point. We're not here to change your mind; we're here to recruit people who are already ideologically aligned with our cause but unaware about the movement.

Oh, and btw, those who L O L at other people's misfortunes are condescending jerks.

Coip. It's nothing more and nothing less than spamming. That's exactly what you are doing and it's extremely annoying. It also spoils peoples enjoyment of this fine website which is most peoples go to place for all things Windows Phone. However, when reading these news stories we are having to wade through dozens of negative and whining comments that have been posted dozens of times before in the comments section of many other news articles.
Surely you must be able to see how boring and annoying it is to come across the same complaining comments in the majority of articles posted by WPCentral? So, as long as people such as yourself continue with your spamming you should expect people such as myself to object to the spamming.

coip says:

You find my posts irrelevant and annoying, I find your posts irrelevant and annoying. Welcome to the Internet. Don't be so self-rigtheous and selfish. People have different reasons for coming here and posting things and not all of them will match up with what you want them to be. I've explained elsewhere that I only post replies to people that already posted a lamentation of a game not having Xbox integration. My posts are therefore directly relevant to the original post and in no way constitute spam. In contrast, people like you are trolling our posts telling us how "annoying" it is that we're expressing our opinions and how "inconvenient" it is for you to have to read them. So sorry. I didn't know your interests were more important than everyone else's. Going around trolling people's posts telling them that their interests don't matter or that they're 'stupid' for liking Xbox is incredibly condescending. None of us are replying to your posts which don't interest us and telling you to stop spamming the comments section. We respect your right to discussion; respect ours.

So... one non-smoker guy is selfish and self righteous when he asks a smoker to stand aside and dont blow smoke in his face, because it is annoying.... ok

Well I'm out of this argument. You are overreacting this way too much and doing unnecessary drama.

Go on and continue spamming.


coip says:

If he comes over to a group of smokers who are smoking in a designated smoking area and demands that they stop smoking, then yes, he is an egotistical, self-centered, condescending douchebag. That's what is happening here. A group of gamers are discussing the merits and demerits of a game that is the topic of this article, and then other people (e.g. you) are jumping on their posts and telling them to stop their discussion. It's incredibly rude. None of us are trolling your posts, so stop trolling ours. You're acting like a spoiled child proclaiming all of WPCentral to be your space and chastizing anyone who posts a topic that doesn't immediately interest you. Did someone take your teddy bear away? Oy vey.

Sorry, but you are an idiot.
You are the one who is talking here like he is a god and have every right possible...

'designated smoking area' -> you are WRONG here, 'nuff said

'A group of gamers are discussing the merits and demerits of a game' -> Yes, this is what I want, and NOT what YOU are doing...

You are not discussing anything about the game, but crying out loud about xbox live titles....

I'm really finished with you now, you are not worth my time, got better things to do. You can have the last word if you want, I don't care.

coip says:

You are seriously displaying sociopathic qualities. Have you seriously never heard of the concept of sharing? A good chunk of society is built on the concept. We are gamers, on a comment section about a game, talking about what we see as a major demerit of that game (lack of Xbox integration). This comment section is a shared space: we use it to talk to each other about what is important to us, other people use it to talk about what is important to them. No one has more of a right than any other person to be here. Just because the aspect of the game that we are discussing is not the exact same thing as the aspect of the game that you want us to discuss does not give you the right to troll our posts and demand that we start talking about something that interests you. That is egotistical, self-centered behavior, and the fact that you cannot grasp the concept that your interests are not any more important than anyone else's interests (i.e. you have no right to tell us what we can and cannot talk about) suggests more serious issues that you should work out elsewhere, perhaps professionally. Good luck with that. In the meantime, we have not ever trolled one of your posts unsolicited, so do the same and leave us alone. You've done nothing but troll and spam our posts with your myopic, sociopathic nonsense, and quite frankly, your obsession with imposing your beliefs on us and your desire to control our behavior is getting a little creepy.

K_lando says:

Ah yes, the same company that basically crapped on MS and Windows Phone users a couple of years ago . Now we should be happy for them bestowing upon our humble masses another entry of their one-trick pony title.

Rovio can lick a dick.  Rovio should be happy than any of you give a crap about them, not the other way around.

Ultimateone says:

/\ wow


And since there is no Xbox Live enabled I am not getting this.

coip says:

No Xbox Live integration is a huge downer. I had thought Rovio would not be like Gameloft and would've kept supporting Windows Phone Xbox gaming. Something is going on and we need to let Microsoft know we're not happy about it. See this thread for more information on how to get involved: http://forums.wpcentral.com/gamers-lounge/249754-asphalt-8-not-xbox-title-lets-mobilize-reverse-trend-savexboxwp.html

QuadraFX says:

Angry Birds Go! ... away if not for 512MB phones.

neo158 says:

For now at least, I really hope they don't leave 512MB devices out of this.

DJCBS says:

No Xbox-integration, not interested. Moving on...

neo158 says:

It doesn't have Play Games integration on Android either but do you think Android owners care, if you aren't interested then the rest of is don't want to know!!

coip says:

Don't speak for everyone. I want to know who else is not interested in this game because it lacks Xbox-integration. I agree with these people, and I want them all to let @Microsoft know as well: #SaveXboxWp, bro. If you don't care about it, then stop trolling everyone who does.

neo158 says:

Says the person spamming ALL games articles with the same thing.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

coip says:

I already explained why what I do is not spamming and why what you do is trolling. I only reply to people who already posted about how they're upset a game doesn't have Xbox integration. My replies agree with them and then provide them mobilization information for a movement they probably have an interest in (given their previous post).  That's not spamming; it's recruiting and informing. What you do, in contrast, is seek out people who lament the loss of Xbox and then ridicule them. That's trolling.

neo158 says:

Those of you who are playing this, have you noticed that it signs you in as a guest but there is no way to sign in as anything else. Maybe Xbox Live integration is coming when 512MB devices get it!!

This is a f****n awesome game

No xbox, No Lumia 720 support.. Got to hell..

taking 600 mb after downloading on my lumia 920

N1NJ4K1LL3R says:

could they milk this franchise anymore? 

Nakazul says:

Super fun game with super bad IAP. You don't know what your buying left or right. There so many of em.

harkaran 77 says:

Check out dis game
seems gr8......

Naresh Patel says:

Works fine on my 820 but why all level are not free and how to get that code free?:D

Rovio are in the business of making money from their mobile games. That's why they are asking for money for in-app purchase's.
You do know that Rovio employ human beings to code these games and that those human beings need to be paid a wage to be able to provide for their families and to make a living?
I'm sure that if everything in life was free we would all be a lot happier but the world doesn't work like that.

Naresh Patel says:

I think they have to add in XBox :P

supadryz says:

This is the beginning of the end, it started with games like asphalt 8, Chickens Cna't Fly reboot. etc. without achievments & being a xbox live title this is bad news. As many have said before, I have a Windows phone for this main reason without it I may aswell pick up an iphone. 

if Mircosoft didn't have stupid rules in place for developers and there games this would not happen. 

R.I.P xbox Live Titles


lovebill says:

One of the best games available in any mobile platform. Ruined by "rest" feature and freemium model. 49 euro for the best car of the game...same price as Forda Motorsport 5 on Xbox one. Way too much. Hope 512 mb update will come soon. 

pottyvick says:

I don't understand all these complaints. if they wouldnt have released it at the same time as the other two platforms, you guys would have complained. If they do release it but dont add everything at launch (512 support, xbox live (if at all), etc) you guys complain. There seems to be no winning for them... And im not defending them but i do think its great they released it at all. Im sure their WP dev team is not nearly as big as their android/ios team so cut them some slack... 

coip says:

Those are different people complaining. Some groups of gamers here simply want games release on Windows Phone the exact same day as on iOS and Android. Other groups of gamers will happily tolerate a delay if the game comes with an extra feature like Xbox integration. I'm in the latter camp. Xbox gaming is better and worth the wait.


Unfortunately you will always have people who love to complain. They aren't happy until they have something to moan about.
I tend to ignore most of them, most of the time but sometimes that can be hard to do.
Most of the time though they give me a good laugh and remind me of how lucky I am in life for not being such a complaining tosser.

colinkiama says:

just do the proxy trick?

juba20 says:

I want to know the proxy

Blkacesvf41 says:

Is there a version coming to Windows 8.1? Anyone know?

You mean on computers or the WP 8.1 update?

Blkacesvf41 says:

The game yes. It'll be nice to have on Surfaces and convertibles.

If you have trouble with the internal download still, switch your region to US and reinstall the game. Same goes for minion rush :)

squire777 says:

I don't get why people complain that this doesn't run on 512MB phones.

It's like people who buy low end PCs and then complain that they can't run Crysis.

drina06 says:

Halo:Spartan Assault and Asphalt 8 are high end games and they are both avaliable for 512mb devices,that's why we do not understand why this medium game isn't available for l520/620/720 etc...The game is available for 512mb on both android and ios phones.About 70% of all sold windows phone 8 phones are 512mb devices.There are many more reasons why this game should be available for 512mb device,we do not ask Modern Combat 4 ,Nova 3 or Mass effect infiltrator to be optimized for our devices but Angry birds go ! should be .


This game is not available for my Samsung Galaxy S3 so I doubt that it is available for any other Android phone either. It is available for the iPhone 5 which I was able to confirm with a friend but I don't know if it is available for older iPhone's with inferior hardware.
It's not uncommon for developers to release their applications or games for Windows Phone devices with 1GB RAM first then for those devices with 512 MB of RAM a short time after.
Take a chill pill and relax. They may just be ironing out a few creases to make sure it runs well on low to mid range Windows Phones.
By the way, I love this game on my 1020 which runs buttery smooth and is great fun to play. It's also nice to have a bit of one-up-man-ship over my Android buddies who don't have access to this game yet.

Jean Felix says:

My Lumia 520 cries.

SoullessOnyx says:

1GB RAM... Of course.

Anyone getting an Error Code 805a0194? HTC 8X, Verizon.

AndrewL920 says:

Sounds like a Free-To-Pay game to me.

AndrewL920 says:

Having an Xbox Live in Windows Phone game is awesome but I can live without it. Since I buy this phone because of uniqueness and as an alternative to iOS and android. The most important thing to me is that the Windows Store is growing. :) 

JRich442 says:

Plays like a champ on my 1520. Graphics are really nice.

GrapeEyes says:

I play this on my lumia 1520, its great. However why the high charges to purchase basic items for the game?


Greedy Bas***ds!!

i thought we can download an app or a game upto 100mb using cellular data,. but i tried to download this a while a got and it just waiting for wi fi...damn...


AFuentesJr says:

Does anyone know why you have to play as a guest? I can't find any option for signing in via Facebook, or any social integration.

kinaton says:

No idea, more concerned why it needs 960mb ram

AFuentesJr says:

Ok...thanks for that useful reply.

eepyaich says:

I was wondering much the same about the "Guest" stuff.  I saw the Facebook and Twitter logos in the settings page and assumed they would log me in, but they just redirected to a general Rovio website.  Strange...

This is the first game I've found that needs so much RAM. There are many others with more complicated graphics and more sophisticated coding than this that run easily with my HTC 8S's 512MB. WHY DOES IT NEED SO MUCH?!?!

ajeesh yacob says:

i already downloaded this game yday .. and works fine..

tarundhawan says:

Best ever free game played on my 920