Announcing the Official WPCentral app for Windows Phone 7

Yes everyone, you read that right. After months of planning and developing, we are excited and proud to deliver our very own, official app. What's more, it is chock full of features, delivering almost every feature of our website in a streamlined, minimalist fashion.

Developed by Jay Bennett, the app has been submitted to the Marketplace and (fingers crossed) it should be live by Monday evening. So, enough chatter, lets hit the features:

  • Read homepage, reviews, apps, games or how-to sections
  • View comments associated with each article
  • Watch videos and view pictures posted in each article
  • Full search for any previous articles, including by section
  • Search through YouTube videos from the site
  • Deep links to the marketplace with articles featuring other apps
  • Listen to the latest podcast on your device through the app
  • Clean, simple user interface design and great user experience
  • Sharing of articles through E-mail, SMS or Twitter
  • Full landscape support
  • Live tile for the latest headlines

Not too shabby for a v1.0, eh? The app comes in two flavors: the full, premium-experience version is $0.99--no ads, all the features or the free, unlimited "trial" version (same as full version, but has ads and some missing features--unlimited use though).

So check out the vid for the tour and in a few short days, you can be using it too. Feedback is welcomed, so comment away.



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Looks very promising for version 1.0. I hope the developer have handled registering for LIVE TILE notifications properly, it is better to show up an error message when the app couldn't register/open the live notification channel.

Jay Bennett says:

I've used the pull live tile method for version 1.0 so there's no push channel to subscribe to just yet, instead the tile will update hourly. We'll be looking at push support in the future :)

Rico says:

I was set to download it as soon as I got the tweet. :/ Looks good (especially the live tile). You'll be seeing my 99 cents (minus fees) on Monday.

theefman says:

Absolutely, tremendously, fantastic application!!!!!! I will not be bothering with the free version but going for the paid. Is there any way you can get this app as a template for other WP7 sites? Or maybe even merge then into yours as a sister site? Nah, maybe not as I cant think of any other site that fits well with you guys. Looks amazing, and even with my broken dell venue pro I will be buying this.2 things I would like to see, access to the forums, either fully integrated with baing able to post, etc. If not possible how about a link? Also a way to mark some articles as favs with a way to sync them to skydrive. So if you have to hard reset, change devices you can get your favourite articles quickly. Bravo, cant wait till its available! And yes, more podcasts!!!

Thanks for the kind words!Re: forums, yup, we're planning on something for that--for now you can use Board Express (video review is on our site)Re: favorites/syncing--great idea, we'll put that down as one to look at

holmesrs says:

Re: favorites/syncing +1


Wow guys. Great job! Looks like it will be amazing. I will virtually be "standing in line" Monday. And $.99 is a steal.

brytonic says:

I too will be buying this when as soon as it is available!Nice work, WPCentral is a staple of my day!

TheWeeBear says:

Looks a very comprehensive app. Well done indeedy. Can't wait to download it.

nashtheflash says:

Can't wait! Live tile is a nice touch.

Spyral says:

Great looking app.

jabtano says:

Very nice and a nice price as well. I'll buy it.

graig99 says:

This looks awesome! At the moment I use an app called Tech Junkie which, to be honest, annoys the **** out of me...I'll definitely be buying the full version, can't wait for Monday!

mango.lover says:

Requests:- post comments- rate comments- the forums- instead of ads, promote the WPCentral Store- tag cloud- ability to easily contact WPCentral, incluiding ability to take/upload picture for leaks, etc. (aka Mr. Blurrycam)

Jay Bennett says:

One of your wishes is all there in v1.0, if Admob doesn't serve an ad you will see a link to the WPCentral store.This of course only applies to the trial version, the paid is completely ad free

Tazz#WP says:

You have my Sword.

mythos13 says:

It is not in the Canadian marketplace yet; hopefully it will get there too.

Jay Bennett says:

Worldwide don't worry, it'll be available in all regions (English only though)

Kick A$$. I waited forever for PreCentral to get an official app while I had my Pre...not sure if they finally released one. Definitely will fork over 99 cents on Monday for this app.

Alansonit says:

To be honest I'm going to go for the paid version. I like what you guys do.

cdook says:

Awesome work guys. Totally surprised me when I saw this post. I'll be purchasing this app come Monday.Can't wait to see an update that'll allow commenting, that's my big complaint on the mobile site right now.

Verkunder says:

Dudes! You should have made this post on MONDAY so we all don't have to wait!

Saljen says:

The app looks beautiful. I wish more developers would follow the Metro UI as well as you have, it pays off. You'll definitely be recieving my 99 cents ;)

Paul Acevedo says:

Thanks for all the kind words, everybody. Jay did a great job and we've really been enjoying the prerelease version.

ymala1 says:

You guys. This is awesome. Love how you used all these different features to make the app the best it could be and very usable, and extra points for keeping in tune with the metro UI, some apps are kind of annoying when they just shoe horn the metro look on without thinking about whether it looks good or not, you guys did good. Of late WPcentral has become my premiere site for WP7 news when I realized you guys just got the breaking news faster than some other sites I visit for WP7 news, and you guys rarely miss a story. Keep up the **** kicking!

Hi, the app looks fantastic. One suggestion tho. Have you thought utilizing for menu bar (its the one that has the three dots). It usually list a few options, and if you click on the three dots, more options show up. For example the share option can be put there. I found the icons for twitter and facebook under "more" tab are too big, doesn't really conform the Metro UI.

Jay Bennett says:

I did think about the ApplicationBar but as we wanted to dynamically grow or shrink the more list, or in the case of the home page, have only the refresh button, there wasn't really a need for it, as it does take up some of the precious screen real estate available.As more functionality goes in that may change and it may make more sense for us to switch to the ApplicationBar, it will all depend on the feedback we receive from you guys!

georgeous123 says:

this looks brilliant guys i will definetely buy it!I would be quite happy for a live tile update everytime a new article is published. Possible just have a number there like emails? so if it says 5 there has been 5 new articles since you last clicked the app.Anyway looks great!

The app looks fantastic, will definately buy the full version on Monday when it keeps out. I visit the site multiple times a day every day so it is the least I can do to say thank you.

Lovely app, will definitely be downloading the $.99 version come Monday.

incendy says:

Congratulations! Looks great, can't wait to try it!

tried searching for the app but no luck. I guess this was only released in the us. am in Saudi Arabia

Won't be released till Monday, so you didn't miss it. Should be available worldwide but English only.

holmesrs says:

Another must have app to add to my arsenal. Really need the ability to make comments added soon. Great job JB & co.

It's pretty much our number #1 priority, along with any issues people experience with a v1.0 app ;-)

D-Burrs says:

Looking forward to it, as wpcentral has become my primary wp news source. As far as apps go, I used to jump to windows phone news first thing in the morning, but will be making the switch once yours is released!

wheelerk says:

When will it be in the MarketPlace?

Jay Bennett says:

We're currently waiting on certification from Microsoft, it's due to be today, keep your eyes on the wpcentral twitter feed for news...

vizagdude says:

Where is the freekin App? I've been searching the Market Place for a while now. Good Luck guyz... job well done. Though I was hoping on long time back.

skyTroxx says:

I still waitin for the APP. Can´t find it in Marketplace, is the App also available in GERMANY?! Thx, and keep going with the good work

Danielpena says:

Just wondering if we can get an update on when this app is supposed to come out. I have been waiting for it and am very excited for it to be released. By the way it looks great and again I am very excited :)

holmesrs says:

Folks I'm sure your as anxious as the rest of us for the availability of the app to come to the market place. My suggestion to you is to follow @wpcentral on twitter, have Twitter text you with any updates from @wpcentral and you'll know as soon as it is announced.