App Update Roundup: Maxthon Browser, SongArc, Fhotolens and more

App Updates

We've gone through a rather busy week and while we're sure many of you are battling through both Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and South Park: Stick of Truth, there are some Windows Phone app updates you may not be aware of. Pass the break to learn what's new in Maxthon, SongArc, Fhotolens and more.

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser (

Internet Explorer is a fairly solid mobile web browser, especially with version 11 just around the corner in Windows Phone 8.1. That said, consumers love choice and the option to install alternative browsers from the Windows Phone Store brings us the likes of Maxthon Browser, a popular desktop browser for mobile.

Here's what is new in version

  • Access your history and recently visited pages in just one click
  • Navigate through multiple pages with the Back/Forward Gesture
  • Save web-page images to the device's album

If you're looking for an alternative web browsing experience, download Maxthon Browser from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Maxthon Browser



Fhotolens (2.0)

We've covered Fhotolens from the earliest beta versions and for those not familiar with the Windows Phone photography app, it provides your camera a virtual 10-24mm lens and HDR capture capabilities. The app has been updated several times since its public release and now we're looking at quite the bump to version 2.0. This latest release adds new ISO support under manual shooting, as well as HDR tone mapping.

You may notice it taking slightly longer than previous version, but this is due to the size of the final image on 1GB+ Windows Phones being doubled. Download the full version of Fhotolens for $1.49 (free trial available).

QR: Fhotolens



SongArc (

This is one of those rare gems on the Windows Phone Store, which offers something unique to consumers. Taking an interesting take on music and notes of every track, SongArc puts both your music knowledge and reaction times to the ultimate test. We've been massive fans of the title since release and version just keeps on giving. Here's what is new:

  • Drums can now be hit on-screen (optional)
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

It's a welcome update for those who don't wish to look odd in public waving their smartphone around. You can grab SongArc from the Windows Phone Store for free.

QR: SongArc


​Odds and ends

As well as the above app updates, we've been notified of some minor releases pushed through to the store:



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3rd line:-Plants vs Zombies:-Modern Warfare.lol,typo.

Can anyone plz link me to the store for this game?

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

It's an Xbox one game.

XcZachx20 says:

PvZ garden warfare, not modern. So glad I'm not that only one that's has made that mistake!

silverdoe says:

Rayman Fiesta Run had an update notif on the Store, but when I hit update, it disappeared, and apparently it's still a soft-launch, can't find it via search on the Store. Probably explained the update disappearance!

Rayman fiesta run has an updated today I guess is back in the windows phone store

I was able to updated and I don't see any difference

Here is the link rayman fiesta run Check out "Rayman Fiesta Run" for Windows Phone http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=b83fb9de-2821-4082-bea5-077581b53862

magicnz says:

Thanks for the link to this game.

ryraansh says:

NextGen Reader also updated!

AV2RY says:

Got this 6 today:
Agent +ICQ (mail.ru)
Mail (mail.ru)
Cool tiles
Lumia sys update
Hardware tests

Jack Janik says:

I love Maxthon!

TuanLVT says:

First time tried This maxthon browser and it sucked... Worst browser I've tried so far... Better browser is UCbrowser

UC is a bit slow

mrvhin1216 says:

Surfy is better IMO.

Fandangarino says:

Got a Weather Channel update too.

Plz plz plz someone add the file manager to the windows phone store which can copy,paste and move the files and display the all folders plz it is a request....

I think it'll be in WP8.1.. Right now restrictions don't allow file management, 8.1 will be much more open

sachinrex says:

How come PFM got those permissions if it is restricted..??

sachinrex says:

Try POCKET FILE MANAGER.. it does what u says..

TheRem says:

+1020 for Pocket File Manager, the best file manager as of the moment.

CGA111 says:

Maxthon on WP is a very pale copy of its Android counterpart.

Nizam Mohd says:

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is also available on Xbox360. Here in Singapore, we don't have Xbox One local release yet.

TheRem says:

Explora 4 is still the most stable browser I've tried. Unfortunately it's not tabbed browsing.