AppHub re-launched. New reports and private beta marketplace [Developers]

For our developers our there, you may have noticed the Microsoft AppHub was down today for some maintenance which included the addition of "new features".

The Hub came back up in the last hour and devs seem to be impressed with the changes:

  • Updated layout
  • New crash reports
  • Export of download/purchase details
  • Private beta Marketplace

The last one is pretty huge as it allows devs to privately distribute their app to select users, without them having to "sideload" the app. In short, that means devs can expand their testing pool to beyond those with developer unlocked devices, as well as "manage" the software including pushing updates. It should be a powerful tool the community and developers to get better apps to the Marketplace for final release.

Update: Another new feature for devs is "edit application details". From Manan at Techi-buzz:

"The...feature makes it easy for application developers to make changes to the application’s listing in the marketplace and description without having to submit a new version. The developer can the edit applications category, artwork and category."

Oh and yes, developers in Hungary and presumably numerous other countries can now register too. (@vbandi)

Source: AppHub



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enahs555 says:

Welp, ignore where I just tipped you guys on this. I did it RIGHT before it was posted here!

lol, sorry. appreciate the effort though!

elyscape says:

If you edit the details of your application, it needs to go through the certification process again.Edit: apparently I was wrong. It does take some time before it decides that it's going to skip the certification process, though.

Grubish360 says:

Noticed the app categories looked different.