App Update Roundup: LastPass, Foundbite, Nokia Access Point and more get updated

App Update Roundup

Just before we head into the weekend, the Windows Phone Store has had a few app updates pushed through. Not only have we got LastPass in the mix, but Foundbite and other apps have been bumped to new versions. Head past the break for more details and links



LastPass is a useful password manager available on multiple platforms, offering auto-login and security for consumers with accounts across multiple websites. The app for Windows Phone has been bumped to version 1.97. In this latest release, here's what the developers have packed into the solution:

  • Support for additional multifactor authentication options
  • Support for latest enterprise policies

You can grab LastPass from the Windows Phone Store for free (requires premium subscription).

QR: LastPass



Foundbite 1.4.1

If you enjoy capturing moments when out and about, you'll definitely want to have Foundbite in your Windows Phone app arsenal. The app itself enables you to capture sound recordings and combine them with photos captures by the device. The end result is a cool gallery-esque effect with ambience to boot.

The latest version of the app (version 1.4.1) includes the following:

  • Italian localisation.
  • Redesigned live tiles
  • Lots of small bug fixes.

The team are looking for help for adding support for Dutch, French, German and Spanish. If you're interested in helping out, head on over to here for more details. If you're still experiencing a slight bug where the app fails to launch, a patch has been submitted to the store to address this.

You can download Foundbite from the Windows Phone Store for free.

QR: Foundbite


Access Point

Nokia access point

Lumia smartphones are frequently updated to add new functionality and features, especially when it comes to system apps. Nokia has released an update for access point, an app that helps those out with multiple SIM cards who require connectivity with numerous access points.

Here's what is new:

  • Operator setting updates
  • Robustness improvements

You can download Nokia access point from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Access Point


Odds and ends

As well as the updates detailed above, here are some more new releases worth noting:

Head over to our Windows Phone community to see more update alerts.



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thettk says:

Sendtiment Cards had a big update just in time for Valentines Day

Xaphoon148 says:

How secure are those password managers really?
Not very eager to put my password's up on a remote server :|
Same with remote PC apps, sending/reading stuff with the mobile, and have to log in to a remote server...
Paranoid? Careful? Skeptical...

mjrtoo says:

I only see one story where LastPass may have been hacked, but no real reports of damages.

Fizoto says:

The danger is always there, I suppose, but I trust Lastpass. Can't live without it now.

grant.palin says:

LastPass encrypts and decrypts data locally, only encrypted data goes to the server. A strong master password makes a strong key for the encryption.

Xaphoon148 says:

Still a bit concerned, backdoors to programs isn't that hard to make and hide...

herbertsnow says:

I've just been using an encrypted OneNote page to store my passwords. Works fine.

korg250 says:


It's safer to use LastPass and have unique and strong passwords for every account, instead of using 1-5 passwords you would remeber to type.

ams963 says:

It's just paranoia. I use Lastpass. It's very safe and I feel secured. It's hassle free.

GroupMe was updated with a major bug fix. And you posted it as unnoticeable update.

nitt_attaboy says:

By the way what happened to the post about missing apps that wpcentral & Nokia asked for?

Steven Curl says:

Anyone update access point on their 1020 on T-Mobile? Curious if it has the correct settings for tethering and MMS.

damo579 says:

Thank goodness for WP central. From their articles I find out about apps being updated. Since I updated to update 3 and Lumia black the store doesn't notify me of any updates. Lumia 920 on at&t

rafael33379 says:

And WPcentral app when?

caliborn says:

Also updated


Weather Bug

Samsung App Folder

Samsung Link

Jack of Tools Pro


Lewis Wilson says:

On another note: is anyone having issues with phonly or locktemp using way too much data??

Udonitron says:

Does access point work on the 8.1 dev version?

I cannot get my MMS to work on Rogers and when I click on Access Point it just goes to the black screen then back to settings.