Take your Instagram selfies to absurd levels with Animal Face for Windows Phone

Animal Face Windows Phone

Every now and then we come across an app so ridiculous in the Windows Phone Store we can’t help but love it. We recently covered an app called Warp Photo Booth that produces hilarious selfies on Windows Phone. Ready for another zany app? Of course you are. Let’s check out Animal Face for Windows Phone.

Have you ever wanted to be a tiger or a duck? Who hasn’t? Sadly we’re not talking about an Animorphs today (does that technology or magic even exist yet?). Instead, Animal Face allows you to superimpose animal faces over yours or your friends.

Animal Face

Animal Face can use images from either your photo library or you can take one on the spot. Images can be edited using a photo editor before applying animal faces. Faces can be applied once you’ve made tweaks to your saturation and cropped your images.

Animal Face

You get 15 animal faces for free in the app. Some of those free animals include a bear, tiger, cougar (sadly not the O.C. kind), Chihuahua and fox. Although we think it’s worth dropping $0.99 to get the full animal roster. Anyways, you select your animal face and drop it into the image. From there you’ll resize and adjust as needed. Select share to save the image to your saved photos and send your new animal face to your various social networks. It’s awesome.

Apologies to Kate Upton for giving her a horse face up there. Be sure to tweet us some of your funny animal face pictures once you download the app. I especially want to see them. Send them to @samsabri

Want Animal Face? Of course you do. Go download it from the Windows Phone Store. The app is free, but you can remove ads and get more animal faces for just $0.99. 

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Coolaaron88 says:

Sam you are such a fox! :p

OMG, do you have a snake??? Is the animal I most fear!!! :(

Sam Sabri says:

Ha no! That was on the street in Santa Barbara. Local reptile society had a bunch of them out for people to look at and take pictures with for donations/info/etc. I don't like snakes either. 

Now you can be friend of mine again... :P

Chef316 says:

Hey Sam!...What does the fox say?

Iam Gray says:

It scare me, even in my thought.

OMG, what's next? Love that body of that horse, hmmmm. Nice.

Sam Sabri says:

Kate Upton is a babe for sure. 

Pratik Mehta says:

That gul looks hot

cuwe says:

Catwang :3

DaiaX says:

Maybe i will take a wolf face and pose as Man With A Mission.

Jas00555 says:

Sam, what does the fox say?

SamiSaifDine says:

Dingdingding ding dingding

taymur says:

You win, although if Sam replied it would have been epic lol

Sam Sabri says:

Nope! Haven't jumped that shark yet. Soon though. 

JM_T says:

Ha! When that happens, we'll be looking forward to your review.

larrybon says:

I'll pass! Stick with cloning in Fantasia painter and it's free!

millahguy says:

Wait, the horse head mask IS NOT included? Dreams = shattered!! I'd fork over moolah if it was...

Dadstar0410 says:

Is doge in there?

This app is awesome so far! Much better than the built in messaging in the full app. My only problem is that the notification sound is a little quiet.

irsyadhhs says:

Like catwang on androud i think