AppFlow updated to 2.0 with new features

A while back we took a quick look at AppFlow, which provides a new way to browse apps on the Marketplace. It has since been updated to version 2.0, which brings with it a number of features and improvements thanks to the amount of feedback accumulated.

So what's new?

The live tile supported by the app has been revamped with a new icon and the tile shows the total number of apps in the Marketplace, the daily featured app as well as the icons of the 50 newest apps approved. Categories used in the Marketplace are now accessible in AppFlow (entertainment, tools & productivity, etc.) and support has been added to include free, trial & paid and paid filters for search.

A noticeable improvement in the update is the speed of loading app icons and other content, which makes AppFlow much quicker than the Marketplace and other browsing apps, thanks to the download of all images in a single request. Local currencies are now displayed instead of the US dollar.

Some new lists have been added that include:

  • Best Live Tile Apps – "apps you’ll want to pin on your home screen"
  • David vs Goliath – "official apps of big brands and their unofficial counterparts"
  • Apps Gone Free – "apps that were paid but now are freely available"

You can download AppFlow (Zune link) from the Marketplace for free.

Thanks Akos for sharing this with us!



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Ninja1043 says:

Anyone knows if Appflow is a mango app or it hasn't been updated to it?

TheRealSel says:

i still prefer wp7applist over this even though appflow's design is flawless

macastle says:

I currently use wp7applist.....but I like the way appFlow is designed.

eric12341 says:

I prefer the default first party solution,we have a MS OS y not support their efforts?

Tjarren says:

So does the live tile display when there are updates to your apps? That's currently the ONLY reason I have the Marketplace as a live tile.