App Folder drops Nokia and switches to Microsoft in latest update

App Folder

The steady stream of app updates to rename apps previously owned by Nokia continues this morning with Nokia App Folder becoming just App Folder in the update that is now live in the Store. The publisher has also switched from Nokia to Microsoft Mobile, which is the new norm for Nokia apps, wiping away the favored name.

App Folder was released by Nokia in January as a solution for those wanting to create groups on their Start screen for apps. Samsung had the feature first, but Lumia phones at the time had an overwhelming dominance of the Windows Phone space, making it a bigger deal customers.

The changelog today remains the generic 'General performance improvements' adding only the name change to the mix. The app remains exclusive to Lumia devices.

Thanks, Randomi K., for the tip!

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viralgajera says:

I updated it before few hours but I didn't notice it with Microsoft corporation.

jlzimmerman says:

I think they have to.  They don't have the right to use "Nokia" under their new agreement.

Its funny gift voucher is still managed by nokia llc

ttarbuck says:

This has always been called app folder from launch. It has never been called Nokia app folder.

cannon#WP says:

That's what I thought.

Novron says:

They need to get off their asses and bring it up to par with Samsung's App Folder.

Yes true. Considering Nokia as a separate brand for other services.

It was Nokia App Folder

mesamit says:

it was just app folder not nokia app folder

Yeah,just App Folder not Nokia App Folder!

Jazmac says:

Finally!  Now, on to Microsoft Lumia!

Cabresau007 says:

Eewww that sounds gross.

dazzsser says:

It actually does

ToonU says:

It does sound horrible

So now all lenses will also be renamed? Just refocus, smart camera, mix radio and so on??

puru1234 says:

All these lenses should be just added in Nokia camera as a feature not as separate apps

SwimSwim says:

Careful. Don't want to make the app too sluggish and/or cluttered.

CJ Thunder says:

Can I get app list folders?
A start screen within a start screen for live tile folders?


Yes, this. And I would like to be able to pick any of the settings to add to an app list, not just a select few. At least when WP8.1 hits, I won't have to keep adjusting screen brightness by digging into the settings. I wouldn't have to do this, but the automatic setting goes WAY too dimm at night, so I have to turn it up to "low" brightness. Back on topic: App Folder should launch a new page just like the start screen. I don't know why it has basically no options currently.

....and... still slow!

eomes says:

Super slow. Incorporate such functionality into the OS, please.

Yes, why does something so simple take so long?

And Nokia Care centre to Microsoft Mobile Care center? Oh no , not acceptable

Is it still Lumia exclusive? There are quite a few Nokia exclusive apps. Maybe they should now be available for ALL windows phones. I have an 8X and I miss certain apps like Zinio and this App Folder...

Why? Nokia created them, you should've bought Nokia Lumia, if you wanted Nokia Exclusive apps. Well technically Nokia is now Microsoft Mobile but still, I think these apps should remain exclusive to Nokia (Microsoft Mobile ;-;) devices.

twint7787 says:

No they really shouldn't anymore as it doesn't make sense. If Microsoft makes or maintains an app then it should be available to all of the devices that run its software. that's my opinion anyways

Micah Dawson says:

I still don't see why non Lumia owners should benefit from having our apps. If they want them, then get the phone they come with. I dont want anything from Samsung...partially because it is Samsung and also because that is their thing.

Novron says:

Doesn't help you but Samsung has an App Folder app as well, actually better than Nokia's.

Aashish13 says:

It should have to zoom in interface. The app take a sec to load. This may be because windows phone has a heavy skin

Montpbm says:

No WP 8, 8.1 or whatever seems to just be a little slower than IOS and Android that's all. They always have to resume instead of being instant like other OS's

Nooooo. You're wrong. See, the folders in android and ios are something integrated into the os and open quite different. This folder app opens just like a regular app. That's what makes it a slower folder to open.

Ankmeyester says:

Nooooo, you're right.

This is true.

It needs another update, to enable tap+hold on a Folder, reveiling the Apps within, just like on Android.

In fact, a Live Tile, previewing the Apps within is even better.

But yeah, right now, it opens as if it were an application.

Montpbm says:

Noooooo I'm right about the resume part, my nephew has an iPhone 5s and his Facebook, Twitter, settings etc....opens up instantly(no resuming) and on windows phone it never has been that instant like on other OS; it has to resume almost always.

zacharyaller says:

If you have already opened an app, and it is still in the multitasking window, then most apps open instantly. What phone are you using?

Montpbm says:

I am using the NL925 and my phone always have to resume even when I have that app running in the background, unless I do immediately and that doesn't happen often.

Ekmeet Singh says:

Well the resume feature was design by Microsoft from the beginning of windows phone in order to save battery life of windows phone devices...
If u (general public) have too many apps in multitasking then it will reduce ur ram and battery at a higher rate like in androids....

josonjoy1986 says:

It was always just App folder..... There was never a Nokia in the title,

sd173 says:

It was the publisher name that changed.

arbetaren says:

Kinda useless app when we have 8.1 with more tiles on home screen.

While I am a great fan of transparent tiles I really wish they would include a possibility to disable it in the app folders. these tiny bits a very hard to discern otherwise.

Novron says:

I don't like swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe. Prefer the app folder.

ebin5 says:

Rather than renaming they should have built in folder support in WP.

+icon still have to rename it but def needs built in folder suppoer.

sd173 says:

I want app folders to just expand when I open them so I can open an app on the start screen, not go through a whole other app to open something. Annnd, I want Microsoft to read this comments so it's not completely pointless.

Montpbm says:

I agree 100000% tweet them this.

+icon def something like that

Ankmeyester says:

You want the iPhone feel brah?

sd173 says:

Well it's a good concept... It's probably the only thing I like about the UI/OS.

It's the same on Android and BB, and on, wait for it....every iteration of desktop Windows.   It's not an alien concept.

Feature parity with the other OS' is key, beyond even any extra new features.

ThePKReddy says:

When will we get cyan??

PToonen says:

Kinda awkward that Samsung of all companies was earlier with their alternative, and their folder app is faster and more feature complete.

Micah Dawson says:

Not awkward really. Eventually Samsung has to do something right lol

J0n5ey says:

I would still love to see app folders looking like the people tile, with all of the apps contained within alternating and flipping. Perhaps one day :)

ScubaDog says:

Meh.  I've no use for the app.

And Samsung app is named "APP Folder"...

shady08E says:

They said cyan update will start rolling :(

pluizebol says:

Wouldn't it be more beneficial to everybody to provide us FIRST with WP8.1Final and Cyan instead of playing around with "names" ??

Suhasa Su says:

It was App Folder from months for now!!! :O

ritesh_meena says:

i updated justr now!!!!

SAM 77 says:

Seems faster to open folders. Noticeable for me as it was the only drawback.

identity-x says:

I noticed this yesterday with the former "Nokia" Weather Channel app too.

Daniel, Is there a plan to make these Nokia exclusive apps available for non- Nokia phones like HTC 8X, now that MS has bought Nokia.
We dearly need features like call+sms filter on non-nokia phones.

Lumio says:

The legendary name of NOKIA, will slowly fade away :(

emjey says:

No..no.. Neva! Nokia just cant fade away like that! It introduced us to various types of mobiles that were more smarter and tougher than these buggy smart phones needing lot of updates regularly! I miss Nokia :(

bradbamford says:

Why is it still exclusive? Hopefully, because native folders are coming down the pipe.

elitelibra says:

Confused at to why they would alienate non Nokia phones just open it up to all phone providers. The best features are from Nokia and would help close the feature gap completely between android and ios

Chris Yahya says:

Meh WPC is so lateeee.