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Apple files for "In-App Purchasing" patent

Apple is continuing the patent war with a new updated entry of the "In-App Purchasing" application they filed back in April of 2010. This update appears to cover most functionality of present app stores that allow the user to purchase additional content within an app. What's more is the patent also covers variations on the process, including the use of HTML 5 web apps.

Let's not forget that the previous Apple trademark injunction against Amazon for "App Store" was declined due to being too broad of a term. Is in-app purchasing really something that Apple patent? What do you guys think?

Source: The Inquisitor



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wizll says:

those clowns aren't the first to do that.. stupid

M_Lyons10 says:

+1. This is why I've changed my stance on Apple. I used to like the company, but their patent practices are absolutely disgusting. They are a company that invents nothing. They steal ideas and refine them. That's all. There should be absolutely nothing they CAN patent...

rotkiv3451 says:

And here you are in a Microsoft related blog...Because they surely are truly innovative and create stuff. Like they had never stolen an idea (cough* Windows cough*) from anyone.Apple didn't invent anything new, but they made it viable, and made them work the way people like it. That's innovation!I'm not saying microsoft only copies, I reeeeeally liked Windows Phone 7, it's UI is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and it's very intuitive. If WP7 devices supported dual-core and 720p displays I'd have bought one, but I afraid of doing it and then regreting it, so I'm sticking with the iPhone.Anyways, every company has it's pros and cons, but don't say apple only steals and refines ideas as a bad thing because if we have computers today (and the types of smartphones we have today) it's because of them.

HeyCori says:

I thought this was already patented by Lodsys. In fact Lodsys took iOS devs to court over in-app purchasing.

Coffee says:

there are many prior examples of purchasing add-ons and such within an application, whether mobile or otherwise. They neither invented nor improved it.another loss for Apple.

cannon#WP says:

There simply can't be a non-quid pro quo way for Apple to get this patent request approved. I can see not only MS fighting this, but Sony, Amazon and others firing back as this would turn everything on it's head.

SSaywell says:

All I can say it What The **** Apple

Drewidian says:

While MS has had some of this in its XBox purchasing system. Technically you exit the app and make a separate purchase so Apple's claim might be legitimate. That being said, everyone should just calm down and remember that Microsoft and Apple have a cross patent licensing agreement. Its why they haven't sued each other over their various similarities in their respective operating systems. The only one in danger here is Android.

M_Lyons10 says:

In app purchasing is nothing new and far more companies do it than Microsoft and Apple...

brainimpact says:

Nokia was using in-App Purchasing before iPhone had apps and Android did not even have a device out, Nokia was using it on there N-gage 2.0 Games platform.I sure hope Nokia have their own patents hidden away somewhere b/c I think they would be stupid not to foresee such things in the future, If not they need to try block such attempts by others.

jake69 says:

every time I read Apple news...I get so freaken annoyed. They want to patent everything they can get their hand on...just so they can sue and take out their competitors.

M_Lyons10 says:

Absolutely. It's ridiculous. How does a company that invents not one blessed thing accumulate a patent trove in the first place??

power5 says:

Apple is still building its case against Al Gore for stealing their idea for the internet.

laserfloyd says:

I'm thinking about patenting the way things are patented. I will rule the world! Seriously, all this patenting nonsense is getting out of hand.

When Microsoft achieved 95% market share without government help, Apple whined that Microsoft was a monopoly that needed to be reined in. Now Apple wants to use the patent landscape to make itself into a governmentally protected monopoly. We desperately need patent reform that largely eliminates software patents. You should not be able to patent ideas, only specific implementations, and reverse engineering is perfectly okay. Apple's attempt to aggressively use patents to prevent competition is revealing them to be a bunch of pansies.Eric

Rhody#WP says:

There is a patent reform bill going through right now, but it has nothing to do with software patents. That is decided by the Courts. As things are right now, you cannot get a patent on just an idea or software per se; it has to be a specific implementation. So patent reform is not needed if that is what you are concerned about.A governmentally protected monopoly is a good definition for what a patent is. It's what businesses are built upon. There would be no IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Kodak, Polaroid, etc. without the patent system.

starblade876 says:

What is this I don't even.

podsnap says:

I guess the next step is for them to be sue God for creating the Apple, when they clearly made it first!

Rhody#WP says:

There is no use getting upset about a patent application. Wait to see if an actual patent is granted and see what it covers. Until then, relax.

M_Lyons10 says:

Unfortunately it's hard to have much faith in the intelligence or corruptibility of those in our government...