Another version of Sony Ericsson WP7 Prototype "Julie"

We previously covered leaked photos of the Sony Ericsson device being spread like wildfire, but were later confirmed (as we believed) to be of a cancelled prototype from last year prior to the Windows Phone 7 launch. Sony Ericsson wasn't at the launch party for cookies, neither have they been announced as a future OEM for the platform since it looks like the company have continued doubts.

We have now seen photos of a white version of the prototype "Julie" on a Polish forum, but this device lacks the functionality of the previously leaked handset with bootable ROM. Nice to see 16GB mentioned though and it doesn't look like a half bad phone with the keyboard reminding me much of my TV remote control. More photos after the break. 

Source: Elektoda.pl, via: nanapho.jp  Thanks goes out to tezawaly for the tip!



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mikeepu#WP says:

LOL! 1st time i've ever seen a laptop with BOTH a Core 2 processor and an Athlon II processor.

DavidinCT says:

S.e.x.y (darn blocking of words) I want....nice slider I want a device with a keyboard...

Hmmmm...can we have more specs on the laptop...should be interesting to see whats inside if indeed it has a Intel Dual core as well as an AMD Athlon II

Rich Edmonds says:

My old Fujitsu Seimens laptop had around sixteen Xeon stickers on it since we didn't want them on our racks :-P Was a powerful beast indeed, heated up my lap during use however.