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AppFlow - Quick Look

The developers of the Windows Phone app Cocktail Flow has released a new app that is designed to help you browse and discover Marketplace apps and games. AppFlow lays everything out nicely over four pages that includes:

Featured Apps: The Featured page has a keyword search field, a featured (or spotlight app) and three categories of apps (New and Impressive, Forgotten Legends, and Apps for Developers) that will pull up fourteen or so recommended apps.  You can also generate a discover page from the individual app listings (more on this in a second).

Lists: This page offers a multitude of app lists from a wide range of categories. You have top games, noteworthy apps, staff recommendations and more.

Discover: Here you will find a collection of app recommendations and when you tap on a particular app, a discover page will be generated. The discover page will list the app you choose as well as a listing of similar apps. Tap on one of the recommendations and you'll get another discover page based off that app.  Or you can tap on "more info" and pull up the app's information page.

Info: Here's where you can contact the developer, recommend an app, rate AppFlow, and read about the many features AppFlow has.

The individual app listing provides a ton of info on the app including core information on the app, any reviews, screenshots, and stats that basically covers the apps ratings history. You also have the ability to launch a discovery page for that particular app (pulls up similar apps) or download the app from the Marketplace.

All in all, AppFlow is a clean looking, engaging, and informative application to browse around the Marketplace.  Load times were a bit laggy at times but that could have been due to a weak data signal on my end.  The only thing I wish the app had (hint, hint) is a Home Button to send you back to the main pages. When you drill down into an app listing, it may take several taps of the back button to get you back to a starting point. It's nothing critical but it would be nice to return to the main pages in one button press.

In the short time we've had to explore AppFlow, we feel it is definitely worth a try if you're looking for an alternative way to surf the Marketplace.  AppFlow is a free application and you can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.



There are 6 comments. Sign in to comment

TheWeeBear says:

Lovely app, really enjoying it.

1jaxstate1 says:

Downloaded it this morning. These guys do a great job!

RogueCode says:

My app 'Relaxify' is the second in the list there in the 'New and Impressive' list :DAnd the apps UI is great. Really fluid.

wsantiago says:

Very beautiful and intuitive app! A must have and its ad free. These guys rock and I really enjoy their Cocktail Flow app as well. Microsoft hire these guys! This is how Metro is done.

mtg1974 says:

Did you notice that the app is one of the featured apps in the developer section?

incendy says:

Awesome presentation, doesn't replace the app hub in any way but a great complimentary piece to it!